Mock ONE: The World's Only Compact Folding Hammock

by Republic Of Durable Goods

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      techie on

      Does that mean that those who are owed money will get a refund ?

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      Mike Rowden on

      Today, I got an email from "" that said "Good news, production is nearing completion. Your pledge and add-on orders are locked. BackerKit will be charging your account on file starting tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know a charge will appear on your account in the next few days. "

      My account was charged $509.00 for this pledge via Kickstarter on Aug 24 2018. When I tried to reply to the address given in this email, Google said it could not be delivered. Was this a legitimate email from you? If so, am I misunderstanding the statement "BackerKit will be charging your account on file starting tomorrow."?

    3. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @techie,
      Yes, that is what it means. We will contact you directly if owed a refund.

    4. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Mike Rowden,
      Thanks for the question, and sorry for the confusion. Yes, this was a legit email from us, but it was meant for backers with Add-on orders only (through BackerKit). The email went out to all backers whether you added to your order on BackerKit or not. Sorry for the confusion. If you did not add anything to your order, nothing more will be charged.
      By the way, the Pre-order store is still open, if you want to sign up for the Founders Club, or add on any accessories (the Big Sticks are highly recommended for the Chill Master sets, they really rock!) - or search "pre-order mock one"

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      Dennis D Metzler on

      The notice also stated that our hammocks will be sent in February 2018. What happened to the December delivery date we were told about. Those of us planning outing or trips that include the new mock hammocks out of luck? This snafu isn’t instill confidence to say the least. Please assure us trusting supporters this isn’t a “I’d rather owe it to you than cheat you out of it deal”.
      Been looking forward to a motorcycle trip that these hammocks are a important factor for months now. Please advise, thanks.

    6. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Dennis,
      Love to hear that you are planning some cool motorcycle trips with your Mock ONEs. Yes, we did have to move back the ship date, check out the Update titled "Shipping Status and Product Update" from October for details. We are sorry for the delay, but it was necessary for a better product. Your Mock ONE order is on schedule for February... in time for some early spring outings.

    7. Bernice on

      I wanted to order add on’s but never got a link to where I can order as a backer.... is it too late?

    8. Missing avatar

      Amy Saucer on

      Are there any shipping updates? We are scheduled for a Military Move and I am really stressing about receiving my order before the movers arrive to pack up our stuff!!


    9. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Amy Saucer,
      The factory is correcting an issue with the elastic bands used on the production - please see the Jan 28th Update for details. We will be shipping in early April (or sooner if possible). We are happy to change your shipping address so it ships to wherever you are in early April. Just send your new address to, and we can update it from there. So sorry for the delay.