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Girl Walk // All Day is a music & dance video of epic proportions, set to the non-stop soundtrack of Girl Talk's album "All Day."
577 backers pledged $24,817 to help bring this project to life.

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DVD + Poster Rewards(!)


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Hello Friends!

Thanks to you, we have officially finished filming Girl Walk // All Day.

It's been a remarkable year.  We started with a big dream and a tiny team.  We asked for enough money to afford hard drives, cabs, and lunches for 10 days of filming.  Our estimates were a bit optimistic.

But you responded with incredible volume.  In six weeks, we raised five times our initial goal.  Now that we're complete, we can see how enormous of an impact this made on our film.  Here's what happened, in brief:

We invested in costumes, equipment, dance classes, and most importantly, prioritized Girl Walk over everything else.  Over a three month period, we spent 45 days filming in far more locations than we'd ever imagined possible.  We were treated like celebrities back at the Staten Island Ferry, dodged glares at Bloomingdale's, and incited dance parties on the subway.  It's been a wild time, and we've been cheered on more than we've been chased away.  

Girl Walk is such a bigger and better version of itself than we had dreamt of.  Thank you so, so much for helping out.  

If you haven't already, check out the new trailer on our new website, find your name on the thanks page, and be sure that we'll keep you posted about the premiere and rewards.  Everything is taking us a bit longer than we anticipated -- but it's only a sign of how well it's been developing.


Jacob, Anne, John, Dai, Sam, Paolo, Youngna, and the rest of the Girl Walk crew.

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The Finish Line

Friends, Teammates, Supporters --

Our fundraising efforts came to a glorious end yesterday.  577 of you have helped us raise over 500% of our initial goal.  Wow wow wow.  We're beyond excited.

What happens next?  We'll be in touch soon to gather information we need about fulfilling your rewards, and to let you know when to expect them to arrive.  In the mean time: We're super excited about bringing Girl Walk // All Day to every corner of the globe for people to enjoy it.  This will be a gigantic feat, and it starts with learning where on earth all the people are who want to see it.  So: 

If you have not made your mark on our map, please click here and tell us where you are:

And by all means, encourage your friends and kids and grandparents who love a good time to do the same.  

The biggest of hug to all to you + a promise of more good stuff to come,

Jacob & Crew

On The National Stage

Hello All --

We're full of good news.  This past weekend, The New York Times Magazine ran a feature about Girl Walk // All Day sharing the story of how the film has grown from the tiny idea it once was.  The writer, Paul Tough, spent many hours speaking with Anne in Mumbai and me here in Brooklyn to learn our stories.  It's an honor to see it all in print (you can read the online version here).  

Five days left:

Our Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close in 5 days.  Last night we celebrated as we crossed the $20k mark.  With 499 donors, it's clear this film is a giant group effort, and we're thankful to you all.  Though the funding has far surpassed our expectations, every dollar will help us bring the film to more locations.  We'd love your help spreading the word as we sprint across the finish line. 

The Kickstarter campaign is here:

 Request a screening in your area:

Once the film is finished, we plan to take it on tour -- and we want you to tell us where to go.  If you want to see Girl Walk // All Day in your area, we need to know where you are.  We've set up an easy way to share your country and zip code right here.  People are checking in from Alaska to Switzerland.  We look forward to visiting!

Onward + upward with lots of gratitude,


ps. If you're getting these messages through Kickstarter + the email list, don't worry: once the campaign is over, it'll be possible for us to streamline our communication with you.  Thanks!

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GW // AD: Riding High


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