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We ALL have this problem!

Have you ever found yourself arriving at a coffee shop or open office and not knowing where to place your bag ? 

You could place your beloved bag on the seat next you, but then that takes away a seat for someone else to sit. 

It can be placed on back rest of the seat you are using, but what if it's a stool? 

How about on the table top where you are sitting? Nothing like taking away precious working real-estate.  

Anchor solves this issue! 

Anchor is a small, lightweight, self-contained bag hook for your bag hanging needs. It is made out of aluminum, making it both durable and corrosive resistant. 

The most common table top thicknesses in public spaces are between 1/2" to 1 1/2". Anchor's inner design allows it to be adaptable to this variation of thicknesses. The ridges in the inner "C" further grips the table edge, anchoring it.

Once you fasten Anchor onto your bag strap, you're done! Once on, it stays on. You won't know it's there until it's time to use it again!


$1 Reward: 

A big thank you for supporting my very first kickstarter. You will receive constant updates of the process and manufacturing of Anchor with other backers.

$25 + $5 Shipping Reward: 

You will receive 1 x Anchor! The rubber is removable if desired but will have it as part of the overall reward. 

 Idea Development 

On my first year the the University of Illinois in Chicago I noticed that I would always place my bag on the floor. This was fine at first, but when winter rolled around, with everyone's wet shoes and clothing, it was no longer an option. I began asking myself: 

"Why not just buy a bag hook"

A quick google search and I found numerous hooks . . . 

BUT . . .

They're mainly for purses, and they do work but mostly just for purses. There are other hooks for bags but their design makes them easy to knock over and not very stable.

There are bag hooks for tables but they are mounted permanently on the table; not portable.

Along the way of my industrial design major, briefs in courses where given where I took the opportunity to pose a solution for this common complaint. I've focused on the idea for about 6 months. Now in my final year in this EPD (Entrepreneurial Product Development) course, I'd love to present this solution for this common problem.

Material Choice 

At first, all of my prototyping and ideations revolved around plastic. The intention was to have them injection molded for ease and rapid manufacturing. However, this changed when the molding cost estimate reached thousands of dollar. Wanting it to last and be lightweight, some metal alloys where in question. Steel will rust if not protected, brass and copper are too soft, and titanium is difficult to cut and expensive. Aluminum was the perfect material: easy to cut, easily obtainable, economical and rust proof. 

Who am I ?

That's me!

  My name is Juan Salgado a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) & I am majoring in Industrial Design, also known as product design. I am 23 years old and have lived in Chicago my entire life. I am really into prototyping and manufacturing. I've always had a passion for making since I was younger, LEGO's being the gateway to this fascination. I now have a small workshop in my garage (which is now bleeding into my bedroom) where I make small runs of products for friends and family or my own experiments. I am all self taught through youtube videos, the internet, and my own trials. This product is the perfect project for me to produce: it allows me to solve a personal issue I've always faced in school as well as further learning the rabbit-hole process of cnc machining. 


Manufacturing will be done within my own garage. All the manufacturing process will be documented extensively during the campaign.  Here is some of my process photos when making the first prototype.

Here is one of my CNC Sherline Mills. This a facing operation on a piece of stock for a hook.
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Here is a small video of some milling of the prototypes before the launch. 

This is the current Anchor design. Will go under a slight redesign.
Before sand blasting.
After sand blasting.
The newer hook on the left will have a 3M screw to allow the hook be left safely on the bag strap.

What's next after a successful launch?

After a successful launch, I'd love to further develop Anchor with the feedback of backers. I think Anchor's primary problem of bag placement is a widespread issue not only students face but anyone who uses a bag in their daily routine. 

Risks and challenges

Since this is my first kickstarter, there is the risk of having delayed shipping rewards. To minimize this risk of delay, the manufacturing time will be kept low as a result of having a cnc mill at hand. Logistics, such as shipping may also come into play, but having a low goal quantity simplifies the process by having limited orders.

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Environmental commitments

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Long-lasting design

Aluminum as a material is noncorrosive and very strong. Making the entire hook in one unibody allows maximum strength. As a result of having no moving parts, there is risk of breaking parts.

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