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ZP has stockpiled too many songs. Join the Club to get 4 (7") records' worth in 2012.  CD and download packages also available!
ZP has stockpiled too many songs. Join the Club to get 4 (7") records' worth in 2012. CD and download packages also available!
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CD Images, Track Names & A General Last Call

Alrighty gang.  Although I typed the track names and such into the aforementioned Gracenote Database, it appears someone out there beat me to it.  Either way, for you CD-havers, for either Clicks and Whistles or the companion CD (Double-Clicks and Whistles), when you go to rip it into your local digital library, track names should appear...or be suggested...or what have you.  If you're still staring at a screen of "Track 01" and such, I know that in iTunes you can take the extra step of going to Advanced >> Get Track Names, though I'm not as familiar with other software for this kinda stuff.  In any event, it's my understanding that the Gracenote DB feeds (most) all of the major ones, so hopefully that process is cleared up.

As for the CD cover images that you might wanna have with your rips, I've "attached" them to this update (600 x 600 pixels, nice), and here are links to get them as well:

I've seen messages on Facebook and Instagram of people getting their discs, and it's warmed my heart tremendously.  Thanks again to ALL the backers, and please don't hesitate to contact me at or on Twitter (@zapruderpoint) if something in a shipment is broken or missing, or anything.  I'm relieved to have everything mailed out, but it would hurt to know if there were any unsatisfied customers out there. So don't be shy.

I'm looking forward to ending the year with a pair of December shows.  The first will be at my beloved Whistler here in Chicago with the FULL BAND lineup (Steve, John, Larry) on Monday, 12/10.  Then on 12/29 I'm reuniting with Tom and Casey and we're taking over Sitwell's coffee shop, "evening-with" style.  Sitting in will be my brother Scott, and we'll be mixing in some of his songs, playing in solo/duo/trio/full-on configurations throughout the evening. 

Such will be the focus NEXT year: Playing out live.  After a long year of recording and mixing and art-designing and mailing, I'm looking forward to simply promoting 'Clicks and Whistles' as a "new" CD and getting tighter with my Chicago bandmates.  As I mentioned in an earlier update, after some robust years in Rotary Ten and The Boy Wonder Jinx, live performance as/with Zapruder Point has somehow become this shaky, fraught proposition for me. I'm glad to shift my attention thataway, and hopefully get to be more consistently decent at singing and playing in front of people.

So I hope to see you at a show sometime.  Until then, I hope you have an awesome holiday season and an easy end to 2012.  Stay warm, stay curious, stay strong!


Dan Phillips / Zapruder Point

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A Note on CD Track Names


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Year In, Year Out: A Final (?) Update

First off, for you Northeast people -- I hope you're as safe and dry as can be hoped. For everyone else, if you can spare it, the Red Cross and many other organizations are taking donations. Personally, I gave a little bit to the New York City Food bank, here: Thanks. Now on with the update...


Well, the last records have been sent out, and in a couple weeks I will announce its "release" to Bandcamp. For this November record I've featured "After Work," which clocks in at a hefty (for me) 4:46. That takes up side A, and when it became clear that this was going to be the case, I didn't see the sense in putting more than one song on the B-side. I hope no-one thinks that's a cop-out. "The Disgraced Politician's Former Mistress Tells All" is a weird little number that balances "After Work" well, I think, and its weirdness makes it suitable for a B-side, eh?

On the CD front, I finished mixing (and sequencing!) and sent it off for replication. I decided against a straight chronological order; I had the bigger palette and I figured I may as well use it to create a different flow. The replication plant tells me I should have the raw CDs by the middle of the month. Meanwhile, record clubber and shutterbug extraordinaire Ian Merritt is putting the finishing touches on the artwork, and I hope to have the CD packages all assembled and out to you folks before Thanksgiving.

The CD will be called 'Clicks and Whistles,' after a phrase Amy introduced me to. It's sort of another way of saying someone's talking gibberish, or over your head, or "Greek" (with apologies to my Greek friends). