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When a group of office PAs get fired from a big-budget heist movie, they decide to reenact the script & rob that very same production.
When a group of office PAs get fired from a big-budget heist movie, they decide to reenact the script & rob that very same production.
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Thanks again for your support!

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Hey there!

Just wanted to send you a note letting you know that the movie is currently making rounds through festivals, and our EP cut this teaser:

Also, we're working to get you all your rewards before the summer starts.

Thanks for your patience and your support!


A Grateful Director

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you.  Ryan and I began this project knowing that it would be an ambitious feat, but truthfully, we had no idea.  It’s your donations that are seeing us through these last couple weeks of shooting and enabling us to get a sharp and professional product out of the post process. 

In a nutshell, we have a few more shots to get in the office, and the exciting climax that is act 3, and then it’s off to LA for a day of shooting with some surprising cameos.

Please continue to send us your good vibes as we close out the home stretch, and be sure to check out the website - – and the facebook group – for photos, info, all the good stuff.

And again, even though I find myself unable to fully express my gratitude, I truly thank you for believing in me, believing in our project, and the contribution you made.  None of you are rich, but even in these rough times you’ve made a sacrifice to help us chase our dreams.  It means everything to me.




Noble and Valiant Kickstarters,

As we near the end of our fundraising (and surpass another milestone far beyond our goal), we wanted to thank you all again with another ridiculous video.  Please continue to visit our website when our time on Kickstarter ends, and be sure to become a Facebook fan.

We never could have anticipated raising this much money, so the VERY least we could do is enlist the star of our film, Will Storie, to shoot you a little message.  Be sure to stay connected to us on Facebook and at our website.  Thanks, and enjoy!


Producer - Our Street Productions

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A New Site...Another 'Thank You'

Hey Kickstarters!

Thank you to all our new supporters for the donations.  To see our total go up far beyond our original goal is not only humbling, but also encouraging.  Your support definitely keeps us going, and we look forward to making this movie awesome thanks to your donations and help sharing the link.

So, with that said, we've launched a new website for Jesus H. Heist...currently still in progress, but please feel free to check it out and send us your feedback and comments.  You can currently check out some cast biographies, see stills from some of our shoots in New York City, and keep tabs on our Kickstarter progress thanks to a handy Widget located on the right hand part of your screen.  Here's the website:

Catchy, right?  Hopefully it's easy to remember AND easy to share.  Enjoy!  And again, any comments, questions or instructions would be greatly appreciated.

With 10 days left to raise funds, we are excited to see what our final total will bePlease continue being as awesome as you have been for 10 more days and send out our Kickstarter link to anyone you think would want to donate, share it themselves, or just watch our ridiculous video.

And I personally cannot wait to add all of your names to our final credits.  It will definitely be rewarding to see the amount of help you've provided materialized up on the big screen.  Thanks again, and CHECK OUT OUR SITE!!


Moving Along...

Hey Kickstarters,

Continued thanks for supporting the film and sending out those links.  Fundraising levels have come down a bit since our incredible start, but we've still managed to raise an additional $100.00 to make this film even better.

We recently had two shoots this weekend (will post pictures soon) and got some very important shots in the can.  We will soon be shooting very intensive scenes, including an action scene and finishing an important montage in coming days, and will have a higher quality still camera to take BTS photos of our work, so stay tuned for that.

We will also have a message from some of our cast coming up as well, and will post that video as an update.  So please watch out for that.

If you haven't added us on Facebook, do so here ( and remember to continue to blast out our Kickstarter link to anyone you feel would like to be a part of this project.

Furthermore, do you have any questions for Benton or I regarding the film and your investment?  Please post a comment and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Stay tuned!