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Bringing ice pops & awesome to Silicon Valley. Just funded- we ♥ our backers! Keep it coming & we'll get our first bike-powered cart!
365 backers pledged $16,507 to help bring this project to life.


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To celebrate our success here on Kickstarter, we've created a special flavor in honor of the awesome Kickstarter team and all of our amazing backers. It's sunshine-y sweet goodness... with a spicy kick! 

Check out our updates if you'd like to try the recipe! Or you can enjoy The Kickstarter once we're out trolling local parks and the Mountain View Farmers' Market with our very-first bike powered ice cream cart! Your tastebuds will say YUM (and then maybe OUCH!).  

Who says there's no such thing as a good temporal anomaly? 

Keep us going!  For every $1000 above our goal, we should be able to purchase an awesome bike like this one, more commonly seen in Rio de Janeiro than Silicon Valley! 

We want to exceed our goal so we can purchase our first of many (we hope!) bicycle-powered ice cream carts. Together with our cute little pushcart (thank you, craigslist), we'll be able to seed two parts of the galaxy with delicious pops simultaneously! 


It was my daughter, Helen (aka our “Little Bee”), who first came up with the idea for Little Bee Pops. Basically, she was sick and tired of not being allowed to get treats from the ice cream cart at the park. I’m also pretty sure she was tired of hearing me rant about a market flooded with cheap, subsidized corn & soy creating a toxic food supply full of corn syrup and additives that was then fobbed off on the youngest, most unsuspecting consumers. 

Ask for a treat, get a lecture on agricultural economics. 

Yes, I am that mom.

With a long-suffering eyeroll, she said “So Mom, why don’t you sell your pops at the park? Then moms and kids could be happy.” And with that, the idea for Little Bee Pops was born. 

Aside from my park-bench farm bill rants, I’ve got a bunch of foodie street cred: I started an 11-acre educational farm on public school land, cooked up collards and curriculum for an amazing food justice nonprofit, and helped start a 150-member CSA for low-income families for a major public agency. What’s more, I have a fancy-pants degree, I tackle spreadsheets like a ninja, and I write a mean grant application.

But the truth is, I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen, creating things that make people smile. I am totally stoked by the idea of making food for a living, and so grateful to have the chance to make it a reality!

We interrupt this program to announce...
SWEET NEW REWARDS FOR $250 & UP ------------------>

A DVD of Vanishing of the Bees: 

Kids' Kitchen: 40 Fun and Healthy Recipes to Make and Share:

Now back to the regular program... 

This is my best friend, Lilia. For years, she’s helped me start things. Basically, I get a harebrained idea to start something, and she’s the sounding board, brainstormer, head cheerleader, list-maker, graphic designer and idea factory that coaxes the idea into reality. Without our awesomely wonder-twins-activate synergy, Full Circle Farm would not exist.  She’s also a super-talented artist and photographer, a dedicated Auntie to the Little Bee, and a devoted fan of all things Joss Whedon.  And yeah - if it looks like we paid someone to make it look good, that’s all Lilia.
We make handmade, honey-sweetened pops from all-local ingredients. Our pops have seasonal fruit, healthy fats, and are certified crap-free. No corn syrup, preservatives, flavor chemicals, or food dyes.
Our spring flavors:


We believe childhood should be full of awesome. What’s awesome? Icy summer treats at the park. What’s not awesome? Scary crap hidden in foods marketed to kids!
Little Bee Pops is about creating a healthy, happy, and crap-free childhood. It’s also about supporting local farmers and beekeepers, because a strong local agricultural economy? YUM. Here are a few of the producers we plan to support: 

Abounding Harvest Mountain Farm 
Butcher Ranch
Full Circle Farm
Hillcrest Ranch
Honey of Distinction
J&P Organics
Lemon Ladies Orchard
Pinnacle Organics

It doesn't hurt to dream big, right? 

We want Little Bee Pops to be the defender of good food in Silicon Valley. Beause c'mon all you smartie pants programmers, there is no excuse for our little paradise to be light years behind SF and Berkeley, is there? If we can make smart phones, why not smart food? 

