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Support the free launch of an app that will present interviews with today's best authors, including streaming video highlights.
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Ron Hogan

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Beatrice and Ad Astra Are Teaming Up!

The Beatrice app is nearly 50% funded now (thanks, everyone!) and I'd like to announce a new aspect to the campaign.

I recently learned about Ad Astra, an indie bookstore in Salina, Kansas, that's set up its own Kickstarter campaign to raise money for several aspects of the business, from a statewide marketing campaign to obtaining equipment to put on live events. I'm always psyched to see somebody try to make an indie bookstore work, and the plans for Ad Astra look very promising, so I was happy to contribute towards their goal.

Now, it's always been my hope that, if the Beatrice app successfully launches, I could do themed "issues" that bundle interviews with writers in various cities, so I got in touch with William Justice, one of the co-owners of Ad Astra, and we talked for a little bit, and we decided to work together to spread the word about each other's projects AND collaborate on something that may encourage folks to support them both.

If I succeed in raising $4,500 by March 26, and Ad Astra succeeds in raising $15,000 by March 28, I'll be headed to Salina later this year to host an event at Ad Astra with at least three (maybe four!) writers. I'll record interviews with those authors, and distribute those interviews--with streaming video highlights--through the Beatrice app. (I'm sure we'll also put out some video from the Ad Astra event, too!) 

If you've already contributed to the Beatrice app, I hope you'll also consider a pledge to help Ad Astra better serve the readers of Salina and northern Kansas -- and let other people know about both our campaigns! I'm hoping that, in addition to creating an abundant digital resource for author interviews, Beatrice can contribute to fantastic events in local literary communities, and Ad Astra should be a fun place to start.

Thanks, Ron