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Evening-length work of visually arresting movement and non-conventional sets, where the collaboration changes colors like a leaf.

First Position: This is:

A serious proposal! A choreographed pledge drive to make a real dance performance! May 12th at 7:30 and May 13th at 2. American Dance Institute.

Tzveta is part of the Metro Incubator Series at ADI this year which means we cats of Danceville have been rehearsing really hard in Rockville, thanks to the fine folks who saw fit to provide us with free rehearsal space between some walls and a heart-soft place. The spotlight is on Tzveta (holder of three Masters degrees and recent winner of FOUR dance/metro dc awards!), but we like to share. The spotlight that is. So, we are offering you the opportunity to take center stage in this production with your support.

 Kick It: We are:

A cornucopia of seasons. A bouquet of international spices...spicier than gluhwein! Good smellier than the cherry blossoms. (Except when we smell like rehearsal sweat.) We are lunging, jumping, spinning, goliath-ing, mammoth jamming, and pint-sized patrolling. What? We are dancing our booties off to make cool art-house art dance! We are working day jobs to dance by the moonlight. For you! 

Jump Around: You can make like a Tzveta too: 

Tzveta likes to make things with her hands. Her productions are tailor made from thread to music scale; improvisation score to mind-twirling choreography. She likes to jump around. You can jump around too by making a contribution to our campaign to raise $3,000 to cover expenses like set supplies, performer fees, and music production. And to help us eat more brownies. We can be a demanding bunch about asking for Tzveta's homemade brownies, when what she really needs is more time and money to make costumes. But, her brownies are so good.

About that follow spot:

So, we are asking you to pitch in so we can share an incredible dance with you. It's about nostalgia for a perfect moment. It's about love. It's about learning to piece a puzzle together and mitigate a missing heartbeat. It's about anticipating and negotiating a clear path. It's about you! What? Don't you dance about these things in the privacy of your own kitchen, too? We thought so! So, yeah, it's also about you!

Every donation will go toward our creation of a rarified world in which you will want to linger. Longer. We promise. (Ok, there will also be brownies in it for you.) So, from far and wide to up close and personal, we would love you to become part of this project with your support in person, in finance, in kind. The dance is also about Fall. Can you help us land softly?


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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    Donate the cost of one delicious Chipotle burrito, and you will have our dancing gratitude AND! a secret online link to a very nice Thank You. We will also teach you how to Tzveta. (It’s better than the Dougie and Macarena combined!)

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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    Quarters are fun. You can park with them and say fun things on 25th birthdays like, Happy Quarter Century! You can donate a quarter of 100 and we will publish your name online and in our program! Then, you can say you're published. So, not only will we bolster your online dating profile, but we will also do these things for you: Make you a personalized dance movie and send you a personalized weather forecast. Things we will not do for you: be your tiny dancer or your private dancer…in person. But, we will be your tiny, private dancers in our own – you guessed it – personalized online way!

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    Over the hill would take us over the moon! (And since there might soon be a mayor there, this could be super relevant!) For your generosity, all of the above AND a mixed tape. No, really? Of course not, it will be a cd, but remember we're all about nostalgia. We'll make you a personal playlist of music that inspires us dancers.

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  • Pledge $100 or more
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    Big Time. Peter Gabriel caliber giving. You rock harder than Rockville, MD! A plethora of amazing prize choices awaits you: All of the above, plus you will get a ticket to our show. AND! Come on down and choose from one of the following: You could get a massage from our very own Sensational Hands Samir. You could get a private Gyrokinesis class for up to 8 from our very own Healing Hearts and Bodies Heather. Or, you could opt for the Cyrano de Sarahgac package - personalized love letters. You will also be invited to a private VIP cast party with hand-made party favors from one of Tzveta's masterpieces. See...Big Time!

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  • Pledge $250 or more
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    If you feel like donating the big 2.5.0. then we will give you two tickets to the show, bestow upon you a piece of wearable art created by King of the Kazoo Ken, or a Fall-themed stationery set from Oh Yoko, AND! set up an awesome, private, behind the scenes, backstage access, VIP pass to one of the world's most amazing museums. But we can't tell you which one, or we would have to do things to you. There are other things we can talk about, however, when you attend our private VIP cast party with private VIP party favors!

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  • Pledge $500 or more
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    Ridiculous, right? Well, so are these prizes! If you feel like being a lead donor of this work, then you'll receive all of the above PLUS! receive Executive Producer credits on this production. David will write you a song that uses alchemy and engineering to spin liquid gold into luscious lyrics. You'll receive a dvd of the performance so you can watch us (and your name in the credits) anytime. AND! Lillian will create for you an amazing, custom-framed, large-format photograph of the show. Finally, you'll be invited to a (dance) jam session with the company. Additionally (what?) a signed 8X10 glossy of Tzveta, but only if we can tame her hair enough for a glamour shot.

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