Mock ONE: The World's Only Compact Folding Hammock

by Republic Of Durable Goods

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    1. Brad Buskey on


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      Roxanne Pearson on

      Wahooooooo!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    3. Enrique Castellanos on

      This is exciting! I can hardly wait.

    4. BJ Tomiko

      So based on your tests is the Mock One's official weight rating higher than the 250 lbs stated in the Kickstarter, or is 250 still your recommended weight limit? I have a friend who was interested in this, but he weighs right around 250, and he held off on getting one due to the weight limit. And if it is higher, will the Mock One be available anywhere after this campaign?

    5. David Webb on

      Do you have an ETA of when they will start shipping?

    6. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @BJ Tomiko,
      We are keeping the recommended max weight at 250lbs, knowing that some people may exceed these limits. While the stress tests are excellent, they are expected. We will be continuing to test higher weights in real world conditions to make sure the Mock ONE will exceed all performance expectations before we can raise the recommended max weight. We will keep you posted.
      You can still pre-order the Mock ONE on our BackerKit pre-order store ( And as soon as we have product in stock, the Mock ONE and all accessories will be available at (we are still working on the "shop").

    7. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @David Webb,
      We are still on-schedule for shipping to our Backers and Pre-orders in mid February, in time for some early spring outings.

    8. Tim Bourque on

      Great update, looks like you guys are making a fantastic product!

    9. Julio Moreira on

      Are the Mock one Hammocks gonna be shipped before Jan 28 like your update said? "We plan to have all your products on an ocean freighter before January 28th when celebrations begin. We will update everyone when ocean shipping starts." or are they being shipped out mid February like your most current comment said "We are still on-schedule for shipping to our Backers and Pre-orders in mid February, in time for some early spring outings." If I'm reading the current comment correctly, you plan on pushing back shipment again... to mid February. Is this what I can expect to hear in the latest update. Can you please give us a clarification. I'm really hoping this isn't the case, as this would show your company in a more negative light with all these push backs and run around.

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      Ashley Ann on

      Hello! It is January 28th, and I am just wondering if you were able to get the production wrapped before the Chinese New Year :)