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The past 2 1/2 years have had both amazing & terrible times and these are reflected in my new songs. I need your help to get them out!

It's time to record again, folks! It's been over 2 1/2 years since I released my last album "New Ground" and in this short time span, I have had hardest tragedy of my entire life and also some of the most memorable highs. The highest being my appearances in Rolling Stone Magazine and the lowest being the suicide of my brother Doug, to whom the album will be dedicated.

Both of these extremes are reflected in my new songs on, this, my 3rd studio release. Throughout my life and, certainly, my music there’s a thread of positivity running through sometimes dark subjects. Thus far, it's been mostly theoretical; however, it's now overwhelmingly real. The despair and pain I have felt in my heart after Doug’s passing led me to both inspirational and cathartic writing that I want share with you for very personal as well as artistic reasons. Some of the songs I'll be recording I have played out publicly and they have been very well received. As long as people are feeling my music and responding to my message, I'll keep creating and recording. Nonetheless, I can't do it alone. I need your help to deliver this album at the level I know I can deliver it and that you deserve to hear!

I have worked hard to search and find the best possible recording scenario while keeping budget as cost-effective as possible. The cost covered in this campaign includes: actual studio time, professional engineering and production, musicians, graphic design, photography, physical CD duplication & distribution and a little wiggle room for unseen project emergencies.

I work hard for my dream and I owe much of my success to you, dear reader. Some of you have been with me a long time and some are new. Some of you are learning about me for the first time and, if so, welcome to the journey!

I have gifts and incentives laid out for those of you who decide to contribute but, ultimately, you should give to this campaign if you believe in me and my message. I'm excited to make a new, high-quality recording and can't wait to share my new songs with you.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I hope you'll contribute.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If we reach the target budget, the only risk would be something unforeseen like one of the musicians or myself being sick or somehow unable to perform on a recording day. This has been taken into account in the the actual budget just in case it takes a little longer for a song to be recorded for whatever reason. We'll be very well rehearsed going into the studio so this would be totally unforeseeable and could happen to anyone. This doesn't jeopardize the outcome of the release as a whole but it could compromise the number of songs we have which would be rough on us and then that might trickle down into being able to use part of the budget for the T-Shirts reward outlined in one of the price points. If it comes down to a song or the T-Shirts, I'm sorry but the T-Shirts would have to go and I'm sure you'll understand. I won't leave you hanging though! In the unfortunate case of such a thing I WILL make it up to you somehow and I'll reach out to you. Everything will be open to discussion but within the careful budgeting it looks like we'll be able to do this without a hitch. Then again, if we were to exceed budget this would never happen... cough, cough, wink, wink ;) Stay tuned for all updates!


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