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We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
1,496 backers pledged $397,931 to help bring this project to life.

US Orders Complete! International order progress and company status

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Hello Friends and Founders,

We wanted to give you an update on where we are on shipping and the status of our company.

Shipping and Delivery:

First off, thank you all for bearing with us through the trials and tribulations we have had with our first production run of the Mock ONE. It has been taking much longer than expected to complete the delivery of the orders.  We have had some growing pains, but we are working through them and delivering to more and more of our Backers every day. 

Following is the latest status.

US Orders:

At this point, we have completed delivery to all US orders!! (well, actually we have two remaining with APO/FPO addresses that are being particularly tricky and a couple that have just filled in their BackerKit survey recently. We are working on getting these orders out and will be sent this week.)

If you are a US order and have not received any communication please let us know at There are still a few orders that we have been trying to contact for months but have not had a response (not sure why… original email may no longer be in use, may be sent to junk mail…?) Just let us know and we will get your order figured out. Note, we are a small 2 person team working to get all these orders out and run the business, so response to emails has been a little slow.  We are getting to each email as quickly as possible, but response time may be slow.

Canada Orders:

We have had a delay in shipping to our backers in Canada.  Our fulfillment system did not integrate with USPS/Canada Post, so the fulfillment team was working on setting up these integrations.  After weeks of requesting progress status (continually hearing that it has not yet been completed but will be ready shortly), we find that the current system is unable to make this integration. 

So, we are moving all of the Canada orders to a new fulfillment system.  This requires a manual input of all of the order data into the new system.  We are working on this now and expect to have orders out by the end of the week (shipping by 7/27).

Thank you for your continued patience.

UK/EU Orders:

Orders to the EU/UK are en route to our warehouse in Germany, scheduled to arrive at the end of the week (7/27).  Orders are scheduled to begin shipping as soon as they arrive in the warehouse in late July.

Japan, Australia Orders:

These orders have been delivered.  They were shipped out through OCS and TNT Express.  Please let us know if you have not received your order (email

All remaining countries: 

All remaining orders in countries not covered above will be addressed as soon as possible.  We are still determining the best routes and shippers and working through the logistics.  Thank you for your patience, your Mock ONE will be delivered soon.

Status of the Company:

We founded the company on the idea to make products to help encourage outside time and diversion from the everyday stresses of life.  We wanted to help people see the stars, nap in amazing places, relax for 15 minutes at camp or at the office, power-nap at a festival or read a book between shifts, enjoy the light of a full moon in your back yard next to your loved-one talking about life and things... just enjoy the peace and quiet or the amazing sounds of nature depending on where you decide to Mock. The Mock ONE is the world's first compact freestanding hammock!  It is designed to fit in places no other framed hammock would fit.   It is the ONLY framed hammock with accessories to allow you to mock in different conditions like sun, rain, bugs, heat, or cold.  Hope you have been enjoying your Mock ONEs!

We are a small, start-up company and we NEED YOUR HELP to let people know how awesome the Mock ONE is!

  • If you are approached by someone asking “what is that, where did you get it?” please let them know that you helped to make this product possible and that it is ONLY available at (the logo on the hammock side pocket)
  •  If you would like to SHARE your thoughts about the Mock ONE, please post your reviews on Kickstarter.  Let us know what you think, let others know what you think… Like and reply to similar thinking.  Help us to make this the best product we can.
  •  If you would like to SHARE the cool places you mock, please post and tag us on your social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. @republicofdurablegoods  
  •   And if you see an ADVERTISEMENT on social media, please SHARE THE LOVE!  Let people know that you like your Mock ONE!  Personal testimonials go a long way!

Thank you for helping to keep us moving forward.  We are counting on you, our Founders and Backer community!

Make happy!

Jason and Chris - Founders of the Republic of Durable Goods

Founder Chris enjoying the view on his Mock ONE
Founder Chris enjoying the view on his Mock ONE

Tracking INFO sent- but LINK is WRONG

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)
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Hello last of the US backers to get your Mock ONEs.

I JUST sent the tracking information and the LINK is WRONG!  The tracking NUMBER on the page is good.

