Mock ONE: The World's Only Compact Folding Hammock

by Republic Of Durable Goods

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    1. Patrick Heeran on

      Thanks for the update and the open communication.

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      Sunny Hwang on

      so if you ship in Feb 2019, then the tariffs will impact us?

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      Jason Drew Collaborator on

      Hi @Sunny,
      Thanks for the comment. The tariffs will not impact our backers. Basically, the tariffs are coming out of our bottom line. This is a challenge for us, but one we have been preparing for.

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      Roxanne Pearson on

      Thanks for the update! My birthday is in March, so this will be a nice early birthday present just in time for Spring camping!

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      Janet Lewis on

      Understand the delays but disappointed as this was going to be a holiday gift. Is it possible for you to give us some kind of photo/detailed description that would tuck nicely into a holiday card so we can give the recipients something in their stockings so they know their gift is coming?

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      Jason Drew Collaborator on

      Hi @Janet,
      Thank you for the comment and understanding. Yes, we were thinking the same thing. Will post something to let your recipients know their gift is on the way. We will target early December for this post

    7. Bill Esler on

      Nice improvements guys! Was looking forward to seeing the Mock One in December but now excited to see it with the improvements in Feb.!

    8. Julio Moreira on

      If by January I get another update/Excuse as to why it keeps getting delayed. Can I get a full refund? At this point saying your updating your designs late in the game then pushing it back further and further is starting to grow old. I get that you guys are trying to make An amazing product but it’s frustrating that now I have to tell people their gift will be maybe early 2019

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      Gail Bugeja on

      I was looking froward for this to arrive in December. My birthday is in February so i hope it would arrive by then. Also when will you collect data? re address and the colour that we want?

    10. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Gail,
      Thank you for your understanding. We have sent a survey to the inbox of the email address that you used for the Kickstarter order. I just re-sent the link to you. Check your inbox, and if you do not still have it, please send an email to so we make sure that we have the right email address.

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      Monica on

      Does this mean we will have to pay extra for the carry bag? I already paid extra for accessories and purchased two of the 'chillmasters'... with the understanding that an integrated bag was included as part of the mock design. This "free" carry strap... is it being offered as a replacement to the bag? Or will those who have ordered the mocks also receive a bag? A little disappointed by all the surprise "add ons"

    12. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @Monica,
      All of the Sets (Everyday, Adventurer, and Chill Master) now include the duffel-style Carry Bag, the Quick Carry Strap, and the Foot Mat. These are not add-ons, but product improvements that we have made in order to provide the best product and user experience we can. These product improvements will not cost you anything more.

    13. Nina Smith

      As far as branding, it sucks that you put a logo on EVERYTHING. The stupid logos are the first thing to peal, crack, wear off, or cause weak spots in the fabric if heat was used to apply them. Logos are the first thing to show the age of a product and make it look bad. Especially reflective stuff! I have had some great running gear I stopped wearing when the logos/prints made it look bad when it otherwise could have still been ok. I really wish it had been on the bag only for when you're walking around if you need to advertise, but leave it off everything else.

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      ConnieJuskow on

      Wow- another push back. When tooling is generated, design changes are costly and delays launch. There are tons of thermoplastic (thermoset is better/fiberglass reinforced for greater strength) injection molders here in the US. With the upcoming tariff fun, why not have it produced here? Also cuts down on costly China travel, allows you to monitor first hand molding and assembly. The cost savings with tariffs now in play, freight and your travel, would be offset with US manufacturing.

    15. Republic Of Durable Goods Creator on

      Hello @ConnieJuskow,
      We are still on-schedule for February delivery. Thanks for your thoughts on manufacturing. While it sounds good... for this product, the costs just don’t offset each other as you suggest. We do not have the machinery, expertise, or materials to be able to produce this product locally. We are working closely with expert manufacturers to produce the Mock ONE and accessories to ensure that the product is flawless, and makes you happy.