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An unprecedented, massive, editorial distribution educating all Americans at once about the impact of Cool-Roofs!

An unprecedented, massive, editorial distribution educating all Americans at once about the impact of Cool-Roofs! Read More
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About this project

I stand for a nation of Cool-Roofs! 

Cool Roofs are a simple and powerful way to reduce global warming, by using white or light colored rooftops that reflect the suns energy, instead of dark colors, which absorb it.

There is no down side to Cool-Roofs. They save money, they save energy, they reduce CO2 emissions, they reduce global warming; and, which I find incredibly powerful, they are easy to understand and implement.

So I decided to create an editorial supplement, a magazine-insert dedicated to Cool-Roofs, to educate individuals, businesses, cities and states - a supplement to educate all Americans - at once.

Not only can this supplement educate the nation about Cool Roofs and their impact, their ultimate implementation, is actually possible!

Because now more than ever, when we speak, there are people listening. When we listen, there are people talking. When we teach, there are people learning from far beyond our physical space. We now have the opportunity to speak with anyone, or, everyone.

I started by calling the top cool-roofing experts in the country. Each of them more committed than the last to the collective power Cool-Roofing has on our planet. Each of them supported my project by contributing the extraordinary lineup of editorial listed below.

A b2b - b2c powerhouse print and online supplement for driving education, thought leadership, and implementation of Cool Roofs nationwide. 

To physically distribute the supplement, I have partnered with Time Inc. Given the size and reach of Time Inc. brands, they order more paper and print more magazines than any company in the country. To keep costs low on a project this size, the supplement capitalizes on their efficiencies.

They will insert the supplement into the top publications across the nation, to total over 11 million in print circulation! The print version is for reaching the people who don’t play online, as well as, some of the aging baby-boomers, and a lot of our growing senior population.

The online digital edition will educate an estimated 240+ million more people, totaling over 256 million in combined circulation!

The custom distribution even includes a pass-along rate to span far beyond the first reader.

The benefits

▪  “In a hot climate, a cool roof saves approximately 10 cents per square foot, per year,” according to Hashem Akbari, the nation's authority on Cool-Roofs. “In the northern part of the country, it is less. The savings are probably more like 3 to 5 cents per square foot. But, still, there is a marked savings.” 

▪ Add to it, our nation’s ENERGY STAR program gives a tax credit for 30 percent of the cost of a cool-roof, up to $1,500. 

▪ If you expand beyond your home commercial businesses benefit enormously, too. Think about the stores in this one Florida strip mall example: a Bagel Shop 13% savings, Realty Office, 19%, Daycare Center 24% savings on energy costs. And on the sunny side of the mall, the Insurance Office 39% savings, the Book Store 48% savings in energy costs!

 ▪ Now, let’s go beyond one strip mall, and talk citywide, resurfacing the city’s roadways with asphalt containing a white aggregate. Taking into account an estimated cost of $60 million, saves energy consumers $57 million annually, a payback period of just over one year.

▪ And beyond the city - If all eligible flat and sloped roofs just in the tropics and temperate regions were gradually converted to white, and cool colors, they would offset the heating effect of the emission of roughly 24 Gt of CO2, that’s the equivalent to getting 300 million cars off the road for 20 years!

The lifespan of a roof is only 20-30 years, with proper education, followed by national implementation, think about the quantity of cool-roof and cool-pavement surfaces, which can add to our collective impact against global warming!

The cost and energy savings, and their impact, are clear, so what do we do about it?

First we educate, that’s where the supplement comes in.

Then we start tracking our results and getting proud, that’s where the Cool-Website comes in. Anyone who pledges money will be recognized and highlighted by geography on a dynamic map of the United States. A state of the art map built with Drupal, the world’s leading Content Management System. Your contribution will continue to remain highlighted even after the website stops tracking Cool-Donors and shifts to tracking Cool-Roofs!

And then, we let the phenomenon begin!

With monthly press releases for a year as follow up to the top publications in the nation, we will share the results accumulating in real time.

The supplement is ready for layout and printing, as soon as we are funded, we order the paper!

Since so many media venues are involved, the publication is expected to infiltrate the streets over a period of 1 to 2 months. Educating all walks of life, in print, online, and in custom venues: like blogs, newsletters, and small town papers. All, at once.

My original plan was to have the Department of Energy fund my cool-roofs supplement but spending has not been one of their priorities. I also thought about getting corporate sponsors, advertisers, which is how my other supplements have been funded, but this supplement is different, I don’t want to sell it if I don’t have to.

