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Fire Mountain Games, publisher of "Way of the Wicked" launches a subterranean adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG -- Throne of Night
Fire Mountain Games, publisher of "Way of the Wicked" launches a subterranean adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG -- Throne of Night
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Art and Printed Copy Update


It's been too long since we've had an update, so let's remedy that.

We are going to begin shipping out the first round hard copy books (likely Book One and Book Two shipped together) right after the PDF release of Book Three, which will be in December. We apologize for the delay and know that we remain committed to seeing that everyone gets all the books they paid for.

Books Three and Four are deep in production and we have art coming in for all the remaining four books as well as the exclusive kickstarter module.

And here is more beautiful preview art from the talented Michael Clarke:

 Thanks again for your patience and support.

Gary McBride

Fire Mountain Games

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    1. Amanda Sigler on

      It's the end of January.... Any word on when our physical copies will be shipping? Anything on the book 3 PDF? I know we should add at least 2-3 months to whenever they tell us a book will be done but I was kind hoping for only one month late....

    2. Chris Riedel on

      I hope but do not expect to receive all WotW books with the first shipment of the new path. There has to be some reason that Gary refuses to answer questions about it, and I'm doubtful that indicates good news.

      I too have never received a response to my changed shipping address PM.

    3. Derek Blakely on

      @Philip -- Yeah, that was my main concern as well. I'm hoping that's either a statue or just someone that looks like him.
      @AstralWanderer -- I would like to think the edits would be done before the printing, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Maybe though.

    4. Kennan Ward on

      Good to get an update but I've never gotten a response when trying to change my address.

    5. Steven Danielson on

      Very happy with Michael Clark's artwork !

    6. Steven Danielson on

      According to the add-on language, when the first new book is shipped those of us that paid for physical copies of WoW will get those. That is what I am expecting.

    7. Phil


    8. Chris Riedel on

      Thank you for the update. I would also like to add my voice to the question of WotW hard copies. I will gladly edit all negative comments made elsewhere on this issue when it has been addressed.

    9. Stephan Reitz

      Woww - I don´t know what to say .... still can´t believe it -- must be christmas :-)

      Besides same question as davrion - also ordered and paid for all of the way of the wicked books ...

    10. Derek Blakely on

      It seems I didn't get the email yesterday that a lot of other people did regarding a 10% discount off all products from Fire Mountain Games. If you could forward that, that'd be great.

    11. davrion

      Will the "Way of the Wicked" books also ship for those who added them on?