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It all starts with a pen, a piece of paper, and a vision.
Designed for the Visionnaires of today.
It all starts with a pen, a piece of paper, and a vision. Designed for the Visionnaires of today.
5,803 backers pledged $324,393 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brent Passey on

      Still irritated over this backing. Bought two non-functioning pens. What a waste.

    2. Ben Costello

      I agree with the backers below. I've definitely still got a sour taste in my mouth after this project. Such a shame.

    3. Mike Kumlin on

      still salty about this, what a piece of junk.

    4. Bryan Wheat on

      I'm still bitter about this project years later. I was so excited to get a nice pen that felt good.
      Got it, and it could barely write.
      Such a scam

    5. Missing avatar

      Jenny Mabee on

      This is an absolute and complete scam. My $4 fountain pen is a higher quality than this. I pull it out every now and then to tinker with in the hopes of improving it. Nope. Still a horrible pen. This isn't just a matter of the quality not being to the extent the designer created. This is a matter of them out right scamming us. Notice that the guy who posted it for us deleted his account? That is because he purposely screwed us all over. Out of the five items I've backed two were outright scams where they promised to quality product and sold us a piece of junk, two were just ok, and it turns out one is an exact replica of an item available on sale for Amazon for cheaper than I backed it. I'm starting to wonder about Kickstarter's commitment to the backers.

    6. Alexander on

      Guy who ran this is a scam artist. He basically bought $5 pens form china and had them rebranded. He then sold them with a $30 markup each and basically made himself a nice clean $200k.

      These kind of projects are what has lead to people not trusting kickstarter projects.

    7. Yisrael Jerome Bethea on

      They had an amazing video though right? The comments here are crazy. Sucks.

    8. mazahiro on

      I haven't received my pen!

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Robbins on

      Just wanted to post an update. Still using my Visionnaire fountain pen. Had an issue where it clogged, but that was my fault, I was using India Ink. I guess India Ink and fountain pens don't mix. Soaked it overnight in Koh-I-Noor Rapido-Eze Pen Cleaner, which cleaned it out. All-in-all, the Visionnaire pen is a good $35 fountain pen. It is not as good as my Waterman pen, but never expected that. It is a great everyday use pen. My only complaint, is that I wish the nib was replaceable. But for the price, I really like it.

    10. Craig Coverdale on

      Never received a pen. LOST 100% OF MY MONEY ON THIS PROJECT. No communication. COMPLETE BLOODY LOSS.

    11. Matthew Demming on

      Never even received a pen that a paid for. :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeff Ngo on

      This was a joke. Pen was absolute garbage. Broke after a few days, asked for a replacement or a refund and got neither, just stopped responding.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rick Perez on

      Kc (goatcgc) is a fraud so everyone knows. This person has been a hassle to every Kickstarter this person has engaged in. Do not believe this person and I am trying to have this person removed from this great Kickstarter company!

    14. Darryl Dash on

      Just wanted you to know how much I continue to enjoy the pen. It's something that brings me joy every time I use it. Thank you!

    15. Richard L Hobbs on

      Initially the pen worked really well, however the flow has become irregular and now it is just a hassle to write with. Not really surprising given the pen is a cheap mass produced import.

    16. Mike Kumlin on

      Total junk pen, kept trying to convince myself it wasnt working or was working poorly due to my own ignorance. Definitely feel like I got duped out of my money for a sub par product.

    17. David Shannon on

      This pen was pretty poor, a £9 Parker delivers a nicer experience - but they did replace the first one which turned up broken. I've learned a valuable lesson about backing kickstarter projects though :-p

    18. Candice | Rebel A Studios on

      Can't believe this jerk got away with over a quarter million in sales, for a scam. STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED A PEN NOR A REFUND!! May karma find you and destroy all of your future business prospects.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I returned my two broken pens per your offer for a refund in April 2014. When can I expect my refund to process?

    20. Missing avatar

      Donny Clemena on

      My pen broke last year and haven't gotten around to asking for a replacement since it broke at the nib...looks like that's not going to happen. Unfortunate since the pen was designed well on well.

    21. Vinson Phua on

      Dear Person in Charge,

      Have not gotten a reply to my message since 8 Feb 2014. One pen was broken and the other was fine. There was a promise to ship a replacement but it was never fulfilled.

      Yours Sincerely,

    22. Uday Punj on

      Funny!! I got my shipment and I love the pen!

    23. Mr. Crow on

      Worst pen ever. Received a year ago, drew a couple of lines, and it hasn't seen the light of day in a year.

    24. Missing avatar

      tyewgf on

      I backed it out for $47 last 2013... no shipment yet... no answer to my emails... seriously; feels like a scam.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Pointless followup to June 21 comment: Still no refund after return of both pens in May. If they didn't plan to follow through on the offer to refund, why bother having me send them in the first place? The pens themselves are certainly worthless.

