Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 7, 2013.


We found the PERFECT FOOD TRUCK. Now we need YOUR help to take our healthy, whole fruit & honey treats to the streets!


We made our goal! Thank you so much!!! We are still going for our stretch goal of 25,000 - if we make it, we'll be able to add Straus Organic Yogurt to our pops. Also, ALL of our backers will be invited to the Popmobile Launch Party, to witness our sweet little food truck make her maiden voyage...and there's still a few minutes to score an invitation! 

New! Pop-donating reward options: 

Best. After School Snack. Ever. (Cumulative $1500 Pop Party)
Vote for this option in your backer survey, and if we reach $1500 we'll bring the truck and 200 pops to our neighborhood school's after-care program (where 76% of kids qualify for free or reduced school lunch)

The Real Food Superhero
For any reward level: opt to donate your pops to folks at the local food bank. On the hottest days of the year, we'll head over to the LONG line that forms at the food bank and hand out your pops!

Isn't she a beauty? 

We put down a deposit ('cause we're mad fools!) - Kickstarter to the rescue!
We put down a deposit ('cause we're mad fools!) - Kickstarter to the rescue!

Help us, Obi-Wan-Kickstarter! You're our only hope!

There are two things we need you to do: 

1. Click that cute green "Back this project" button and donate whatever you can afford - every little bit helps, really!! 

2. Tell everyone you know how awesome we are - we REALLY need you to get the word out, and personal messages are the absolute best way to get people's attention...share the campaign on Facebook, email your grandma, name-drop us into the gossip at the water cooler. 

About Little Bee Pops

Our idea is simple: take an iconic childhood dessert that has been totally bastardized by the industrial food system and turn it into a healthy, crap-free, locally-sourced, awesome-tasting treat. Sell at local parks and Farmers’ Markets, and say “BOOM! Take that, evil treats marketed to our kids!”  Y' a BOSS. 

Our 12 totally awesome, totally local flavors! Yeah!
Our 12 totally awesome, totally local flavors! Yeah!

Thanks to Kickstarter, Little Bee Pops has been able to triumph over the Forces of Darkness! The 365 backers who supported us last year got us through 10,000 popsicle sticks, and helped us transform hundreds of pounds of local, ORGANIC produce and honey into delicious frozen perfection! 

Maker Faire peeps loved our pops!
Maker Faire peeps loved our pops!

We've had some amazing press, including Content Magazine, the Mountain View Voice, Daily Candy, Silicon Valley Metro, Kickstarter’s Best of 2012, and - yeah, baby - Sunset Magazine! 

LBP in Sunset Magazine! We're famous!
LBP in Sunset Magazine! We're famous!

(Have we mentioned how much we heart y'all at Kickstarter? ‘Cause we really REALLY do!).

We've sold our totally non-evil pops at: 

  • 2 farmers’ markets 
  • A bunch of cool parties
  • Two fabulous weddings
  • Behind the scenes at Maker Faire
  • Full Circle Farm’s Earth Day Festival
  • San Jose Renaissance Faire
  • Pumpkins in the Park
  • Local swim-meets (hi Swim South Bay!)
  • Neighborhood parks in Mountain View
  • Ava’s in downtown Mountain View
  • Country Sun in Palo Alto
  • The Farmstand at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale

Not bad, not bad at all.  ::pat::  ::pat::  <-- patting selves on back 

Peeps Heart Our Pops!
Peeps Heart Our Pops!

Why We’re Back 

This summer, we want to carpet-bomb Silicon Valley with our pops!  We have just enough money in the bank to start up production for our second season, but we've got even bigger dreams that we want to chase: to the POPMOBILE! With $22,000, we can let the nice folks at Kickstarter get their cut and still have $15,000 to purchase an awesome food truck (and yeah, we totally already put down the $1,000 deposit), plus $2,000 for the wrap and the final $3,000 for all those nitty gritty dang-we-have-to-pay-for-that-too?!? costs like upgrades, permits, and insurance. 

