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A series of short films, exploring a future city saturated with technology and media.
A series of short films, exploring a future city saturated with technology and media.
188 backers pledged £29,386 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Felix Rendon on

      Shame this is just another false Kickstarter campaign to get money from people. Keiichi Matsuda, your lack of ethic is astonishing! Just admit it, you took the money, spent it and will never give us anything. Shame on you!

    2. Paul Pod on

      Anything happening Keiichi? Last update by email #11 was in March

      best regards

    3. Keiichi Matsuda Creator on

      Hi Dario,

      Just sent you a message, but wanted to let anyone else who's reading know, that I'm sending updates by email. If you're not receiving them, drop me a line at and I'll try and work out why.


    4. Missing avatar

      Dario Ruscetta on

      Hello, somebody has
      Some news about this project? I don't see and news since monthes, The project is late and i have no informations...What about The rewards?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Deakin on

      I'm always in two minds regarding digital delivery. The logical minimalist in me does not want unnecessary and obsolete storage tech cluttering up my cupboard. The old-school techno geek wants his bit of high-tech artwork to be physically tangible. A conundrum! :-)

    6. Keiichi Matsuda Creator on

      Hi Arlin,

      Yep, I'm also starting to think that DVDs are a bit silly in this day and age, so I'm looking into the possibilities for having data sticks as an optional alternative. They will still be nicely packaged and shipped out though, as I think its nice to have something you can hold, and I've got some cool ideas for the case design on the deluxe package upwards.

      Thanks for your comment!

    7. Arlin Schaffel on

      I would lot to see some digital only reward options; I have no interest in acquiring a physical dvd.

    8. Keiichi Matsuda Creator on

      Hi Jamie!
      Just sending you a mail, sorry for the delay.

    9. Jamie Narborough on

      Just come across this and disappointed in myself for not seeing it before! Checked out your first video from Vimeo and was sold. Sounds like this project is going to be great and I look forward to watching it... I've gone for the postcard pledge as, much akin to your video, I prefer to plaster one of my walls with much smaller postcards rather than 1/2 prints.... Any chance your thinking of some of the items from the art book to be made into postcards as well? Or maybe a scaled down print? I would certainly back that new pledge if possible...?

    10. koji takubo on

      wish you success from Japan

    11. Keiichi Matsuda Creator on

      Thanks James! Updates coming soon.

    12. James McBennett on

      Great project, loved your previous videos.