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The Hunters AD 2114 is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Become a hunter and face enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
The Hunters AD 2114 is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Become a hunter and face enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
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The Hunters 2114 is a fully cooperative game which enables you to play solo or with a group of friends.

Players become machine hunters who participate in a complex and gripping campaign comprised of 200 story cards. The narrative presented on the cards is full of story twists and difficult decisions to make.

During the campaign, players execute missions. Each of them takes 30 to 60 minutes to play. It may take place during the day or at nighttime, in various weather conditions. Every time players must choose proper tactics and equipment matching current circumstances.

Players may barter with local inhabitants, undertake various jobs, overcome unexpected obstacles or expand their base in order to manufacture over 70 different types of gear from parts scavenged during the game.

Expand your base and build new gear using blueprints and acquired materials. In your base you can find a lab, a gunsmith, a forge, a workhop, and an armorer.

Develop your character by spending Experience Points gained during the game. Spending XP provides you with better Health and gives you a chance to choose additional action cards or special abilities, thus expanding your unique deck. However, choose wisely because on each level you can only keep 4 out of 7 available cards – the ones not kept are removed from the game.

Create the best gear combos ideally suited to the current scenario, weather conditions and a particular character. Fill your bags with grenades or deadly traps. Arm yourself with powerful weapons that can be fitted with specialized accessories. Put on your armor and other apparel necessary to survive in the ruthless world of the hunters.

Immerse yourself in a multi-layered plot and execute various jobs featured on 200 cards. Most cards enable you to choose one out of many options which will make every game a unique and fresh experience.

Resolve different scenarios combating machines, helping inhabitants of the wasteland or laying traps. During the scenarios you will have at your disposal a unique deck of action cards, special cards, and reaction cards.

As a reward for fulfilling a job you can gain XP, equipment or blueprints to build new gear. Scavenge parts from the destroyed machines in order to acquire valuable modules used when trading or manufacturing.

Besides the story cards, the characters may encounter many adventures drawn randomly when travelling. Depending on the area through which they are currently moving, the characters use different Road or Town decks.

When you chance upon a location, don’t forget to buy equipment or parts required to manufacture items by yourself in your base.

Discover new places – dives, markets, remote settlements, unexplored ruins, barren wastes, forgotten wrecks, labyrinthine caverns, and abandoned factories.





You will be sent a survey where you will fill in your shipping address.

Shipping costs will be added to your pledge via the Kickstarter shipping system as follows:

USA - $16


Poland - free

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany - $12

Rest of the world - $23

If you will choose to buy additional game copies (each backer can order a maximum of 4 copies in one mail package) you will need to cover full shipping costs for the first game only. Shipping of each additional copy costs only $5 regardless the destination.

If you would like to order more than 4 copies of the game please contact us to discuss individual order options.

PLEASE NOTE: All the shipping within the EU will be done by a courier service with a tracking option (DPD/UPS or other courier company). It takes about 1-2 weeks.

Shipping in the USA will be provided by USPS. All the others packages will be delivered using regular mail by a local post service. It takes about 1-2 months.

In justified cases other companies may be used depending on current market situation.

So far we have published two games called “The Convicted” and "The Exiled: Siege" which was welcomed very warmly by the players and game reviewers. We managed to publish these games thanks to your huge support during the Kickstarter campaign.

Going back to “The Hunters”, the idea and rules of the game were conceived in the mind of Mateusz Albricht, who is also the project manager and one of the concept artists.

We cooperate with some greate artists, the main artist is Filip Dudek, the most famous is Tomasz "Morano" Jędruszek, who worked on such titles as Magic the Gathering and also with the biggest board game producers like Fantasy Flight Games (Battles of Westeros, AGOT LCG, Lord of The Rings card game).

The presentation itself was made by Marek Kramarczyk.

All the miniatures are created by Andrzej Orzechowski and, according to us the best company in Poland for this kind of a job. MaxMini has vast experience in the design stage as well as the production of the miniatures.

In addition to the designers, we have one person responsible for the formal and administrative part, Anna Malgorzata Wiktorowicz.

Risks and challenges

Estimated time for our game to be delivered to your houses is June 2019 but if we will manage to reach subsequent stretch goals this date could move.
Publishing of our previous games “The Convicted” and "The Exiled: Siege" made us realize all the difficulties and delays that occur during customs formalities, shipping or different production stages. Our priority is to reach the highest game quality possible even if it means some delays and we are certain that you also want to receive the best quality. This date has been calculated based on the production estimations of our subcontractors with a bit of a safety margin added to it.
Both "The Convicted" and "The Exiled" were delivered to backers in Europe on time and to backers in US within 6-8 weeks after.

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