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Girl Walk // All Day is a music & dance video of epic proportions, set to the non-stop soundtrack of Girl Talk's album "All Day."
Created by

Jacob Krupnick

577 backers pledged $24,817 to help bring this project to life.

Special Update From Anne

To all our backers, recent and otherwise --

We remain thrilled by your support and are busily planning our production. Our lead dancer, Anne Marsen, is in India for the next month and a half traveling and studying dance. I recently had the chance to speak with her on the phone, and she was astonished by how much love you've all shown to our project.

Because of our success, we're going to support a month-long dance intensive Anne's begun attending in Mumbai. She's just made a video 'hello' to you all from the back of a moped (sound is rough!) and at 2:20, you can see her dancing at the new studio. Enjoy!

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    1. Creator Rick Ellis on April 10, 2011

      Anne, you're a great dancer, and what you did in the "Let It Out" video was much more than just "dance"; it was art, great art. The way you used your surroundings, all the little things you did. NYC itself was your dance partner (and what a partner). It was thrilling, pure joy. Keep up the good work.

    2. Creator Ashoat Tevosyan on March 7, 2011

      Great idea! I love Girl Talk, and I love the concept. "She’s playing with her body movement the way a rapper might play with words.”

    3. Creator colin on March 6, 2011

      First off,

      I gotta say the beginning of Let it Out and That's Right are my favorite parts of All Day. Fucking brilliant, man. Great fucking video. Traveling the globe, I love it. Let me know if you wanna see New Orleans.

    4. Creator francisco turner on February 22, 2011

      Great Dancing! keep up the good work!

    5. Creator Haydn Huntley on February 21, 2011

      That's terrific! I know a couch where you can stay on Maui! :-)

    6. Creator toetsiez on February 14, 2011


    7. Creator Matthew Michaud on February 13, 2011

      Dear Anne. You're the greatest. Over and out.

    8. Creator page on February 11, 2011

      Going to Mumbi mid march. would love to know where to sign up for lessons?

    9. Creator Dan Devine on February 10, 2011

      It was private, but today I danced for the first time in years!

    10. Creator Anita Singh on February 10, 2011

      Woot for couchsurfing! Woot for Anne Marsen!

    11. Creator Lyndsey Scott on February 10, 2011

      Anne.............yowza ++ big hearts! I'm a kickstarter fan who stumbled across your project based on the featured "Dancing in the Streets" title === i got a personal ferocious adoration for moving like our kid-selves in public and the way you Bring It made my day ----> for real. upon viewing the trailer, i ditched my 'research' pre-business meeting and just danced, danced, danced with you -- and thus the meeting was awesome. If you want to come bailar en las calles in STL in May, the People's Joy Parade beckons,,, collaboration and adoration await. Keep moving like you do! So much beautiful freedom in your being. XO-LYNDSEY

    12. Creator Daniella Jaeger on February 10, 2011

      Long live Couchsurfing and good luck on the project. !

    13. Creator Jeremy Broomfield on February 10, 2011

      C'mon now, Anne. You are an amazing dancer. You think people gave money to the project because of Jacob's voiceover skills? Keep it up. I believe what one day you will be a dance encyclopedia on legs, with a little knowledge of every type of dance on Earth. Keep it up!

    14. Creator Anonymous on February 10, 2011

      Huge smiles! Wonderful opportunity. I like "Huzzah" too, that's how they said Hooray 250 years ago I learned in Williamsburg. Huzzah Anne Marsen!

      Here are some images of Trisha Brown dancing on top of NYC in the early 70's:…

    15. Creator Susan L'Heureux-Redmon on February 10, 2011

      Awesome! You really know how to get to the heart of all the closet dancers out here! lol Have a wonderful trip, have a wonderful time learning more and stretching your talent and have a safe trip home. We all can wait for you to come back!!

    16. Creator Dan Rollman on February 10, 2011

      Yes! I heart this video. Huzzah Anne Marsen.

    17. Creator Lakshmi Rengarajan on February 10, 2011

      Wow. Let me know if you ever come to Chicago. There are a ton of Bollywood and Bhangra dancers you should meet here!