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The Hunters AD 2114 is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Become a hunter and face enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
The Hunters AD 2114 is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Become a hunter and face enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
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The first part of English Rulebook and the new hero image

Posted by Mateusz Albricht (Creator)


After weeks of waiting...the first part (1-14 pages) of English rulebook is ready!

Here you can find it, at this moment we've finished Game Overview, Components and Campaign section. Missions section will be available next week. If you see any mistakes, typos or something like that let us know please!

We have also the question for you. Which picture do you like more? On the picture is the new character - medic (male). More info about availability of this character in a few days.


And the last question - we are wondering about art book add-on. What do you think about it? Are you interested? Estimated add-on price $25 for 48 high quality page 210x297mm with hard cover.

... and don't forget to click "Visit project" on Kicktraq please (you can do it several times :))

Thank you


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    1. pweg

      Definetly A.

    2. warwing on

      I like Pose A. Seems more like a medic to me, and his arm badge is more visible here.

      I like the art, but no art book for me.

    3. Murteas on

      Pose A. I like the art, but no art book for me.

    4. Patrick Kohler on

      I prefer picture A for a medic. Less offensive more anticipating

    5. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      At first glance i like B. I prefer the aggressive look, the backpack, the head (and the way the shirt wraps his neck). But it doesnt say medic to me... Maybe throw another red cross patch somewhere else like near top of pants at the pocket?

      Id be in for a book.

    6. Mateusz Albricht 6-time creator on

      @Carsten: Of course :)

    7. Carsten_de_1981 on

      @ Pierre - Helmet A and B are identical - but the angle changed ^^
      @ Mateusz - hoping for more insight on the many choices and variants in a future update. Thanks.

    8. Joshua Borlase

      I’d go with the first image. It’s easier to see the medic badge. But the other pose looks great too

    9. Missing avatar

      Pierre Mooser

      I like the pose B much more but don't like the helmet at all. Helmet in A is much better but still it reminds me too much of a soldier

    10. Mateusz Albricht 6-time creator on

      @Bryan, Martin: Yes that's right, most guns are the best in the close range (like in the real life - all pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns etc are much better if you are close to the target). But there is for example Recoilless rifle (you can see it in the rulebook) or Flame thrower which are as effective on each range.
      @Carsten: Story cards you reveal after 10, 20, 30... rounds describe changes in the world. But the main plot have many choices and variants.

    11. Charles Phillips

      I like both... but probably leaning towards A.

      I personally am not super interested in an Art book. While I AM interested in the art in the game looking great (this is important to me), I am not the kind of person that sits and thumbs through an art book typically.

    12. Carsten_de_1981 on

      Seeing the section in the rules "TIME AND SPECIAL EVENTS" it appears that every campaign you play will have the same main missions - so it'll be pretty much like a telltale game where no matter what choice you make the main story line will always end up at certain points. Is that correct?

    13. Carsten_de_1981 on

      A + 1 Eduardo - Medic less aggressive seems to be the better option.
      You might want to add a medic satchel / bag to his belt
      Though I do like the art I would not buy the art book.

    14. Electronic Scavenger

      I like the A pic better.

    15. Missing avatar

      Lawrence W. Grant

      I like B. Not interested in art book.

    16. Missing avatar

      Martin Bohaty

      I wote for A.

      Like Bryan wrote I am also a bit worried regarding optimum weapon ranges being the same for all weapons. Any comments on that?

    17. Alarian DarkWind

      I vote for A.

    18. Steven Crane

      I vote for A

    19. Bryan Hinson on

      I'm not a big fan of art books in general. I almost never use desktop wallpapers either. I like A more.

      Over the past 5 hours or so I made a number of comments and suggestions on the WIP rule book. There's a lot of things that I saw that prevented me from going all in on the project the largest of which is concerns over combat balance. Every weapon I've seen has the ideal range of 1. If you want the most dice and the greatest chance to hit you need to be at 1 range. It doesn't matter if it's a Recoilless Launcher, a sniper rifle, a combat rifle, or a pistol... just get close.

      Anyway, I'm interested in this project and will be keeping an eye on it. Assurances that weapons will be retooled to fit their real life roles would probably seal the deal for me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob Haworth

      Gone for A because I don't really like the look of the helmet in B.

