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Fire Mountain Games, publisher of "Way of the Wicked" launches a subterranean adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG -- Throne of Night
Fire Mountain Games, publisher of "Way of the Wicked" launches a subterranean adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG -- Throne of Night
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    1. Derek Blakely 1 day ago

      Hey, Gary. I got 4/5 stars on my instalment of an AP. It was Book 6 of 6. The only reason it didn’t get higher was because of some editing and layout issues. Now can I help in the completion of THIS AP?…

    2. Derek Blakely on November 12

      The forum thread regarding this book series was recently re-risen from the grave through necromancy. Been pretty lively these past few days. It’s been kind of nice.

    3. Derek Blakely on November 5

      Kickstarter won’t do a thing. It’s in their terms of agreement. You can complain, and they’ll nicely prod the creators to remind them of their duties, but other than that they’re not responsible for anything else. They urge you to try be civil and contact the creators to negotiate terms and ask questions. They can’t be sued, as per their terms, but after 5 years you can take a creator to court if they haven’t made good on their end.

    4. JHewett on November 4

      Still got active kickstarters he has backed recently...just pathetic. Kickstarter themselves need to step up and do something.

      I mean, like most of you I am sure, I have already written off the money as a loss, but that doesn't mean the 'creator' shouldn't be held to account. Unconscionable!

    5. Derek Blakely on November 3

      One could hope, but extremely unlikely.

    6. Missing avatar

      Erich McNaughton
      on November 2

      So, since Gary has kindly placed our money into helping other kickstarters, do you think he will send those rewards our way? It would be nice, especially since nobody, including Gary, seem to give a rat’s ass about this project...

    7. Derek Blakely on November 1

      Come June 1st next year, if you’re an American and can get to New York, you can attempt to. If not, you’re S.O.L. like so many others.

    8. William S. on October 31

      Just posting again that I would really like my money back.

    9. Derek Blakely on October 13

      I can’t believe we’re over 1000 comments now. Crazy. Still 7 months to go before something or nothing happens from Gary’s end. If the latter, the community will definitely be doing something in response.

    10. Derek Blakely on October 12

      WotC also has released a ton of paid apps and in-app purchase apps. That’s likely also where they’re getting their cash. Digital is the wave of the current times, and pdfs are easy to rip off. They’re also probably making a mint with their Adventure’s League, much like Paizo is with PFS and SFS.
      I watch Critical Role so I know the absolute basics, and Reddit lets us know when they mess up the rules. That said, they have their own house rules too so that doesn’t help any.
      Only two groups that I know of are doing 5e, but no openings. I’d love to learn it. I’m broke so Core book, and the copyrights only allowed the minimum to be put on the SRD.

    11. Mirko Hess on October 11

      @Kevin Zoeren: it´s usually true that RPG creators own their money by splatbooks but WOTC is in a different situation than most RPG companies what with being owned by Hasbro (very different cost situation within that big a corp). And while you are right that it´s often claimed at the beginning to refrain from doing splatbook after splatbook I think evidence supports the claim regarding 5E. It launched around August 2014 (far as I remember). Here´s the stuff WOTC has released since then:
      Players Handbook, DM Guide and Monster Manual as the Core Books (plus DM Screen)

      Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Rise of Tiamat, Princes of Apocalypse, Out of the Abyss, Curse of Strahd, Storm King´s Thunder, Tales from the Yawning Portal, Tomb of Annihilation --> all adventures

      Sword Coast Adventurer´s Guide --> region book, overwhelmingly fluff

      Volo´s Guide to Monsters --> Monster book with mostly fluff about monsters (a little bit of crunch)

      Monsters & Heroes of the Realms: A Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book (obviously no crunch) and Duneology (practically a coffee table book with little gimmicks --> not unlike a children pop-up book)

      Xanathar's Guide to Everything --> the first real splatbook after 3 years. 25 subclasses, some new spells, new traps, new magic items, new downtime activities. Really no HUGE additions or changes.

      So all in all after 3 years I guess it´s safe to say that the promise not to do much splat is valid as is.

      I get your argument regarding investment. There was a time I bought EVERYTHING paizo published. not in pdf either. So, yes, I feel you. But......what use is it when I feel like I´m at work while DMing. This should be fun and frankly....Pathfinder hasn´t been "fun" for me for quite some time before I finally found the guts to call it quits. Agreed, IF I had access to a local table group and could limit what´s used I might stick with it (then again......probably not as even Core Pathfinder is waaaaaaaaaaay more complicated than 5E --> I´ll admit that I´m somewhat of a dinosaur though as I learned to roleplay in an age when "battlegrid" was an insult we threw at those wargame loosers ^^).
      But sure, in the end it´s everybody´s choice. Just wanted to say to Derek that he hardly needs to "learn" much using D&D 5E as the mechanics are what they are with D&D and there is practically no additions rules to be learned after Core.

