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52 SPEAKER incorporates clear, crisp sound into the timeless design of a whiskey flask. Perfect for cyclists and on-the-go adventurers.
52 SPEAKER incorporates clear, crisp sound into the timeless design of a whiskey flask. Perfect for cyclists and on-the-go adventurers.
52 SPEAKER incorporates clear, crisp sound into the timeless design of a whiskey flask. Perfect for cyclists and on-the-go adventurers.
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    1. makemake Creator about 4 hours ago

      @Hyuk-Soo David Lee
      Hi Hyuk-Soo David Lee! Please check our message :)

    2. makemake Creator about 4 hours ago

      @Ilari Koivusalo,
      Thank you so much Ilari. We hope 52 SPEAKER fits into your everyday life!

    3. Ilari Koivusalo about 4 hours ago

      Latest update sounds really promising.
      52Speaker will come in to my daily use on traveling to work, training with my bikes and walking in the nature.
      Friends gonna be green from jealous :D

    4. Hyuk-Soo David Lee about 11 hours ago

      I would liket to change my receiving address. How can I change?

    5. Ilari Koivusalo on

      Thanks for an update! Nice to hear that 52 speaker will be soon at our doors.... Upss! On our stems I mean.
      September is good month to get it because then I can ride again - now I am recovering from collarbone fracture.

    6. Missing avatar

      ac195 on

      Waiting for 52 speaker . Thanks

    7. Lawrence Lee on

      Hi, thank you for your update. Waiting patiently now.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brenda Dlapa on

      Is there an update on estimated shipping? June 15 it says 1 month end of July early August is that still where it's at? Very excited to have a speaker that will work on a bike and not fall off. Thanks

    9. makemake Creator on

      Hi @Alan Casique . Can you email us your new address to ? We will update your address right away. Thank you.

    10. makemake Creator on

      Hi @Lawrence Lee ! The shipping will be starting at between the end of July and the beginning of August. Thank you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alan Casique on

      I’ll be moving to a different country in coming weeks, how can I change my delivery address?

    12. Lawrence Lee on

      Any news on shipping? I still haven't received mine yet.!

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest on

      I’m kind of worried now. This project is absolutely going to be much later than June 2018 as promised. If you’re just now going into mass production, that means machines need to be tooled, workers trained, etc. It also means that you have 3 weeks to get produced, packed, shipped, delivered. Impossible. You also mention that you’re “thinking about how to pack and ship”. That’s not reassuring. I would have preferred that you just list “August or September 2018” as the delivery date in the campaign, instead of June 2018. It’s absolutely infuriating that no campaign ever keeps its timeline; not even remotely.

    14. Missing avatar

      ac195 on

      @creator, Thank you.

    15. makemake Creator on

      @Sabrina @ac195 @Avery B Allen @Ilari Koivusalo Hi! Thanks for the enthusiasm! We also are excited to present 52 SPEAKER to our backers! Please check our update from yesterday and stay tuned for more updates. Thanks.

    16. Ilari Koivusalo on

      End of June! That's fast, probably the fastest product in my Kickstarter history.
      Can't wait to get on the road with it!

    17. Avery B Allen on

      Cant wait. Im excited to have a badass mobile speaker.

    18. Missing avatar

      ac195 on

      Waiting for 52 speaker. When you ship the parcel please notify me the tracking number. Thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Sabrina on

      How’s the progress ?

    20. Missing avatar


      I like the easy rotate funktion.

      But I have an mount for my go there an adapter to combine it with GoPro it could be easy mounted.

    21. makemake Creator on

      @Justin Prest Hi Justin! Much appreciated. Thank you so much for your support! We hope to bring the best speaker to accompany you on the road!

    22. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest on

      Hi @makemake! Exactly! Polished the bike and have been hitting the bike paths and roads already. Super excited to be getting my 52 Speaker in June. I’m really glad you folks went and got them certified too. What a quality team you’ve got! Thanks for working so hard! This is going to be an awesome addition to my bike! Cheers!

    23. makemake Creator on

      @Sabrina Hi Sabrina! The sound quality of 52 SPEAKER will be similar to the existing portable bluetooth speaker like JBL Go or Mi Bluetooth Speaker 3. Rich bass and clear vocals. What we can assure is that the quality and output of 52 SPEAKER is above what you can expect from a speaker of this size. You won't be disappointed!