And just for you strung out caffeine junkies (hello pot, meet kettle) -- our new Popmobile is permitted for coffee & tea! We're hoping to make fresh iced brew from the ultra-ethically sourced (and San Jose-roasted!) Barefoot Coffee

The plan? Regular park routes in Mountain View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto (and expanding into other cities in Santa Clara County once we hit our stride). Not to mention all the food truck rallies, sporting events, and festivals we'll hit around the South Bay and Peninsula. And, of course, we’ll always update our twitter feed and Facebook page so that you can figure out where to get your pop fix.

But wait, there’s more! (aka Stretch Goals)

If we raise $25,000... 

We think this will be enough to build a table-top production enclosure that will let us get us Dairy Certified (warning: link to CDFA legal language on dairy product licenses may induce spontaneous coma. Click at your own risk.) What does this mean for you?  In addition to our amazing dairy-free flavors, a new league of creamy pops made with Straus Family Creamery organic yogurt! Superpower: probiotic healing rays. 

If we raise $35,000...

We buy this amazing pop-making machine from Brazil (man, those Brazilians know their ice pops!) to step up our production to the next level. With our blast freezer, we can freeze 480 pops in 6 hours. This puppy freezes 250 pops per hour (that's 1500 in the same time frame)! That means we can sign some major deals to get our pops into the bigtime (did someone say Whole Foods?). 

Who Are We? 

Little Bee Pops is a dream we share with many other people -- for a world where parents can say “yes” to a treat, where chemical-laden crap isn’t marketed to kids, and where every child grows up knowing the bursting flavor of a locally-grown strawberry. 

Liz, Lilia, & Melissa at the Farmers' Market
Liz, Lilia, & Melissa at the Farmers' Market

I'm Liz Snyder, AKA Queen of Pops, mama to the Little Bee (not so little, but still buzzing everywhere she goes at age 8) and a serious food activist. Before I ever thought I’d have the word “entrepreneur” on my resume, I was busy starting Full Circle Farm, an 11-acre sustainable farm on a middle school campus. My motivation? The belief that all kids need 1) green places to play, and 2) the awesome experience of growing and eating their own food. School farms are the ultimate two-birds-with-one-stone solution. I’m an I-went-to-Oxford nerd/smartypants combined with a she’ll-never-make-it-in-academia habit of actually getting stuff done. 

Lilia Schwartz AKA Pop Goddess is my best friend and partner in crime. She's an amazing auntie to the Little Bee, a talented artist and our Chief Creative Officer. She's a strawberry-hulling, pop-wrapping machine, and she poured almost every single pop we sold last year. This year, she's stepping up into the Chief Operating Officer role for Little Bee Pops (go Lil!). She'll be the one driving the truck this summer, as well as making sure things are humming behind the scenes. She's also responsible for most of the exclamation points and emoticons you see in our copy! ;-) 

Melissa Patel AKA Chief Whip Cracker is our Kitchen Manager and a woman with a mission to make the world more efficient and organized. I challenge you to find anyone who can match her energy, and - watch out - she won’t settle for anything less than a perfectly put together and gleaming kitchen. She wields a mean mop, and once broke world records by putting 3 whole flats of blackberries through the jamming sieve in less than 30 minutes. She's a mama to two wonderful girls, and has been the Garden Co-Manager and Mama Hen at Full Circle Farm since the farm started. 

About Our Pops

We buy ORGANIC fruit directly from the farmers, often at the farmers market, and honey directly from the bees (ok, the beekeepers). Then we blend them up, add some healthy fats (like avocado, olive oil, and flax) and pop our stainless steel molds into the blast freezer. 6 hours later, what do we have? Awesome treats that are good for you, but don't taste like it!

Last season, our 12 seasonal pop flavors featured produce from the following farms:

Santa Clara County...
Honey of Distinction
Abounding Harvest Mountain Farm
Full Circle Farm
Butcher Ranch
Lemon Ladies Orchard

South County/Coastside...
J & P Organics
Pinnacle Organic
The Apricot King
Arrowhead Farms
7th Heaven Organics

Greater Bay Area/Central Valley...
Gibson’s Golden
Massa Organics
Hamlow Ranches
Rojas Family Farms
Four Seasons Farm

Greenwillow Grains, Willamette, OR (Food Alliance Certified Flax)
Frontier Co-Op Fair Trade Cardamom, Guatemala
Snake & Butterfly Chocolate, Organic, Fair Trade, Single-Origin

* While our produce and honey comes from within 150 miles, we made the decision to support sustainable growing practices over distance when sourcing dry goods and spices. Because it's not just about food miles, it's about the kind of food system we want to support! 