    26. aleksandar stossitch on

      I smashed both of mine as they be shite as French conman

    27. Missing avatar

      Susan Frank on

      Morgan is an out and out conman. The pens as shipped write like garbage disposable fountain pens. The design is very pretty, but the nibs are sh!t. Morgan aka BHG Design got in, made a bundle, and left us holding the bag. So disappointing. Hope he's enjoying his ill-gotten gains.

    28. Missing avatar

      Wei Yeong Wong on

      No Pen, no response. Totally disappointing.

    29. Kelvin Lu on

      So after half year of use the pen's tipping material gave in and the pen is now worthless scratchy nail. Overall quality isn't there for the nib. Might try finding a replacement nib to resurrect it

    30. Munawar Khan on

      Never received my shipment.
      No response from the Morgan / BHG for a really long time now
      I hope this one doesn't turn out to be a scam, already stung by 2 other kickstarter projects

    31. Daniel Chang on

      I got my pen. It's pretty horrible. It's extremely scratchy and ripped through a couple of sheets of paper. For those of you who haven't received your pen, count your blessings. I didn't know that cardstock paper is a requirement to use this pen.

    32. Mr. Crow on

      This.. is a terribly unrefined writing instrument.. A noodler's ahab pen at ~$10-15 writes better. When I first received it, I wrote a line with it and put it away. The scratchiness of this is unbelievable.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      I haven't received my pen!

    34. Missing avatar

      Antoine Boegli on

      In fine, every Visionnaire pen I got, broke at one time or another. :-/

      However, I have to thanks Morgan for an eye openning experience, I am now more attentive to the fine details in the build of a fountain pen.

      Currently, I use a TWSBI Classic EF, with Pelikan 4001 ink, and for the price I have to say that I'm quite happy :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      BHG offered me a refund after both of my pens broke in the same manner in quick succession (the internal base metal sleeve separated from the back shell). I followed their instructions and returned both pens in May. I have since written several direct emails with no response (or refund) whatsoever.

    36. Ben Costello

      Still not received my replacement pen or refund as promised. Left with a faulty pen. Anyone got any idea how to get my money back? (I see a lot of others are in the same position.)

    37. Jesse Z. Lujan on

      I have still not received my pen.

    38. Ricky Willianto on

      Hi Morgan. Still waiting on the pens.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dmitrij Kobozev on

      Please, make me refund. No pens, no refund.
      How it can be fraud on Kickstarter?

    40. Michael Solano on

      I sent the pens back due to them being really terrible. I was promised a refund in writing, by email, given that I provide my paypal email and a detailed letter when returning the pens. I shipped the pens back over two months ago, and still nothing. I was flat out robbed out of $90.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alok Vaidya on


      No pens, no refund no response. Yes I do feel that people within the jurisdiction should kickstart a class action lawsuit. (@Mike: I hope when you say that BHG does not deserve any lawsuit, you are unaware that many many people especially outside the US DID NOT receive the rewards, because if you are aware of this and still saying that I do not know what it would make you then)

      BHG has been acting nothing but like a FRAUD. First my pens were returned (according to them) because of "unknown reasons" then they shipped back on Feb 11th and have still not arrived. Upon sending a message there are been no communication despite several tries, if they cannot ship the pens the still they can do is refund me my money. Else they are FRAUDS.


    42. Michael Tran on

      Can we kickstart a class action lawsuit?

    43. Candice | Rebel A Studios on

      Never got a pen.. never got a refund despite your email stating you would do so. Where are your ethics? Please refund me. This disgusting trend of not fulfilling rewards, compounded by lies and/or vaguely referencing delays that never end, is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

    44. Kian Yen Lim on

      Looks like a lot of backers outside of the U.S. have not received their pens, yours truly included... It would be good if BHG could provide an update...

    45. KC (goatCGC) on

      My understanding is the nibs are not replaceable.

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam Lathers on

      Anyone had luck with replacement NIBs? My Visionnaire decided to bond with my tile floor and make tears in my eyes....

      I've tried an e-mail, and the website contact form, but have had *ZERO* response from them.

    47. KC (goatCGC) on

      @Mike -selling what you claim to be an original design and the concomitant "founder" experience to backers when what you are really doing is rebranding and massively marking up a cheap commodity is actually fraud.

      I don't know this is what Morgan did, but just because "a product was delivered" does not mean what was sold was delivered.

    48. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on

      I don't believe Morgan (BHG Design) deserves any sort of lawsuit. He was very upfront with us the entire time. A product was delivered. Just because its not a superb product, and there are other fountain pens that work better at cheaper prices, doesn't mean Morgan is a fraud. Morgan did exactly what he said he would.

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