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A new party dice game evolved from the popular classic truth or dare game. Customizable dice evolves as the game rolls on.
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Booty Roll Introduction

Players: 2~6+ 
Playing time: from 10 minutes and onwards
Contents: 2 Dice with changable tile face, and 20 tiles featuring different keywords.

Note: This is a mature audience intended project. 

What exactly is Booty Roll?

Booty Roll is an evolved version of the popular game party game "Body Shots". With Booty Roll, I have designed the game so it uses customization dice - so this way players will start mellow, then as the game progresses new 'Tiles' will be switched in place for a more 'intense' roll. 

The final sticker artwork will be simple and easy to follow
The final sticker artwork will be simple and easy to follow

How to play

The game will come with 2 dice - red and blue. The red dice will feature tiles with 'Actions' where the blue dice will feature tiles with 'Locations'. 

Some examples of Location Tiles
Some examples of Location Tiles

Players will sit around a circle, and will take turns to choose a target player, roll dice and perform what the dice instructs them to do.

Some examples of Action Tiles
Some examples of Action Tiles

But this is not all, over time, newer tiles will be drawn from the bag at random, and will 'replace' tiles that are currently in place - creating more intense and exciting dice rolls.

The group are free to make their own rules though... this is what party games are about!


For this project - there will only be a single pledge for the base game since this is the first project that I've done, I will like to keep it simple. The dice are already completed with their moulding (I am currently using the dice that my friend has created), so all I require is to have the funds to complete the stickers and package. 

Reward Pledge

I'm trying to keep this project at $15 New Zealand Dollars (around $10USD), shipping will be kept friendly and should not be more than $10USD internationally. 

Risks and challenges

This should be an easy project - all the sourcing have been completed. So there should not be any delays. However if there are manufacturing delays that cannot be avoided, I will make sure everyone is notified and will make sure that this project will be completed.

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