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We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
1,496 backers pledged $397,931 to help bring this project to life.

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US shipping cost has not changed

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

No change has been made to shipping costs within the US. 

We have created new rewards with updated shipping for:

  • European Union Countries
  • Canada
  • Countries outside of the US

Make Happy!

EarlyBird Shipping Update

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

We have opened-up limited quantities of each of the EarlyBird backer rewards:

  • Limited to 35 for European Union 
  • Limited to 30 for Rest of the World 
  • Limited to 25 for Canada

Please change your pledge if you wish to take advantage of the discounted EarlyBird pricing.

Make Happy!


Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Your persistence has paid off and we created NEW BACKER REWARDS to reflect NEW INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES!

Out with the old and in with a new fulfillment partner. We will be offering the following rates for shipping and duty/taxes for Europe and Canada:

  • Mock ONE Everyday = $84 
  • Mock ONE Adventurer = $98 
  •  Mock ONE Chill Master = $106 
  •  2x Mock ONE Everyday = $148 
  •  2x Mock ONE Adventurer = $172 
  •  2x Mock ONE Chill Master = $184

Rest of the world will be at: 

  •  Mock ONE Everyday = $135 
  •  Mock ONE Adventurer = $155 
  •  Mock ONE Chill Master = $215 
  •  2x Mock ONE Everyday = $225
  •  2x Mock ONE Adventurer = $305 
  •  2x Mock ONE Chill Master = $325

Thanks for being patient as we looked into international shipping. We heard and felt everyone of your comments, so keep them coming.


New color UNLOCKED - Vote to pick which one!!

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

We have just passed the 750 backer mark, so backers will now add a second color choice! Click here to complete the survey and cast your vote on which color we unlock.  Whichever color gets the most votes will be unlocked first. When we get to 1500 backers we'll unlock another! Thanks for helping unlock more color options! Keep on sharing the project to unlock additional color options. You guys rock!

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We're working on savings!

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)
Hello Friends and Backers,  

Thank you again for all the comments. We know we have an issue with international shipping. Per our last comment, we will charge the actual shipping rate based on your location after the campaign. Unfortunately, we are unable to update all of the shipping costs on Kickstarter (the shipping costs are locked once one order in that country is placed), so some countries are still showing up with the early approximated shipping rates.  

We know this is frustrating for all of you, it is frustrating for us as well. We do not have exact numbers for shipping yet, the rates we have been given are currently too high and unacceptable, so we are looking at other shipping options. Please bear with us and we will post more information as soon as we have it. Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and support of the project. We appreciate you!