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AU$ 0.00 pledged of AU$ 2,200,000 goal
AU$ 0.00 pledged of AU$ 2,200,000 goal



To empower and enable people with web based tools to list their homes or business for sale or lease at $1.83AUD (inc GST) price per listing per day.

The Basics:

An internet website that allows:

* individuals - private sellers

* individuals - sole real estate agents

* small business - small real estate agents

* property developers

the ability to list both residential and commercial property for sale or lease at a price per listing per month

Each listing would have the following features:

* Max 10 photos of the property

* Max 10 embedded youtube video links (e.g. property videos)

* Max 10 events (e.g. open day, garage sale)

* Max 10 location map pins (e.g. showing where the property is vs schools etc)

* ability to modify the listing as needed.

The website would be viewable on multiple platforms - all devices that support HTML5 specifications i.e. Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones etc.

The advanced stuff:

Background: In approximately 2014, I came across an article on the web about how angry people were with and how was asking for more competition in the real estate marketing arena.

With that information in hand, starting from 2014 I have been working on a website to fill a competitive void in the market.

The aim of this website is not to challenge or but to provide the people of the industry and individuals with an alternative.

The website runs on a custom built support system that I have been building for almost 16 years at my own cost and time.

Current situation:

The funding is actually to back the nation wide promotion of the website and to bring it to the forfront as an alternative to duopoly of and

The web servers are ready and have been paid for a total of 3 years at my own expense( from May 2015 ) - so the project will be stable and is a sign of my dedication to this project until May 2018.

The request for kickstarter funding is for TV/Radio/Billboard/Web advertising and being able to - over a long period of time - bring the website to the attention of the public/property developers and overseas investors.

When I did some basic research into TV advertising, for "random fill in ads whenever the tv station hasnt got anything better to advertise" the cost is about $180 per 30 seconds and that is the cheapest!

Guestimate: $180 cost x 10 ads x 30 days = $54,000 x 24 months = $1,296,000.00 AUD just for TV! the rest would be spent on radio/billboards etc - hopefully this will explain why I am asking for $2+ million to get kick started as it would be the minimum needed to really get off the ground...

For the purposes of transparency, it should be noted here that I have already spoken with two property developers/investors who approached me about the project - they have already offered to invest approximately/upto $1,180,000.00 over 3 years and I am truly humbled and blessed by such an offering from the two gentleman, the problem is that in return, they wish to take 2/3rds of ownership of the source code AND 2/3rds of any future profit after I pay them back.

The source code(not project ress) is something I have been working on for the last 16 years of my life, and basically is my life, no friday night parties, no saturday night discos, while others have been playing around and having fun, I have been working hard on my dream source code.

The Future:

The future of the project will be a 3 year goal from May 2015, and if not successful by April 2018, then its time to review the situation then.

How do I plan on making a profit: I plan on charging a subscription fee for each listing for individual sales per month, and wholesale prices for business.

Please do not contact me to "invest" in my project outside of kickstarter, if you wish to invest, please purchase the products being offered when the website is released.

To really be competitive, to really put a competitor on the Australian market, you must be willing to go nationally across Australia, and advertise to the general public, over a long period.

I would not ask for a penny if I could get free air time on tv radio, papers, billboards etc, for a period of 2 years, as I believe that is the minimum time it will take to make the public aware of an alternative website, and for the "ball to start rolling", but to be honest even the 2 million being asked is not enough, but i dare not ask for any more, even this amount I have doubts can be raised by the community, it cannot hurt to ask.

Pre-Emptive Questions and Answers:

What will happen if the money is not raised?

Thats simple - I will keep going forward.

Just like I have: * over the last 16 years.

* when other people who I have asked to help back this idea, have rejected it and said NO

* when other people have ridiculed, laughed and mocked me.

Do I have proof of the $1,180,000 offer? I have partial proof, the $180,000 for the 3 years of wages

Please note that this is the draft 1 version of the agreement, later discussions indicated that advertisement would be up to $1,000,000.00 over the 3 year period. Verbal indication only from the offering parties.

Why not take this offer?

Before I answer this, I want to express how humbled and privilege I am to be offered this opportunity by the people making the offer. When I answer this question, please understand it is done in the most respectful way possible, and in no way a reflection on those making this offer - after all business is business.

For me to accept this offer, means that I have to transfer 2/3rds ownership away to people who have more money than myself, all for the purpose of "money" and not for something more.

This project was never about money, it was about the code, it was about a passion, a purpose.

When I undertook the RESS sub system with my source code project, the project continued with the same core value, that it is not about the money, its about something more, something money cannot buy - at least not for a mere million.

I hope you understand that when you sacrifice birthdays, christmas, easters, new year eves, friday night parties, saturday night dates, lunches with friends and that getting up in the freezing cold winter mornings, working in the Australian summer heat until your eyes are bloodshot and blurry, when your fingers ache at the joints from all the typing for the last 16ish years and that the 12 hour day is the normal, when your own high school teachers call you uneducable, being dumped by girlfriends for being fat, and meeting failure and defeat over and over again in the design and development of the code - that accepting an offer like that is unacceptable.

Why would you do such a thing? Why would you go to so much effort? and why would you not quit?

If you have never had a dream and purpose in your life - you will never understand why.

What about Rupert Murdoch? What about and How do you honestly expect to compete with them?

I do not expect to compete with them. I am of a different mindset, my intention is to build an alternative choice, much like Firefox did when Internet Explorer had market control. My counting and tallying of time and money spent stopped along time ago. Do what it takes to get the job done, regardless of the hours, money spent or how big the competition is.

The website looks a little bare?

The website is 90% complete - product branding and business registration is one of the final steps, and this is not being done until after the kick starter project has run its course.

Is there anything else I would like to say?

Yes. After all I have faced, after all the failures I have been hit with, after all the ridicule from people, I am still standing my ground. 8)

A closing note(non project related):

I do not care:

* how big the competition is

* how many servers and developers they have

* how much profit they make

* how far how out in the "stratosphere" they are

* or how minuscule you tell me that I am.

Tomorrow I am going to rise and grind, because this is a matter of the heart to me, not the dollar. This is about an opportunity to go up against the greats of real estate advertising and to try and beat the system.

This code has gone from an idea that I have had as a teenager, through hell and high water, death, disease, blindness, poverty and its still here - why? because I am still here.

Bigger bolder better. If you want it, you have to work your butt off for it.

Campaign Relaunch #2 update:

The first kick starter campaign was not successful, so I am back!

There is someone out there that believes, I just have to find them, finding them will not be achieved by giving up.

The changes between this campaign #1 and campaign #2 are:

* updated rewards

* more progressed website for backers to view

* example listings

* the website has been migrated to its official domain of

Risks and challenges

The risks are as follows along with my answer:

* Build it and they will not come - real estate agents will refuse to give up or or
- if the real estate agents do not want to use the website that is fine, but perhaps property developers, individuals who have the courage to list their property themselves, having exclusive listings will address this;

* is a GOLIATH;
* is a TITAN;
- it is better to have fought and lost; then to have never fought at all...(i mean really, what do you expect me to say?)

* The software is still beta
- testing of software can only take you so far, real world application use will get you complete results - whats important is that I am there to fix it.

* the real estate market crashes
- then everyone is in real trouble

* the industry owned portal of Squiiz
- when people have a vested interest they do not like competition

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    * personalised 2 x 8 hour tours of Sydney Australia - high lighting all the hidden gems of Sydney that most tourists do not know about.
    - both days must be conducted one day after another
    - flights/accomodation/food etc ARE NOT included
    - subject to fitness level of the person funding
    - both days

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