    24. makemake Creator on

      @mkoktail Hi mkoktail! That's totally okay. However it seems like you changed your pledge back to Early Bird Double Pack. So sorry for the late response! I will discuss it with my team and let you know if there's a way to get you another 52 SPEAKER for $49 if you still wants it. Again, we are very sorry.

    25. makemake Creator on

      @Justin Prest Hi Justin! Yes! We are on-track for June 2018 delivery! We just finished the product certifications for international use, and we are now doing the final inspection in the production factory before the mass production kicks off. (final checks for the colors, injection moulding quality, etc.) We will update the upcoming production schedule when it's all set. We will do our best to keep things on track and let you get 52 SPEAKER in time. Hopefully before the summer heat hits the ground, right? :) Thank you!

    26. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest on

      Hello. Funded two days ago. It’s time for an update. We should know the upcoming steps and timeline. Please don’t make us regret funding.

    27. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest on

      Hello! I’m glad to see 52 Speaker was fully funded. I’m wondering if the June 2018 delivery is still on-track and which steps you’ve already taken in production to make that happen.

      Thank you.

    28. Missing avatar


      Hello, I ordered the Early Bird Double Pack. I wanted 3 speakers so I added another $49 for the 3rd speaker. Is that ok? Thank You

    29. Missing avatar

      Sabrina on

      Hi, what would you say the sound quality is like ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      What's the RMS wattage?

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest on

      Oh NVM. sorry. The pledge shown is with the shipping. My mistake. Oops! Good job folks! Hopefully we get this early, so I can enjoy it this season! Cheers!

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest on

      Why is the Single Pack $1 CAD cheaper than the Super Early Bird? The % off is different too, but the specs seem the same...

    33. makemake Creator on

      @Eli Allen Hi ElI! 52 SPEAKER requires for adjusting volume on a ride with the intuitive control dial/buttons. When listening to FM Radio on 52 SPEAKER, you can only listen to FM Radio without the Bluetooth feature. However, you can always listen to radio on your smartphone to listen to music and turn by turn directions via bluetooth.

    34. Eli Allen on

      I meant so you don't have to manually keep adjusting the volume on a ride. Also any way of mixing the radio and Bluetooth audio? So use the radio of music but want the bluetooth audio for when my phone gives me turn by turn directions

    35. makemake Creator on

      @Ilari Koivusalo
      Hello! Thanks for your support! We are pretty sure that you will love 52 SPEAKER!!


      52 SPEAKER Team

    36. Ilari Koivusalo on


      I just found your product and because I am passionate cyclist I really had to make a pledge with reward.
      That´s gonna be huge help for lone long rides...Music is always salvation :D

    37. makemake Creator on

      @JZ Hi! We will notify all our backers once we finalize the EU shipping situation. Thanks for your patience.

    38. Missing avatar


      Any new infos if shipping from an EU warehouse is possible?

    39. makemake Creator on

      @Eli Allen Hi! Thanks for your question. Simply put, the volume can be easily adjusted using the large tactile buttons on the speaker.

    40. Eli Allen on

      Any chance you'll use the mic to auto adjust the volume? So more background noise when you go faster the volume will go up and then go down when things get quiet from slowing down? (or if on a quiet road and traffic picks up)

    41. makemake Creator on

      @Amin Siddiqui Hi Amin, the maximum is 85 dB.

    42. Missing avatar

      Amin Siddiqui on

      What is the maximum sound level in dB?

    43. Ferdy


    44. LadTy on

      It helps a lot! From what I see it looks like it might be Giro LX LF™ ( if anyone is interested), looks like a glove I might really like. Anyway, thank you very much! <3

    45. makemake Creator on

      @Wooseok Hwang Hi Woosek Hwang! Yes, 52 SPEAKER will be a great gear for your bike trip, or anytime, anywhere. Thank you for your support!
      @Ferdy Hi Ferdy! Our team has not discussed stretch goals yet, but we will for sure get onto it soon :)
      @LadTy Hi LadTy! Haha that's fine. That glove is Giro brand, but we are not sure what the exact model name is. Hope this can help you.

    46. LadTy on

      I am -so- sorry for this question, really, but I just do have to ask... What are the gloves that can be seen in the video between 0:20 and 0:22? Please if you could share the info even though I know it is not related to your product.

    47. Ferdy

      Hi, with still 41 days to go, do you have any stretcht goals? Maybe a nice pouch to keep it (and the kabel) in when where not using it. Thanks.

    48. Wooseok Hwang on

      I think this is the first thing necessary for a bike trip.

    49. Missing avatar

      Juwon Cho on

      Really cool thing~!! I love it~!! 👍

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