Please COPY the tracking number first, then click on the link. The link will bring you to the WRONG tracking number - just go to TRACK ANOTHER PACKAGE and PASTE your tracking number.

Sorry for the confusion.

Note, we are still aware of a few remaining orders to be shipped out next week.  If you did not get tracking, do not worry, will be sent next week.


Remaining order shipping Update

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Hello Friends and Founders, particularly those of you in the USA who have not yet received your order. You will get your order, we wish we could tell you when….let us explain.

First, your frustration is completely understandable.  If I was in your shoes I’d feel the same way.  “What are these guys doing?  Why can’t they just get me MY order, when they have been able to deliver to hundreds of others?”  I’d be pissed too. We fully deserve your frustration and continue to be embarrassed and upset that we can’t deliver on our Make Happy promise.

While it is no excuse, we have been working with a fulfillment company that continues to let us down, which in-turn is letting you down.  Last week we worked-through and verified all remaining orders.  We know and identified what orders still need to ship and were told these orders would ship out on Friday, June 15, with a few shipping early this week (as we communicated to you).  Today is Tuesday, June 18, and we have not received the promised tracking information. The information we received yesterday was incomplete and were sure surprised many orders still have not shipped yet! 

Clearly, the information that we have been getting is not fully reliable.  We do know that they are shipping out product and that all orders will be fulfilled.  We just don’t have accurate information on exactly when that will happen. We have been told more will ship this week. We assure you, you will get your order. 

Tracking information will be sent once we receive it from our fulfillment company and verify it line by line and order by order. In the past, we made statements based on information provided without verifying it and we got into a lot of trouble. Now we are checking and double checking everything they send to us. 

While this message does not ‘make happy’ we hope it will help you understand we are doing all we can to resolve the shipping errors to the best of our ability.

Shipping Update (Shark Farts!)

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

Hi Friends and Founders,

It’s been quite a journey to get this far. Many of you have received your orders and are now out there loving the comfort and freedom to hammock practically anywhere. For others, you probably are wondering what the @#&*! is happening?

Well, we just learned today (two hours ago), that our fulfillment partners have totally dropped the ball. Apparently, they put two shipping labels on some of our products and can not figure out who should get what product. Without informing us, they tried to fix the problem and some of the backers received more than they ordered and some backers of received nothing. Ah, Shark Farts! 

Hard to believe and lessons learned! Won’t be working with them again!

To fix this we are flying cross-country to our warehouse to get shipments organized and back on track. I guess if you want something done right you need to do it yourself! We will be there tomorrow and hope to be back on track by the end of the week. 

We are letting all our backers know in full transparency what is going on because we want you to stay with us on this journey. It’s been a bit bumpy, but we can see the smooth sailing just around the corner.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at

- Republic of Durable Goods Team

The Mock ONE is here! Founder's Feedback and Need to Knows

Posted by Republic Of Durable Goods (Creator)

 Hello Founders and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that after months of trials and tribulations the Mock ONEs are shipping to US backers now!  You may have already received your order. 

If you have not received your order by the middle of next week, or something is not correct, please reach out to us at There is a really super friendly person behind that email ready to help.

In your Mock ONE carry bag, we have included a Field Guide which walks through that basic steps of using your Mock ONE and Accessories. This a start point on your journeys with the Mock ONE. 

Our awesome Founder community (you guys), after receiving their Mock ONEs,  have been letting us know what their experiences have been like.  There are a few things that our Founders have brought to our attention that we wanted to share. 

Because of these great comments, we have compiled a list of solutions and information to make your experience with your Mock ONE the best! 

Q1: What? I seem to have gotten something shipped incorrectly to me, or I didn’t receive everything I ordered.

It seems that in a haste to get these orders out to our backers, there have been a few mistakes in shipping (including not sending tracking emails - so sorry).  Please reach out to us at and let us know what happened so we can correct it.  Please note, if you had multiple boxes shipped to you they may not arrive at the same time, and can be days apart from each other.  Please wait till the middle of next week for everything to be delivered.  International backers will receive your orders in a few more weeks (thanks for your patience).

