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Submit a photo of yourself and I will turn you into a small metal sculpture (Human or Monster, you choose) .
Submit a photo of yourself and I will turn you into a small metal sculpture (Human or Monster, you choose) .
113 backers pledged $12,533 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

I know I said I wouldn't update anymore, but.....

There's only 5 days left on my new kickstarter project, which, in all honesty, isn't doing exceedingly well at the moment. So in a last ditch act of stupidity I've decided to offer up free sculptures to the first 100 backers. You don't even have to donate anything (except the minimum of 1 dollar). I'm not saying you're going to get Michaelangelo's David out of the deal, but you will get something cool for free. Also I made a new ridiculous video to go along with it.

Thanks again everybody. 

I love you all.


A new project from Zac Shavrick

Just to let everyone know I've launched a new project focused around my creatures in the hopes of creating an epic animation. This project rewards all kinds of cool things including T-shirts, newly styled monsters, planter heads, and you can even help me decide on one last backer reward. 

Thanks again for everything. You are all awesome.

The final update.


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A new video.

Hey guys! 

So I'm preparing to launch a brand new project including some wild sculptural planters and a whole host of my usual diabolical creations, but before I launch it I wanted to add a new element to the equation. Yesterday my good friend and photographer Dennis Andreas came by and helped me create a test version of a new animation technique for steel which I've been working on developing. The trial film was a huge success and over the next few days I'll be using this technique to create some wild new videos and even a kickstarter launch video. So check it out (I'm very proud)! 

Thanks again for all of your support. 

Without further a due here's the clip:

The Video! Finally!

I know it's been a long time coming, and I truly apologize for the delay, but the video of the first 100 or so pieces is finally complete. The music is thanks to Alex Dalton Marans' excellent band Gospels and I think it accompanies the video perfectly, so I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Also if you still haven't received your sculpture(s) and I haven't spoken to you personally about them, please let me know and I'll let you know their status.

Finally I plan on releasing a new and very different project (because to be honest I'm getting quite exhausted from making so many little sculptures), which I hope to make much more epic in the coming week or two. 

And here is the link! :