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graFighters is an online fighting game that lets people upload their drawings and watch as they battle against the drawings of their friends.

graFighters was started by two Syracuse University students, Dave Chenell and Eric Cleckner. The idea for the game spawned from the countless number of hours we spent drawing characters in our notebooks during class. At one point we were sitting next to each other arguing about who's drawing would win in a fight. After wasting a healthy amount of class time on the discussion, we decided that it would be awesome if there was a way to let the characters decide for themselves. That moment is what inspired us to develop the game.

What makes graFighters really different than any other fighting game, is that you don't control your character during the fight. When you upload your drawing the computer analyzes how that character has been drawn and then determines its strengths, weaknesses, and fighting style. The algorithm that makes all of these decisions is something we've code named "Cornelius".

So what were trying to get across is that the most important part of the game happens with your pencil and paper. That's where your fights are really won or lost. Once you have uploaded your character to the site your drawing has essentially become a living, breathing, fighting machine. At this point the player's role has changed from creator to coach, setting up matches and determining what changes they could make to their fighter to develop them into a better warrior. In essence, we're letting players "Lose Control" (graFighters tag-line) in exchange for a more creative type of gameplay.

We are excited about creating a game with art and design right at the core of it. For us, it's all about the creativity. The game is played with your pencil and paper, the rest, everything that happens on the site, is the aftermath of your creation.

To date, with the help of our awesome team of programmers, we have been able to develop the game engine, which is the part that actually animates the characters and allows them to fight. We are also in the midst of refining the character uploading process. But, the reason that we reached out to the kickstarter community is because we need money to build "Cornelius", which truly is the most important part of the game.

We are asking for $20,000 all of which will go towards the development of "Cornelius". This algorithm is truly the most important part of graFighters. With it in place, we will be able to accurately portray your drawings in the game just as you have imagined them. This means that if your characters has the ability to fly and breathe fire it will actually do that in-game. Or if you gave your character a double barrel shotgun, you can expect to see paper bullets reaching havoc on your opponent.

Please help us raise the money to build this algorithm. Drawings all over the world will be eternally grateful for your donation.

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