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I want to make an epic old school rock video that melts faces, blows minds, and inspires the masses!

Hey Good People!

Many of you know that my power phrase each day is ... LET'S GO!!!  It's what gets me amped to face each day with energy and drive.  Well I have a song that embodies that outlook and promises to be an explosion of fun.  I want to engage all of my exhuberant and out going friends in making a Heavy Rocking Hair Metal Epic video that will not soon be forgotten.  Let's be outrageous!!! Let's be exciting!!! Let's Go!!!  You can be a part of it.  Have you ever wanted to be a classic Rock Star?  Big Hair, Spandex, Neon, Leather, Ripped everything, Pyrotechnics, Glitter and Sweat?  Well here's your chance.... Do you have enough personality to make it look like a ridiculous amount of fun?  Well let's do it together.  This song is going to inspire, uplift, and empower people everywhere.  The video show be Gargantuan! I have a killer director lined up with amazing cinematic flair.  We will create a video based on the best classic hair metal styles of the past.   I'd like to include as many of you in the shoot as we possibly can.  Our timeline for the actual video shoot will be early September ( with the actual date to be announced as we get closer to goal). The song itself is below:   As you can hear, it's epic!!!!

Let's make the ode to all things rock & roll!!!! 

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Logistics: renting a space, getting permits for pyro, casting the crowd *you* and paying the director ( Plus hair.... lots and lots of hair *kidding, only a little*) Making a video involves lots of equipment moving, and renting props and staging the right atmosphere, all of which creat their own costs... so the support you give to this project will allow us to create something truly spectacular.


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