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Update #14

Come see us tomorrow!


10:30am - 1:00pm, Evelyn Avenue & View Street 
(just outside the Mountain View Farmers' Market)

You can: 

  • Say hi
  • Get your free pops (see our flavors here)
  • Get your postcards and magnets
  • Hang out & eat your free pops
  • Help us turn our first market day into a pop party! 

Hope to see you there! 

If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien  

Update #13 - For backers only

Curses, foiled again! (aka the Little Bee Pops MAIL-SNAFU)


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Update #12

Rewards are a-comin'!

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Dear Awesome & Super-Patient Backers, 

Your rewards are soooooooo close to getting here, we can hardly wait to stuff envelopes (seriously!). Unless something goes terribly wrong with the postal service, you $10 and $25 backers should have your rewards by this Saturday, April 21st. Once you have free pop tokens in your hot little hands, feel free to come on down to our next locations and claim your free pops! 

We're just ramping up our production - so selling out is likely. Come early to avoid disappointment. Also - check our website for current flavors. If you've got your heart set on a Cherry Bomb - wait until mid-May when cherries are in season! 

If you are a $100 and up backer, check your email! We are not yet at the capacity to fill 12-pop orders, so we're asking you to fill out an order form and come individually. On your pickup day, we'll have your pops there waiting for you in your Periodic Table of Awesome tote. 

As Always -- Thank You, Thank You Thank You!


Liz, Lilia, Melissa & Little Bee

Update #11

Full Speed Ahead!


This is an update for anyone who's getting antsy about our lack of updates! :) We are chugging along getting ready for our mid-April launch. More paperwork than pops at this point... but hey, slogging through the mundane to get to the sublime? Totally worth it. 

This month we have: 

  • secured our kitchen space for the year (through October 2012)
  • Brought our dear friend Melissa Patel on board as our part-time Kitchen Manager (i.e. Chief Whip Cracker)
  • created a shiny new website:
  • gotten our LLC papers (with corporate personhood, does that mean Little Bee Pops can run for Mayor now?) 
  • started the process of getting our many permits and licenses
  • gotten a bunch of outrageously expensive liability insurance quotes (leads appreciated!)
  • contacted our local Vitamix sales representative
  • trolled craigslist for freezers, sieves, funnels, and other fun kitchen gadgets
  • started working on becoming ServSafe certified (because we know we look rockin' in hairnets and latex gloves) 

Next month, we'll launch on April 13th at Veggielution's Avant Garden fundraiser (IMPORTANT NOTE: we're donating these pops, so this isn't an event where you can redeem your Kickstarter reward pops!). If you're in the area, come help us support a great nonprofit, educational farm committed to food justice for San Jose: (tickets are only $10) 

Next month you should be getting your swag and reward-pop tokens in the mail (have you filled out our survey yet?). Also be sure to follow us on twitter @littlebeepops or on Facebook to know when and where to redeem! 


Liz & Lilia & Little Bee

Update #10

New Pop Flavor: The Kickstarter

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To celebrate our success here on Kickstarter, we have created a new pop flavor just for the wonderful Kickstarter team and our awesome, awesome backers. 

Made from dried fruit and ingredients you can get year-round, it's the perfect sunshine-y sweet antidote to your winter blues! And oh yeah ~ how could it not? ~  it's got one helluva kick! 



  • 3/4 cup hot water
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup unsulphered dried apricots
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (or less, or ancho pepper, for less of a "kick") 
  • 1 cup whole milk, organic yogurt
  • 1/4 cup cold water

1 - Dissolve honey and cayenne pepper in hot water. 

2 - Soak apricots in honey-cayenne syrup until "rehydrated", around 3 hours

3 - Place apricots and syrup in blender, add 1 cup yogurt and blend

4 - Add more yogurt and/or small amounts of cold water until mixture reaches desired flavor and consistency (use your tastebuds, that's what they're for!)

5 - Freeze in pop molds for 24 hours and ENJOY! That's it! 

We hope you enjoy this recipe and that it encourages you to play more in your kitchen in 2012! The possibilities for frozen goodness are endless. 

It's amazing to have your support, and we look forward to seeing many of you enjoying our pops this Spring! 

You're all as sweet a honey, 
Liz, Lilia, and Little Bee 

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    A "Periodic Table of Awesome" postcard and our most sincere and profound gratitude. And, oh yah - if you're local, 2 fresh fruit pops of your choice!

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    A "Periodic Table of Awesome" postcard plus a Pop Geekery fridge magnet of your choice (see choices to your left). Local? You also get 4 fresh fruit pops for you and your crew.

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    Hey, big spender! We'll send you all of the above AND a retro Pop Geekery lunch box (choose your design). Because all the cool kids bring their pb&j to work with them. Or, use it to store your action figures. Plus, just because you're sweet as honey, some a super cute felt pop bling (choose pin or barrettes).

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    All of the awesomeness above, plus something available only at this level: Pick your favorite movie scene of all time. We'll dress up our Pop Geekery actors and create a super-special movie just for you. Also, this is our COMMUNITY SUPPORTED POPSICLE (CSP) level - local folks, get a half-dozen seasonal pops a week for our summer season (20 weeks) for pickup at the Mountain View Farmers' Market.

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    Helloooo, rainmaker! In one fell swoop, you’re making our dreams come true. We'll give you all the cool swag above, plus we are so NAMING A POP in your honor. We'll make a special addition to our pop pantheon, named by you, or after you (depending on how you roll). Also, an ORIGINAL painting of the Periodic Table of Awesome, measuring 9 x 12 by our uber-talented Lilia Schwartz. And oh yeah, if you're around here, we’re so down for bringing our cart over and catering your next hootenanny, hoedown, or shindig. Pop Party at your place!!!

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