Q2: I just want to make sure I’m setting up the Mock ONE correctly.

Q3: I can’t get the bars to connect together, or they are getting heavily scratched if I do.

A little scratching is normal. Due to a manufacturing process, we have found that some tubes have metal burs or rough edges on the inside of the receiver tube. This extra metal can block or heavily scratch the bars.

Here are a couple of self fixes to try:

BEST: Use a round metal file to file the inside of the bars smooth, particularly around the edge of the pinhole.

SECOND BEST:  Use a metal nail file to file the inside smooth.

If neither of these work or you just don’t want to deal with it, please let us know at and we will take care of it.

Q4: The hammock fabric seems tight, is it supposed to be this tight?

When you FIRST get your Mock ONE, the hammock fabric is tight. It takes a few uses to stretch it to its stable length, which will be a nice U-shape. You can speed up the process by putting some weight on the fabric and letting it sit there overnight. Something like a 40lb bag of softener salt, or kitty litter, or dog food would be perfect.

Q5: First time getting in, just want to make sure I’m doing it right.

Q6: I can't attach my Sun Shade

Some of the "nuts", or threads inside the end bars are not aligned totally straight, so the bolt gets bound and does not continue to go in. No worries, this is easy to fix. Screw the bolt into the end bar till it gets stuck, and just straighten out the bolt (you will be moving the "nut" inside the end tube a little). Continue to keep straightening/centering as needed as you screw it tight...and bingo it will straighten out!

Q7: I’m having trouble figuring out the Mock’Squito Net.

Trust us it’s easy once you have done it a couple of times. 

  1. Take out your Mock’ Squito Net and unroll it.
  2. Set the fiberglass poles to the side. You will need these for the last step.
  3. Locate the peaks and ridgeline of the net. This is the top of the net.
  4. Located and unzip both the side panels completely. 
  5. Take off the Mock ONE End Bars and hammock fabric completely.
  6. Locate the black fabric pass-through holes on the light gray fabric.
  7. Pass the ends of the frame bars through the black fabric pass-through holes to the inside of the net. Only ends for the frame bars should be inside the net.
  8. From inside the net re-attach the Mock ONE End Bars to the frame.
  9. Set the silver end of the Fiberglass rods through the small black fabric pass-through holes to the receiver holes in the Corner Brackets. 
  10. Set the round end of the Fiberglass rods into the receiver pockets in the Peaks
  11. Get in your Mock ONE
  12. Zip up the side panels.
  13. Bugs are outside and you are all set inside.
  14. Cheers!

Q8: I connected my Top Quilt to the frame and it looks WAY too tight.

The Top Quilt has been designed to stay in place by attaching to the frame in two places using the toggles on the foot pocket. These toggles can be pushed through holes located in the inside crook of the plastic bar ends. 

When using the Under Quilt, the toggles in the middle of the Top Quilt connect to the elastic loop in the center of the Under Quilt. This holds the top and under quilts together to better trap in the heat. 

Q9: Can I wash the Quilts?

You can either hand or machine wash your quilts. Just use gentle, non-detergent soap and go with your lightest settings on the machines. Dry on the low(est) heat (this critical - high heat could melt the fabrics).

The top and under quilts have a waterproof (DWR) finish, which can wear down over time, especially with washings, so we recommend not washing them too often.

They are both made with synthetic fill, so you know they are vegan, and standard high end sleeping bag materials. REI has a good page with details on how to best wash your Top and Under Quilts, with tips that I did not mention above, including how to restore your DWR coatings (when required).

Q10: Blargh! Nothing works and I’m not a chill as I thought I would be!

Make Happy is the first and only principle of the Republic of Durable Goods. We are here to make you 100% happy and correct whatever wrong has befallen your Mock ONE. If you are not stoked send a message to and put BLARGH! in the subject line. This will and we will give you the highest priority possible. We call it the super-duper-gold-platinum-rewards-handy-dandy-lifetime-service plan.

Q11: Super Stoked! Everything was perfect and I’m chilling out in my Mock ONE. How do I leave a review?

If you had a great experience that you would like to share please visit Republic of Durable Goods and let others know about your experience. 

Make Happy!