      No art book for me thanks

    21. Galitos

      yes to artbook

    22. AlexB on

      I like A better.

    23. Eduardo Moratinos on

      Pose A, because medic in a less aggressive pose makes sense to me. With the head looking like in Pose B will make it better.

    24. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      Thanks for the first part of the rulebook.

      Oh, yes, I also prefer the B design

    25. Missing avatar

      CreakyCroaky on

      Pose A, because badge, and because medic in a less aggressive pose makes sense to me. I don't get artbooks from any game, as they just add to the clutter around here.

    26. Draxon Fly on

      Vote for - A. Looks more natural.
      And the Art book, would be awsome and it would be cool to have (i really enjoy gamecart) but I don't know if I could afford it though, I'm already pushing my budget.

    27. Mateusz Albricht 6-time creator on

      @Patrick: Maybe you are right, but generally we start the game from the campaign, so we put it at the beginning.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jean-Philippe Cusson on

      Medic A, we see the badge on his arm more

    29. Jason on

      B and I never buy KS artbooks.

    30. Missing avatar

      Bram van Mosselveld on

      I vote for B. You should do the artbook. It will sell I guesd

    31. Mateus Braga on

      I vote for B

      Will read the rulebook and report anu doubts later

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Oh, and on the rules: I didn't really read them yet, but wouldn't it make more sense (for the final product) to first deal with the main rules needed for one-off games, and after that go into the campaign mode? Most people will play a few single missions first to get a feel for the rules, and get into a campaign later. You can then also have a "Now play a few single missions before reading past this point" page to give people the feeling they got through the main rules quickly, rather than forcing them to read everything to get to the basic part.

    33. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I like dynamic poses, so it's B for me! I concur with William that a combat medic won't have a problem defending himself and his team against human opponents, let alone bots.

      I would not pay for an art book. A nice art print as an SG is no problem, but ultimately I want as much game material as can responsibly be crammed into the campaign :-). Although an art print that can function as a background image for the setting/game board could be a nice touch.

    34. William Ameigh on

      I am seeing a lot of A choices (which is fine), but mostly citing the presence of a firearm as the disqualifying agent of picture B.

      I get that medics may be opposed to harming humans, but I would argue that medics would not take issue with defending themselves from soulless murder-bots.

      I prefer looking at the helmet straight on.

    35. Missing avatar

      JulianH on

      I prefer the "you looking at me?" B image.

      Art is lovely, but not interested in a book thanks .

    36. Loig

      A. Easy. Also yes to the artbook!

    37. William Ameigh on

      Medic B is better. I will pass on the Art book.

    38. Kevin on

      I have to agree with @Ryan Valdez, pose A. Less combative pose for Medic.

      I brought up the card sleeves in the standard comments section and would much prefer them over an art book, but buy your answer, I guess that isn't happening. Art books are still real low priority items for me.

      @Günter Oelfke Nice to see others interested in card sleeves. I did want to point out though that I don't think sleeves with design on back would work since the backs of many of the cards in this game are different.

    39. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 on

      I vote for A

    40. Missing avatar


      Vote for A
      I think $25 is fair for the book. I am more interested in the digital form of the book :-)

    41. Kevin Knox

      Have to vote for A.
      As far as art books, I avoid them whenever possible, but that is me. I know from a lot of other campaigns that they are typically a high demand item, and they usually run about $25, so I think it would be a good move to offer it.

    42. Ryan Valdez

      If it were any other class, I'd go with B, but since it's a medic, I'd say A for now. :)

      Currently not interested in an artbook.

    43. didi on

      A for me. :)

    44. Bryan Gough

      Less emphasis on combat action

      Hard cover is always a +!!

    45. Günter Oelfke on

      Typ B

      No book for me.

      Sleeves were an instand buy !
      Special kickstarter-sleeves would be nice (with Art on the back maybe).

    46. MAJBrown22

      Definitely A. Medics really shouldn't have a weapon, let alone brandish it in a threatening matter. Compromises were made in the apocalypse...

      Art books go under my coffee table where they live until my wife throws them out.

    47. Missing avatar

      Alex C.

      Option A

      Not a big fan of art books myself.

    48. Missing avatar

      peter on

      A :-)


    49. Felix on


      I was never a fan of those art books, even though the art looks beautiful. But you browse through it once and thats it.