    12. Kēvin Zoren
      on October 10

      I'd thought about adding a caveat in my message about Pathfinder Society being a problem, it's a fair point. I live in a rural area and actually tried to get some society games going but we were snubbed hard by the organizers after an initial promise of support at Gencon. Since then it's all local private groups. I'm glad to hear wizards has pledged to keep the splat to a minimum, but since that's usually how they earn their bread it'll be a cautious optimism. For me I'm sticking with pathfinder mostly for the amount I've invested in it. I have stopped buying physical books though and shifted entirely to PDFs. Wizards lack of support for PDFs (at least initially, have they changed this?) meant that after picking up the core books I stopped.

    13. Mirko Hess on October 6

      @Kevin Zoren: Certainly true. But as Derek says that works only if you have a set group (if it does work then), but not if you are playing with changing groups online or playing Pathfinder Society (as some of us have to). Pathfinder Society if the players own the book the option he wants to use is in you are straight out of luck telling him no.
      As for D&D 5E I beg to differ. Wizards has made it quite clear that they will not publish many splatbooks if any at all. They are offering some options online through their site but these are really really minor (mostly additional Paths). They´ll mostly publish adventures and some region guides. So there is a good change what you predict won´t happen. Even IF it WILL come to pass that´s the way things go. But why should I play (or worse try to SL) the bureaucratic monster Pathfinder has become instead of playing D&D 5E just because of something that might be or might not be in 5 or 6 years?

    14. Derek Blakely on October 6

      Well, depends on what’s available where you are. Here, you’re essentially looking at Pathfinder Society. It has its own house rules of what is and isn’t allowed. If you want a group game, good luck. You’re probably more likely than not going to be on Roll20 playing. Small towns suck in that regard.

    15. Kēvin Zoren
      on October 5

      There's an easy solution for any RPG suffering from bloat, just restrict the resources to allow as tight or loose a ruleset as you are comfortable with. 5e is nice right now, but give it a few years and it'll be as corpulant as the rest.

    16. Mirko Hess on September 16

      Absolutely agree! Pathfinder is now a pain in the ass of number crunching, exceptions from general rules, exceptions from exceptions from general rules mixed together with a sepecial ruleset for nearly every fricking character class. And its getting worse.
      Regarding to 5E......whats new to learn? Its D&D. With a few (and a mean a FEW) bolts and locks. Played 3E or even 4E? You'll slide right in. Everything is toned down. No kore hundreds of (stupidly overpowered) feats, no more numbers crunching with THACO or BABs. Hardly any wargame-like miniature pushing, shoving and measuring. No more bigger and bigger and bigger monsters either. 20 Orks can do your 10th level Fighter in right good if he isn't up to his game. 2 or 3 trolls? Fight of his life even if he IS up to his game. Lord God it's so EASY. Believe me. You'll finally be able to BREATHE again and concentrate on the fucking storytelling. God knows I am. And yes, its a pain to bring others to give it a try but once they realize they'll never have to spend 90 fricking minutes on a single stupid common battle things usually take a turn upwards. Just saying.
      I'm just now working on my 5E Dark Sun conversion because I really want to play that again and might go for Ravenloft agter that.
      As for, I'll never play it even in the - very unlikely - event of getting something playable out of this. Couldn't without my bile rising even if I tried....

    17. Derek Blakely on September 6

      I agree that Pathfinder is suffering from too many books. You can't find a balanced party anymore because of it. I know because I run the majority of the PFS games in this city. That said, while I like the idea of 5e and enjoying watching it be played by actors and entertainers, I'm too old and way too poor learn a new system, and it's like pulling teeth to get others to go along with you even if you did. At least around here it is. The best I can hope for is someone else learns a system and runs it at a convention. I might eventually end up others here and just retire from gaming altogether.
      In the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder if someone did take over the project if anyone would even care at this point. Yeah, you might have it, but would you ever run it? I know my group's soured and will now only do Paizo adventures because they're guaranteed to be finished by a certain date.

