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We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
1,496 backers pledged $397,931 to help bring this project to life.

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Product improvements and manufacturing update

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Hello Backers -

We know you are excited to get the Mock ONE into your hands...We are too! We are also focused on making sure that when lay in your Mock ONE for the first time it is an awesome experience. We are dedicated to the “make happy” mission.

With this in mind, we made a late-stage improvement to one of the molded parts. The improvement reduces the weight, eases attaching of the end bars, and packs away more compactly. We are fanatical about the performance of the Mock and these changes were necessary for your ultimate enjoyment.

This late-stage change has delayed the tooling of the part as we worked through the change. Tooling is one the of first steps in manufacturing and usually takes 5-6 weeks to complete. Currently, we are revising our manufacturing schedule and looking for ways to make up some of this lost time. We will update you when tooling is completed and we have revised timing.

Be assured we are pushing and working hard to get the Mock ONEs to you as soon as possible.


New Accessory Coming in BackerKit Soon

Posted by Jason Drew (Collaborator)
Thanks for your continued support of the Mock ONE!!  

We wanted to let you know we are continuing to innovate the Mock ONE. Our newest development is a versatile awning pole system. It's super awesome and allows the Mock Tarp to be configured in multiple ways. It will be available on BackerKit as the perfect accessory for the Mock ONE Chill Master. Below are some pictures of our prototypes.

     (WOW - over 7" ft of head space) 

                (alternative configuration)

                              (more privacy)

As you can see, the awning poles can be used in many ways and in unlimited configurations. Use for increased shade, privacy or rain protection for your gear.

Very soon, you will be getting your BackerKit to complete your order and add any additional accessories.  If you got the Mock Tarp, these Mock Awning Poles are a fantastic add-on.


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Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Mock ONE pre-orders - still available

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Thank you for all the congratulations!  We are super stoked on the results of the Kickstarter campaign and all our amazing Backers!  Things are moving quickly here; we are putting together the BackerKit and will be sending out as soon as possible.  

We are still working to drive pre-orders of the Mock ONE.  If we can get over 5000 units we can get a much better amortization of the tooling charges.  What this means is lower costs, which in turn speeds up the development of additional accessories and products.

So, we made the Mock ONE available on Indiegogo InDemand. If you know of anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter Campaign, please send them to the Indiegogo page (copy/paste link below) to pre-order at discounted prices.  It's more fun to Mock with friends!

Thanks, can't wait to see where you will Mock!

We did it! Thank you for your support!

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Thanks to your enormous support, the Kickstarter campaign was an amazing success, exceeding the goal by almost 4000%!  And during the campaign we were able to secure better pricing on international shipping in order to better meet the expectations of our international backers. That was an unexpected challenge and caused a bit of confusion, but we will make sure you pay only the amount that we committed to in the international shipping Update below. 

Regarding the color options / stretch goals: With 1496 backers, we are going to call it "close enough", and offer the THREE most popular colors that were voted on by the backers - Orange, Green, and Blue.

In a few weeks you will receive a survey from Backerkit, a company that helps Kickstarter campaigns collect data through surveys. They'll help get your order color(s) and make sure we know where to send your Mock ONEs. You will be able to add items and accessories to your order in the survey.  

Once again...thank you for your support!  I can't wait to get out there and Mock with you in December!  Can't wait to see where you will Mock!