Production Credits 

AKA links to the awesome folks who shared their talents with us - you should TOTALLY check them out!

Audio Angel - The creative genius behind "Let's Get Kickstarted" who so graciously lent us her amazing vocal talent and beautiful spirit. 

Toby Allen - We think Toby must be an evil genius. His rendition of the League of Evil Treats is zombie-brain-freeze good. 

Darren Weller - Voiceover bossman. Can you believe he's Australian? And yeah, how does this talented man not have a website? Our next web project: creating his fan page! 

The Free Music Archive - Our go-to place for all kinds of crazy-good incidental music. Kevin McLeod, we don't know you, but we love you! 

We had an amazing crew of community supporters of all ages come out to dance and zombie shamble in front of our camera. The production design and photography were done by Lilia Schwartz, and the film was edited by Liz Snyder. 


Reward Images

These are the designs that will appear on your rewards! 

Our Flying Fruit (the banners will not be included in the final design)
Our Flying Fruit (the banners will not be included in the final design)
The League of Evil Treats logo
The League of Evil Treats logo

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The road between startup and operation is a long and somewhat circuitous one, but we've navigated it before! We're already in talks with the County permitting folks, and we're confident that we are purchasing a vehicle that meets the requirements for mobile food sales (it's been permitted before, which helps a LOT!). After we're funded, we'll need to get the permits quickly so that we can start operating the truck to take advantage of the summer season. We're planning on having everything ready to go so that we can put the paperwork in as soon as we have obtained title and had the work done to install our cold case for the pops.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    A Popmobile postcard and 2 free pops at the food truck, plus, of course, our eternal gratitude. After our campaign closes, you'll get a digital certificate that you can flash us (it's green!) when you come see us at the food truck to pick up your pops and postcard. If you're not in the SF Bay Area, we'll mail your postcard (but we can't mail you the pops, sorry!)

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    4 free pops at the Popmobile, a Pop-Signal magnet, and Popmobile postcard! Pick them all up at the Popmobile if you're a local, or we'll mail everything but the pops if you're not.

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    All of the above, *plus* a limited-edition Anatomy of A Super-Pop tote bag with (you guessed it) 12 free pops (if you're local)! Also, your name will be making a guest appearance on our backer thank you cloud on the truck.

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    All of the above (including the 12 pops and Anatomy of a Super-Pop tote!) plus your choice of a fabric product featuring either the League of Evil Treats (on black) or our illustrated rainbow flying fruit (on blue). Pick a pillowcase, washcloth, or bandana!

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    Well, helloooo, big spender! First off, we love you, and you get ALL of the above rewards! Second, we will totally bring the Popmobile to your school, block party, company picnic (or any other shindig in Northern California - more than 40 miles from Mountain View, we'll need to talk gas). Once we get there, we'll give away up to 200 free pops. The awesome part? This is a CUMULATIVE prize - that means you and your coworkers/ neighbors/ PTA-members/bowling league buddies can team up to to pool your donations! Just make a note of your organization when you make your donation, and when that org hits $1,500, BOOM! Pop party! We'll also have some fun swag to give away at the party, but it's a surprise. :-)

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    All of the above, including the pop party with 100 more pops (for a total of 300). You also get a medium logo on our Popmobile, a mention in our social media and newsletter, and a text link on our website. You can choose to donate the pop party if you're not local, or fly into town and have a big ol' shindig!

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    Wow! Your name (or organization logo) is TOTALLY going on our truck with a thank-you (it won't be in lights, but it will definitely be big!), you get all of the above prizes (including the pop party, which will be up to 500 pops)! We'll also bring you and up to three friends into the kitchen to develop a custom flavor (Kitchen party, woot!) If it's a hit, we may even make it a regular at the Popmobile! Prizes (not-including pops) will be shipped if you are not local, and you can choose to donate the pop party if you'd like. Finally, if you're local (within 10 miles of Mountain View) we'll make your business or favorite park a REGULAR STOP on our Popmobile route for the summer of 2013 (and maybe even longer, if the numbers support it).

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