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Slider - Innovation in a minimal design to provide a thin, sleek, one of a kind wallet.

Honestly, we hate having to wear dress pants. Why? Because where can you put a wallet without having your pants bulge in all the wrong places? Over the years, cell phones have taken on a thinner profile so why hasn't your wallet? These questions are what drove the development of Slider.

Black Slider
Black Slider

Slider was developed to address several areas:


A Slider loaded with 8 cards is about half the size of an EMPTY tri-fold wallet. 

Slider next to a tri-fold wallet
Slider next to a tri-fold wallet


With over 13 colors to choose from, it won't be hard to find one that you can use. The simple design allows it to fit any occasion.

Black, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Gray, Royal Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Orange, White, Mocha, Tan
Black, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Gray, Royal Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Orange, White, Mocha, Tan

Note: Althought we try to display each color the best we can, every monitor is different and the actual color may vary slightly from what is on your screen


The Slider holds all of your cards in a tight bundle, whether its 2 or 10. This  allows you to slip it in and out of a pocket with ease. Also, the Slider  leaves a portion of your cards exposed which allows quick access to frequently used cards (i.e. Credit card and ID).  

Further Accessibility

Instead of having to pull all your cards out to find one in the center, the 'slide' component of Slider comes into play. Just glide the 'slide' to the bottom and PRESTO!!! Easily thumb through ALL of your cards. Not only does this give you easy access, but for those who still feel like they need to carry some cash on hand, fold your bills in fourths and slide it in with ease. 

Lower the slide to unlock and retrieve center cards... or even a couple of bills!
Lower the slide to unlock and retrieve center cards... or even a couple of bills!

Along with the 13 different colors, we have the white and black slides available for you to choose from.

Black Slide Option
Black Slide Option

Your Support

Kickstarters, this part is for you. The design is complete, suppliers on hand, and these innovative wallets are ready to be handcrafted in the USA! Your support will be used to bring an idea to life in the first production run of Slider!


When successfully funded, this will be the projected timeline:

  • Wait for the appropriate funds to be cleared (Less than 3 weeks)
  • Place order for all material ( Less than 1 week)
  • Production of Slider ( 2-3 weeks)
  • Package and ship out new wallets (1 week)
  • The goal is to fulfill all rewards and ship early December!


The original goal of Slider, before it even existed, was to create a wallet that you could wear in a military service or dress uniform. Traditional wallets were too big and bulky, forcing many service members to put the contents of their wallet in their sock. Through prototyping different design and colors, we found out the royal blue and navy blue Slider matched the dress blue trousers well. For the Navy, the tan and mocha matched well with their khakis and for whites, a modified version was created in, you guessed it, white, to cover the entire card and allowing nothing to show through their uniform. Expanding into all these colors, we hope all branches will be able to find a color that matches their dress uniform. For all the other colors, they are there just for fun

Looking into a closet, we realized Slider not only worked with uniforms, but with all dress pants. After giving away a bunch of prototypes to family, friends and strangers with positive feedback, we felt that it was time to reach out to a larger audience and what better place than here!

Thanks again for your support Kickstarters!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Proper prior planning prevents poor performance, but, unexpected conflicts arise from time to time. To help minimize downtime in our production plan, we have two separate suppliers and manufacturing plans in case one were to fall through. At this time, however, we only have 1 packaging plan. If this were to fall through, you would still get your Slider shipped to you, but not all the stuff you would throw out anyways and fill up our landfills. We will keep you updated with our progress in a timely manner so that you can track your wallet and where it is in our first production run.


  • For the most part, your cards will fit securely in the Slider. The tension from the elastic slide will hold all your cards together and prevent them from falling out of the open end. At first, the tension will be tight, however, after continual use and time, the elastic slide will break in to the number of cards you have.

    After time, the elastic slide will lose some elasticity. If you hold 10 cards regularly for a prolonged period and then try to hold one card, you will have a loose fit. It is recommended to stick with a consistent amount of cards.

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  • Yes. For each additional Slider, please add $20 to your pledge ( does not matter if you are domestic/international/early bird/standard). We will not need to charge you multiple times for shipping and thanks for your interest!

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  • -The material is a denier fabric with a PVC type backing. This material is commonly used in luggage/bags/cases. Thicker variations of this material have been used as outdoor covering due to its waterproof abilities and ruggedness. I also like the texture of this material.

    -The slide component is made of a heave stretch elastic. You'll find a variation of this type in items such as your underwear :-). And just like your underwear, elastics can be stretched out too far, but with proper usage, it can last a long time.

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  • In my personal opinion, fewer is better and anything less than 10 cards is suitable to keep the Slider at a reasonable thickness. Slider is capable of carrying more cards, however, this will turn your wallet into what looks like a brick of plastic cards and stretch out your elastic slide (which will cause a loose fitting around few cards), thus, defeating the purpose of a minimal wallet.

    The best practice is to keep a consistent amount of cards in Slider. After some time of constant use, Slider can actually 'break in' to how many cards you carry.

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  • Both the black and white elastic slides are available for the backer to choose. If the project is successfully funded, a survey will be sent to backers regarding what color elastic slide they want.

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