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The next revolution in remote camera triggers!

[ShutterBox] has some unique elements, including a way to use your smartphone as a lightning sensor for capturing impressive storm photos - TechCrunch

What Is ShutterBox?

Imagine triggering multiple cameras or several off-camera flashes remotely from your Android devices. ShutterBox turns your smart device into a revolutionary remote control.  With the single push of a button, you will be able to snap pictures up to 200’ away (without using WiFi). There is no need to purchase expensive equipment anymore or hassle with various wired remotes. 

With our patent pending technology, you will be able to extend the capabilities of the smart device giving you a complete range of triggering capabilities from a single image to photoburst, lightning, time lapse, motion and others (including off-camera flashes)! Photographs such as lightning, or remote triggering for hard-to-get photographs such as wildlife or sports events will be much easier to acquire. 

How Does It Work?

ShutterBox is built on the Strike Finder platform and utilizes a wireless communication protocol to communicate between it and the smart device. The product sits on the camera’s hotshoe (for convenience) and comes with the appropriate cable to attach to your DSLR camera.

Your smart device is paired and connected with our patent pending ShutterBox devices. When an event has been activated, the smart devices sends a signal to the ShutterBox controller which releases your camera’s shutter.

What Can ShutterBox Do For You?

  • Remote control triggering up to 200ft away! 
  • Trigger multiple cameras or off-camera flashes at once (useful for a studio setting)! 
  • Utilizing the smart sensors on the device, you'll be able to shoot high-speed photographs such as lightning, or other programmable features such as time lapse, motion, and more.

The Story:

The ShutterBox product is next in the evolution of the highly successful Strike Finder product line. Ubertronix, Inc. has been a leader in providing high-quality camera triggers for the last year. Photographers and distributors from around the world have already purchased our unique camera triggers and we are hoping to take them to the next level. By combining technology and photography, you’ll get a whole new level of creativity. What makes this so unique, is we’re taking advantage of something that most people already have (smart phones) and utilizing the built-in sensors, giving photographers a wide-range of capabilities completely revolutionizing remote control photography.

Why We Need Your Help?

With your thoughtfulness and support, we will be able to finalize the prototype to manufacture and deliver something that is completely revolutionary to the marketplace. With your investment, we will be able to reach our goal and continue to lead the industry with the most advanced camera triggers on the market.

Our Timeline:

Because of our experience manufacturing camera triggers, we will be able deliver the first ShutterBoxes beginning in June 2013. We have already signed an NDA with a Texas-based company to begin manufacturing our products once the Kickstarter project is complete. It takes them about seven weeks to deliver on the first order. If we far surpass our goal of $25K, we will be able to ramp up and ship at a pace of 100 devices per week.

Compatible Cameras: 

  • Canon EOS-3, 1v HS/1v, 1D-series, 1Ds-series, 5D-series, 6D-series 7D, D30, D60, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, and 50D. (RS-80N3 connector). (3-pin connector)
  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel series, 60D, Elan II/IIE, Elan 7/7E, Rebel Ti /2000/G/GII/X/XS, IX/IX Lite, and EOS Rebel T4i (RS-60E3 stereo connector)
  • Nikon D3/D700/D800/D300/D2H/D2H/D200/D1H/D1X/D3/D3x/D4  (MC30 10-pin connector)
  • Nikon D80/D70 (MCDC1 Connector)
  • Nikon D90, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D7000, D600 and COOLPIX P7700  (MCDC2 Connector)
  • PENTAX K20D/K200D/K10D/K100D/K30 and Samsung GX-20/GX-10 (RS-60E3 stereo connector)
  • Sony Alpha DSLR-A100/A100K A900 A700 A350 A300 A200, A55 Minolta Maxxum/Dynax/AF 7D, 5D/ Maxxum/Dynax/AF 9, 7, 5, 4, 3 /Dynax/AF 807si, 800si, 700si, 600si, 505si, 500si, Sweet, Sweets /Dynax/AF 9000, 7000, 5000 / DiMAGE 7Hi, 7i, 7, 5, A1, A2, A200,MINOLTA a7D/A5d  (RMS1AM Connector)
  • Olympus SP-590/E30/EP-1/E400/E410/E420/E520/SP-510UZ /SP-550UZ /SP-560UZ/SP-570UZ (RMUC1 Connector)
  • Olympus E5 (RMCB1 Connector)

If you don't see your camera listed, please send us a note to see if yours is compatible.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We've identified a local Texas-based company which can mass produce the PCBs for the Shutterbox. Their timeline is seven weeks for the first order. Depending on early adoption, target schedule dates will be 7-9 weeks for delivery (from Kickstarter completion). Additionally, the Android app prototype is nearly complete. No foreseen obstacles are expected when releasing to the Marketplace. If a small delay occurs in the release, we will notify you as quickly as possible (via e-mail or Facebook page) and the devices will still ship on time. So when the app does release, you'll already have them in hand :-).


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