    18. Mirko Hess on September 6

      Well Pathfinder is a nice system but it suffers under the same problems 3E and 3.5 suffered under - too many rules. Too many options. Slow, static combat that with all the maneuvers and stuff feels like 80s wargaming from time to time. Every new hybrid class unbalances the game more and more. It´s just the way things go with systems. Pathfinder had it´s time and will be played by many for years to come but many more will leave it for fresher, less complicated and faster systems. It´s past its heyday. Imo has to do with the fact that the next gamer generation is around the corner. Long time gamers who started with AD&D 2nd or even D&D 3E are getting older and dropping out. New blood needs to be injected. Try bringing in a new player (new to roleplaying or even new to Pathfinder) into a already playing Pathfinder group and see how it goes. Very, very difficult. Bring in a new player in a already playing D&D 5 or Fantasy Age group and see how that goes. Whole different story.
      I share your feeling about physical copies to some extent but what can I say? I´m a dinosaur that way, a hard-copy-man. For gaming purposes I always owe the pdfs but my library hungers for books too and I can´t put pdfs in the shelfs ^^. So, there you have it. Guess everybody has his own ticks, eh?!
      As for McBride, sure, I share the feeling. But let´s be honest: the guy had chance after chance after chance to do the right thing and prove that he´s a decent sort. Blew em all. He´s a lying, cowardly fraud and he won´t do it. You know it, I know it and everybody with half a brain knows it by now.

    19. Derek Blakely on September 5

      I still do Pathfinder, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth as of late. Not because of this project, but just the system in general. I long to try out 5e and personally have zero interest in Starfinder.
      I feel bad for everyone who paid for physical copies. I've been burned too often by buying those so I stopped a long time ago. Too often they got crapped out only to be immediately errata'd within 24 hours of their release. Fewer things aggravate me more than arguing with a player who has a book copy and my pdf has the true write-up.

      Part of me just wishes Gary would forfeit the rights to another company and let them finish it.

    20. Mirko Hess on September 4

      No surprise there. Half of the people who put money into this trainwreck probably have left Pathfinder as a system by now.
      Anyway....we won´t get an update. Everybody knows by now that this is true. Something will be put out in around 6 months. It will be a stitched together piece of crap. No apology is going to come with it. It will be pdf. People who paid for physical product will be fucked. People who paid for physical product for ToN AND WotW will be fucked even more. The end.

    21. Derek Blakely on September 3

      It's interesting. I happened upon the Facebook page for FMG again today. The last time I'd been there was September 2016. There's been a couple of posts from unhappy people from here on there since then. The best was the joking comment from David saying "I think I just found a new dungeon. The Lost Tomb Of The Throne Of Night."

      It's insane to think that it's been since June 2013 since that page was last update, and October 2015 since we got an update.

      I honestly wish that Gary would update us and not just support other projects. I saw he gave money to support a comedy AP for Starfinder as well as Cthulhu and 5e adventures. I think he's long since given up on Pathfinder as a system.

    22. Derek Blakely on August 8

      I was thinking more "Americans". Those of us who live outside the country can't sue, as per the terms of KS.

    23. Mirko Hess on August 8

      "Certain people"? Right.......namely those people that sue his worthless ass before court. The rest who can´t or won´t will get the finger.

    24. Derek Blakely on August 6

      Mine was "only" $93, but being Canadian and the the dollar sucking at the time, it was significantly more. We probably have to wait until next year for that, and even then only certain people might see any kind of return.
      I randomly reached out to Gary again, but never got anything back. Doubting I even got through.

    25. William S. on August 6

      I would really love something for my 150 bucks or you know that money back.

    26. Derek Blakely on July 31

      You're likely not wrong. I'm just hoping for something, regardless.
      I'm starting to feel burnout from writing, but mine's mainly due to low ratings and reviews. At least his is still selling and being praised. Could have the adverse affect I suppose. Too concerned with rocking an amazing project that can top the previous one.

    27. Mirko Hess on July 27

      He´ll puke some half-baked shit out around Jan/Feb/March 2018 mark my words

    28. Derek Blakely on July 27

      Not even a blip. Guess at this point he's probably forgotten all about this.

    29. Derek Blakely on June 20

      For me it wasn't so much a question of the quality, but rather the year. Being 2017 and still seeing the first two books in the Top 10 blew my mind.

    30. Mirko Hess on June 20

      The quality of Way of the Wicked was never in question really though I DO think that it get too much praise. It´s a good AP, don´t take me wrong, but hardly as faultless as some paint it. The first two books really shine after that it does need quite a bit of work and polishing. It´s on par with paizo´s APs though and that says a lot.
      What is very much in question is McBrides behavior as a businessman and - as far as I´m concerned - a responsible adult. If I hadn´t been part of this fuckfest he calls a kickstarter campaign (and frankly would now puke at the thought of giving him any money) I still might buy his work when it´s done (or WotW).

    31. Derek Blakely on June 17

      Don't know if anyone gets the Paizo newsletter or not, but Way of the Wicked has been fiercely clawing its way back up the Top 10 3pp books for the past few months. Mainly just the first two, but still.