I want to distribute it, to everyone. And I want you to help me make this editorial supplement a reality.  

I want you to support it. I want you to read it. And I want you to help me create a nation of Cool-Roofs! 

The extraordinary editorial lineup

Hashem Akbari, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Group Leader of the Elam group; Reflective Roofing Guru 

Bringing the Cool Roofing Materials Database to the public's forefront for assistance in product selection, this Database has been prepared by the Heat Island Project within Berkeley Laboratory's Environmental Energy Technologies Division.

Andre Desjarlais, Oakridge National Laboratory Building Envelopes Group Leader 

Marc LaFrance, Dept of Energy Technology Development Manager for Cool Roofs 

Ronnen Levinson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Heat Island Group

On behalf of the U.S. Dept of Energy-Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy- These three authors share the facts about cool roofs, how they work and how to select and buy the materials.

Julie Guyenet, Marketing Liaison for the Cool Roofs Rating Council, CRRC

The industry's leading Rating Council provides a summary of the direct and indirect benefits for residential and commercial sector basics and how to use CRRC as a resource. Established more than ten years, well known among roofers and manufacturers, CRRC is cited in Title 24 and LEED.

Neelam-R Patel, EPA Local Government Climate and Clean Energy Program, Heat Island Reduction Program

Case studies and what's happening on the local and state levels with roofing. Using case studies about cities, which have revised ordinances or codes to use reflective roofing.

Steve Ryan, EPA Energy Star Program

Energy Star roofing product specifications, the history, progress, and energy, as well as, economic benefits.

The Theory Until Hashem Akbari, a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, picked up a pencil to do the calculations, few realized the major climate effect that millions of white rooftops could have by reflecting sunlight back into space.

The Science Behind It As sunlight pours down into Earth's atmosphere, some of the energy is filtered out or bounces off clouds. About half the energy shines through as visible light and some of that hits the tops of houses. If a roof is white, most sunlight reflects back into space and doesn't heat the earth. But if a roof is a dark color, the sunlight converts to heat rather than bouncing off as light. That thermal energy then radiates off the roof back toward space, where it is trapped by CO2 in the atmosphere.

The Result If the estimated 360,000 square miles (less than 1 percent of the world's land surface) covered by urban rooftops and pavement were a white or light color, enough sunlight would be reflected back into space to delay climate change significantly. 

Put another way, boosting how much urban rooftops reflect, called albedo (al-BEE-doh) in scientific terms, would be a one-time carbon-offset equivalent to preventing 44 billion tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, Akbari says. It's about the same as taking all the earth's automobiles off the road for 11 years! Now, that's cool! 


Time Inc. will provide a lead production person to oversee the coordination of the entire project:

·  Coordinate insertion requirements with all magazines 

·  Coordinate transfer of digital creative and print proofs to the printer

·  Oversee the delivery of final blueline phase

·  Manage all logistics associated with tipping to magna-strip or hanger

·  Coordinate the shipping of the supplement to the bindery plants

The award winning design team at MB/I will do all layouts, as well as, build and manage the Cool-Website behind the project.

Other supplements in which I have partnered

·      Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines Supplement, American Heart Association

·      The Future of Software, Fawcette Technical Publications

·      Innovations in SQL Server Strategies, Penton Media

·      American Banker’s Financial Technology 100, SourceMedia

·      ePCR, Prehospital Patient Care Reports in the Digital Age, Elsevier Public Safety, Reed Elsevier

Be a Cool-Donor

And be acknowledged for leading the way into the future! You will earn a prominent listing on the Cool-Roofs national website highlighting your home or city on a map of the U.S.! All donors will be honored using their name, unless you'd prefer your donation be listed anonymously. Your contribution will continue to remain highlighted even after the website stops tracking Cool-Donors and shifts to tracking Cool-Roofs! 

Questions about Cool-Roofs?

The most common question: Will Cool roofs significantly increase my heating bills in the winter months? 

No. The roof is an insignificant source for heat gain in winter. While cool roof owners may pay slightly more to heat their homes, this amount is usually insignificant compared to the cooling energy savings during the summer. Why? 

- In the wintertime, the sun is much lower in the sky and less intense.  (Passive solar heating usually occurs from sunshine streaming through windows this time of year).

- There is a higher incidence of cloudy days, and in some regions the roof is covered in snow for long periods.

- Winter days are shorter (fewer hours of sunshine)

- A cool roof will not shed more heat proportionate to other types of roofing materials at night or on cloudy days. It will simply limit the amount of heat entering the building on hot summer days.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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