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The Hunters AD 2114 is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Become a hunter and face enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
The Hunters AD 2114 is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Become a hunter and face enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
1,582 backers pledged $175,516 to help bring this project to life.

Voting results and dice add-on

Posted by Mateusz Albricht (Creator)


Thank you a lot for voiting today and yesterday, here are results:

3rd place: new weapon - 7 votes

2nd place: new mission - 13 votes

and the winner is... town/road cards! 16 votes!

What do you think about our new custom dice? You can get them for only $14! They aren't standard dice with custom engraved logo, but a little piece of art :)

 Thank you


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    1. Bryan Hinson on

      I love me some custom dice, sign me up for 2 sets!

    2. Steven Crane

      Same applies to the ammo orange dice by the way ;-)

    3. Mateusz Albricht 6-time creator on

      @Findal: It's our designer's mistake, it'll be 2-5, 3-4 and 6-1 :)

    4. Findal Kallapari on

      Ah should read your post Mateusz Albricht.
      Great addon

    5. Findal Kallapari on

      Why not classic layout?
      6, 3, 1, 4

    6. Missing avatar

      peter on

      Sounds good! When you got some sizes to spare - would be highly appreciated!

      Thanks for your awesome work and quick response times :-)

    7. Mateusz Albricht 6-time creator on

      @Steven: You are right, we'll put numbers in in the right places (1-6, 3-4, 2-5)
      @Draxon: they are grey, material depends on quantity.
      @Peter: we'll make preproduction samples and check if everything works.

    8. Missing avatar

      peter on

      I can Remember that i had similar ones for Cthulhu: Rise of the cults board game and they were too light and way too bulky to be of any use.
      Hope that the dice wont be too big and too light?! And the carvings of the numbers looks too filigrane to be possible to produce and thats why the other ones have been upped in size. Hope this wont be the same Problems here! And Remember that sometimes you have to roll 5 or more of em so they should fit in one Hand so dont make them too big and lightweighted (Otherwise they would be pretty useless)

      Now to the ups:
      They look fantastic and really nice. I am hoping for some sizes :) and thx for the new SG.

      All the best

    9. Justin Rockwood

      The dice look great! I wonder, though, if the weight will be off slightly so that they roll some numbers a lot more frequently than others? Not that it matters too much (unless it always rolls bad numbers :).

    10. Will Baker on

      Love the dice!

    11. AlexB on

      Good point Steven!

    12. Steven Crane

      Just an observation, but we can see the numbers 5 and 2... you know all opposing faces of a die add up to 7? I realise it's just an artists impression but make sure they're "legal" dice or there will likely be an uproar!

    13. Missing avatar

      JulianH on

      Looks fab. That guy's gonna have a sore forehead after all that rolling! :)

    14. Draxon Fly on

      Will the dice be balanced right to be fully functional?
      What will they be made of?
      Is that the colour they come in?

    15. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      Great add-on, I'm upping my pledge to include these right now.

    16. Pawel Daruk on

      He dice look amazing! I'm getting them!

    17. Mateusz Albricht 6-time creator on

      @AlexB: We try to make them as heavy as possible :)

    18. AlexB on

      I think they look awesome! This whole game looks awesome. Will there be a bit of weight to the dice? I like a bit of weight.