Mock ONE: The World's Only Compact Folding Hammock

by Republic Of Durable Goods

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    2. Gretchen Anthony on

      Thank you for the update!! And for continuing to try to make it perfect!

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      Gail Bugeja on

      When will we give you the address and the color option for our hammoks pls?

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      George Forsyth on

      BLARGH! indeed but hey ho. Better to find the flaw now rather than be told about it six months after they've been shipped. Selfishly, because I live in the UK and it's cold right now, April is an ideal time to receive my Mock One.
      Question: did we, already, choose a colour option or are we still to do that? I cannot remember. Orange for me, please.
      P.S. thanks for the update.

    5. BJ Tomiko

      Thanks for letting us know and for catching this issue before shipping. A couple extra months is no big deal if it means our sidebars will stay on now!

    6. Fade_to_Black on

      That is exactly the kind of update I want for KS campaigns. Not like Amabrush where they lie all day long.
      It is no problem for me to wait a little longer if it is a good quality product.

    7. Brad Buskey on

      (sigh) While it's good this issue was caught before they were shipped to us, it is frustrating. The reputation of goods produced in China is earned, and this statement says it all: "we discovered the elastic used in production was not the same quality we specified in our ‘bill of materials’."

      With the holiday around the corner, it might be a good time to go over the rest of the hammock with a fine-toothed comb for any other parts that do not match the "bill of materials" to have them also replaced with what is required to make this a lasting product.

      Again, glad this was caught early, but we'll be weeks into the season before even getting a shipping notice. While I'd still rather have a quality product, right now I'm not getting a good feeling.

    8. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      @ Gail -

      We just resent an email to you regarding color and shipping address. Please send us your current email address to and we will send you another request.

      This goes for everyone, send questions to to help completing your order.


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      bonnie on

      Thank you for working so hard to give me the best product! I support the idea of getting it perfect, and thank you for the updates!

    10. Tim Bourque on

      Quality Control never sleeps! In my line of work, the contractor always want to some sort of material substitution, wheter it's for cost reasons or because it's familiar. I'm not surprised, but still, shame on the factory for not mentioning this at the time of procurement! I honestly don't think it's possible to get a new product out of China before Chinese New Year, none of the KS products I've backed have managed it, and usually for similar reasons.

      Also: BLARGH!

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      Amy Gerrits on

      I appreciate you keeping us in the loop. As well as finding and correcting the problem with the elastic bands. It only strengthens my gratitude for investing in your product. I’m still pleased it will show up before camping season in Wisconsin.

    12. Patrick Heeran on

      A good idea with bad production will always be a bad product.
      A good idea with delays in production can eventually be a great product.
      I will take all kinds of delays so long as the finished product is as good as it can be. And thanks for being open and forthcoming with this delay.

    13. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @George Forsyth,
      Responding to your question about your order...yes, you have already chosen the orange/gray colorway, so you are all set.

    14. Mara Martin on

      Blargh I guess the April fool joke is on me. I go to two camping trips a year and one is April fool. I sure hope it makes it for Oct when the next one is. I also have a tentative one scheduled in May but I was going to take my travel trailer for that.

      I am really bummed but I am glad u let us know. Blargh is just not cutting it for me. Lol

    15. Nina Smith

      Great communication and transparency, quality is worth waiting for! I am so excited to get it for the bug screen. I love the great outdoors and sunshine! I just wish the bugs didn't love me back so much in Texas. ;-)

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      Gail Bugeja on

      Can you update my Email address to instead of the other one pls.

    17. Carol Phillips on

      Two bug spring trips planned based on previous estimate of delivery. Now, I have to go purchase an alternative or cancel my trips. Sad.

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      John Kinser on

      I used to build Prototype aircraft and I know how important it is to get it right the first time. Thank you for testing and re-testing, trusting but verifying. It shows you have pride in your product and will not let a sub standard product leave the factory. I am glad to wait a bit longer and receive something I do not have to send back for repair and or replacement.
      Keep up the good work!!!

    19. OL on

      Thanks for the last update and pictures, I don’t mind the extended wait, rather do the waiting during winter than summer whe we will all want to have this hammock so the timing is perfect, nice to know you guys really care about giving us a product that’s gonna last and be well built, keep it up....

    20. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Thanks you guys for your understanding and for commenting. Keeps us stoked! We seriously can't wait to get these into our Backer's hands and hear what you think!

      My wife and I slept in in the living room last was 6 degrees and snowing outside so we decided to just set up our Mock ONEs (with the Adventurer insulation package) in front of our living room window so we could look out at the nighttime snowfall.
      Thank you all SO MUCH for backing the Mock ONE and bringing this awesome product to the world. You will be receiving your Mock ONEs in early April (if not sooner). We can't wait to see where you will Mock.

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      Monica on

      I just saw the colors and the green is so much prettier than I expected... is it at all possible to switch color selection? I think I chose blue but would prefer green. No worries if it's not possible, just thought I had to ask because that green color is so pretty!

    22. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Monica,
      Glad you like the green color. It's not too late to change your colors. Consider it done!

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      Bobby Bottles on

      Thank you for keeping us updated on this.

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      Debra Curtis on

      Love the new colours!! Is it possible to change my colour to the green colour? I think mine was orange that I ordered. Thanks for keeping us posted on all that is going on, appreciated.

    25. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Debra,
      Glad you love the green color! It's not too late to change your order...consider it done. :)

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      Amy Saucer on

      We are moving in May. I am soooo stressed about this arriving BEFORE the movers come to pack up our stuff!!