    32. Derek Blakely on June 17

      I would be okay with that. I know of at least one other person brought it up in passing that I should be the new CEO, but keep Gary on as the janitor and have him work his way back up.
      Got three projects on the go at the moment. They're about 99% complete. Just waiting to hear back on whether I need to make any revisions or not. One is a magic item supplement, and two are adventures. See how those go.
      I also got my first 5-star review from End. He enjoyed my "final boss" character I did for a villain supplement that never actually got off the ground. It's in the new Pathways free magazine that came out, if anyone is interested. It's called The Red King.

    33. David Taylor on June 17

      So...still no word from "Could've Died" McBride? Typical. So when the inevitable lawsuit begins who else thinks the entirety of the rights to Fire Mountain Games should be awarded to Derek? He's certainly done more for this project than McBride ever did.

    34. Missing avatar

      Guild on June 16

      Ever heard of Karma Gary?

    35. Derek Blakely on June 11

      So 192 projects backed, but no communication? That's bad form, Gary. Thanks to the KS notifications, I get an email every time you support something. I'm not saying you shouldn't, but at this point you should be saving every penny and completing your own project. Not only that, but there's blood in the water, the sharks are circling, and you may need that for lawyer fees come June 2018. Need you to please think hard on that.

    36. Derek Blakely on June 1

      It is, but that's their policy. The most they can do tell you that they'll send the person an email saying "hey, you should finish your project." I'm sure they do, but if our emails aren't getting through then guaranteed theirs aren't either.

    37. Newton Philis on June 1

      That seems very irresponsible of Kickstarter...
      In the very least, you'd think they would 'ban' him from their site, or restrict his account.
      It is a bit of a slap in our faces to see him take our money and then back other projects...

    38. Derek Blakely on June 1

      We have to wait the year, then we can contact lawyers and see what can be done. Unfortunately, the legalities are very specific that KS doesn't interfere, they can't be held liable even remotely, and cases are supposed to happen in New York. It's possible that a lawyer you talk to has heard of loopholes that can be used in your favour. However, the biggest kicker is you apparently have to be American. No justice for the rest of us, it would seem.

    39. Newton Philis on May 31

      Is there anything we (the defendants) have to do to get the ball rolling on Legal action? Or is that initiated by Kickstarter automatically after 5 years?

    40. Derek Blakely on May 24, 2017

      If he gave up on writing the other four + extra scenario, and just condensed it into "three books", I'd be alright with it at this point. Just so long as everything he gave us in the cliff notes was still there and none of it removed. Maybe it's fast progression now instead of medium. I'd be fine with that at this point. Other people? No clue. And I wouldn't want to speak on their behave either. Given what I've invested in comparison to others, it's enough.

    41. Mirko Hess on May 24, 2017

      @Derak: Quite true, quite true. Just why I believe he´ll drop some half-baked piece of crap around late March or April 2018 (maybe 3 books but most likely just one stating that he combined the missing three books into this one volume).

    42. Derek Blakely on May 23, 2017

      @Mirko--After this long I don't think even he'd believe releasing Book 3 would grant him a stay of execution. Nothing short of all five books, printed, would dilute the blood in the water at this point.

    43. Mirko Hess on May 23, 2017

      @William: Oh, don´t worry. McBride will probably throw some half-baked "adventure" up within the year to avoid getting his ass handed to him in court after the 5 years are up. Will it be worth the wait and all the stress and anger though? Doubtful.

    44. William S. on May 22, 2017

      @Michael No kidding. I guess I can kiss my 150 goodbye forever.

    45. Michael Black on May 18, 2017

      I'm so happy I paid extra to get my copies autographed.

    46. Derek Blakely on May 17, 2017

      I hadn't thought of that. Guess I'll be using the fork to shovel in more as well. Oh, and we can cook some ground beef and sprinkle that with some other toppings maybe tomatoes, chives, and a few other things. Us foreign boys will try to save some leftovers for everyone else.

    47. Mirko Hess on May 17, 2017 action is for you US boys. Be my guests. You can sue and get some money. Us sinister, obscure foreign types your courts care shit about. So for us it´s just torches and pitchforks (torches are only for melting cheese naturally and pitchforks so we can stuff chips into our mouth faster. Honestly).

    48. Derek Blakely on May 16, 2017

      Depending on the type of chips, you could still bring torches. Make them nacho chips, bring some shredded cheese to melt over them, and maybe a little salsa and sour cream for dipping. Could be fun.

    49. Missing avatar

      Aaron Reimer (deleted) on May 16, 2017

      I'm down with legal action too, so long as there's dip, to go with the chips. Nothing says "litigious" like French Onion.

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris Mizanin on May 16, 2017

      Next year is the "5 year anniversary".
      I was under the impression the five-year gift was "Legal Action"?

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