Our vision? To have bicycle-powered ice cream carts streaming through our fair city, selling sweet treats that improve our local economy, the viability of our small farms and gardens, and the health of our children. To have a kitchen that supports other locavore, sustainable food entrepreneurs in that shaky, what-the-hell-are-we-doing start up phase. To donate our time and pops to raising funds for garden-based education, sustainable agriculture, and fiercely local food. 

Right now, we have the opportunity to move into a certified ice cream kitchen in 2012... these puppies don't come around that often! We can ONLY take advantage of this opportunity if we're successful on Kickstarter! 


  • Up and move our ice cream kitchen to Mountain View (then we'd never leave)  

  • Start a kitchen incubator program for other small, sustainable food businesses - because Silicon Valley's food movement needs to catch the hell up with SF & Berkeley! 

  • Buy a fleet of sweet little bicycle-powered ice cream carts

  • Get Little Bee Pops into independent grocery stores in the Bay Area

  • Make a few farmers' days by placing a gigantic pre-order of fruit & honey with our local producers (CSA-style, baby!) 

This, gentle reader, is where you come in. We want to share the sweetness. Here are a few things we’ve put together for your geeky, goofy enjoyment. 

Periodic Table of Awesome (postcard, farmers' market tote, art print)

Pop Geekery (lunch box, magnets) 


Follow these links down the rabbit hole of our nation's broken food system. You don't need the attention span of a Vulcan to see how we're bankrupting our ecosystems, hurting our health, and short-changing our future! 

Why a Salad Costs more than a Big Mac
our totally upside-down subsidy system at work
Spending of Food Marketing to Kids 
and we're surprised when kids know every brand of chips known to man, but have never seen a beet?
Seed Diversity, A Century Ago and Today

In the meantime, mega seed companies and the mega farms that use them are systematically undermining farm biodiversity. 

Here are some random links to cheer you up:
Jazz for Cows (More Cowbell!) 
Beyonce the Chicken
How to Peel A Head of Garlic in Less than 10 Seconds


Do you have an aching need to read our business plan? Will you never rest until each expense is laid bare? Fear not, oh gloriously anal one, you can read all the juicy details: 

Our Business Plan (PDF)

Our Start Up Expenses (PDF) 

- - - 

"I believe in humanity. We are an incredible species. We're still just a child creature, we're still being nasty to each other. And all children go through those phases. We're growing up, we're moving into adolescence now. When we grow up - man, we're going to be something!" 

- Gene Roddenberry

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10

    A "Periodic Table of Awesome" postcard and our most sincere and profound gratitude.

    And, oh yah - if you're local, 2 fresh fruit pops of your choice!

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25

    A "Periodic Table of Awesome" postcard plus a Pop Geekery fridge magnet of your choice (see choices to your left).

    Local? You also get 4 fresh fruit pops for you and your crew.

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    106 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $100

    All of the above, plus a reusable "Periodic Table of Awesome" farmers' market tote bag.

    Local? We'll fill 'er up with 12 pops of your choice!

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    36 backers
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    Pledge $250 or more About $250

    Hey, big spender! We'll send you all of the above AND a retro Pop Geekery lunch box (choose your design). Because all the cool kids bring their pb&j to work with them. Or, use it to store your action figures. Plus, just because you're sweet as honey, some a super cute felt pop bling (choose pin or barrettes).

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    Pledge $850 or more About $850

    All of the awesomeness above, plus something available only at this level:

    Pick your favorite movie scene of all time. We'll dress up our Pop Geekery actors and create a super-special movie just for you. Also, this is our COMMUNITY SUPPORTED POPSICLE (CSP) level - local folks, get a half-dozen seasonal pops a week for our summer season (20 weeks) for pickup at the Mountain View Farmers' Market.

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    Pledge $1,500 or more About $1,500

    Helloooo, rainmaker! In one fell swoop, you’re making our dreams come true. We'll give you all the cool swag above, plus we are so NAMING A POP in your honor. We'll make a special addition to our pop pantheon, named by you, or after you (depending on how you roll). Also, an ORIGINAL painting of the Periodic Table of Awesome, measuring 9 x 12 by our uber-talented Lilia Schwartz.

    And oh yeah, if you're around here, we’re so down for bringing our cart over and catering your next hootenanny, hoedown, or shindig. Pop Party at your place!!!

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