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Super simple, always watertight, 3D modeling mashup tool for meshes, designed for painless and direct 3D printing.
Super simple, always watertight, 3D modeling mashup tool for meshes, designed for painless and direct 3D printing.
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Beta Update

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Dear Kickstarter Supporters!

We thought you would enjoy seeing the cool new features we have prepared for the upcoming Open Beta release.

Fun New Goodies!

With the Open Beta, you will be able to enjoy these awesome new developments:

  • A brand new Help wiki, redesigned inside & out, with easy access to support. And coolest of all, it is now visible in the scene while you model!
  • 3 new single-click zoom buttons to get a better View of your objects instantly.
  • Clickable buttons in addition to command input fields throughout the interface.
  • An expanded Library of beautiful 3D models made by professional artists, all ready to mix, match, print, & play.
  • A feature so fun it is practically a toy - you can now Replicate objects into incredibly intricate geometric arrangements.

Thank You!

We are in the final stages of QA to release the build for the public Open Beta, and we're very excited to be bringing you all these wonderful features.

Awesome feedback from our beta testing team has helped us decide what features are most important to the community, and of course find bugs before they go out with the public release, so we extend a huge thanks to all of you for your thoughtful contributions.

We are hard at work every day making MeshUP just the way you want it, thanks to your solid input.

More Goodies Coming

To all our kind Supporters, we simply can't thank you enough for your patience. So we are happy to announce that we will show you our appreciation with extra goodies!

Everyone can look forward to an even further expanded Library of beautiful, free, ready to play 3D models you can use for personal or commercial use, to be packaged in both the Open Beta and Full Release of MeshUP.

Many thanks to Fred Sena, a top notch Uformit designer, for contributing such amazing and versatile works of 3D art, and to our hard working developers who are pushing the limits of 3D technology!

With the right sculpting tools, the possibilities are limitless.


~ The MeshUP Development Team

p.s. Check out these beautiful models we made with MeshUP Ring Replicate, and then tossed into a rendering program to see how they could look printed out.

Who knew a deep sea creature could be both a robot chariot and a snowflake kaleidoscope?!

MeshUP Closed Beta - Update


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

MeshUP Beta


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Export to STL


Hello all,

We are pleased to report that export to STL is now available for you to play with. An email with the download link will be sent to everyone who has signed up to receive the preview build (emails are sent in stages over the next 24 hours). If you have not already done so, you can request a copy by filling out this simple form:

There are 2 new menu options enabled under File

  • Export objects as a mesh: This will export all objects in the scene to an STL file.
  • Export selected objects as a mesh: This option requires you to select one or more objects in the scene to export. To select multiple objects hold down ALT (Windows) / Option (Mac) and left click to draw a window around the objects you want to select.

We are interested to get your feedback on this (and all features). Drop us a line at support[at], or via our support forum:

Check the wiki for tutorials:

What's next?

Opening arbitrary files and saving MeshUP project files. Yes, that means finally you will be able to import your own mesh files in MeshUP (up to around 1 million polys), save your work and reopen and continue where you left off.

Thousand thanks (tusen takk)

It is redundant to say, but we are going to keep saying it (and showing it in ways that will eventually go beyond the first release of MeshUP), once again thank you all for your continued patience. Obviously this has turned into an epic development schedule, far beyond anything we intended, even in terms of scope of features. Hopefully the continued evolving preview builds demonstrate that we are persisting and fully intend to deliver to you a product of value.

Multi-select and Snap: A Quick How-to

A few quick words about how to use the new multi-selection feature in MeshUP.  There are 2 ways to select multiple models:
  • Press and hold the alt key while drawing a window around the objects with the left mouse button.
  • Select one model, then hold down the shift key and left click more models.

There are still a few bugs with it, but fixes for these are coming.

Also note that you can now enable and set the value for Snap in the Gimbal properties (bottom toolbar).  Snap currently works with transform, not rotate or scale (yet).

Check the MeshUP Help page (click on the Help icon) for more information and tutorials.

More soon.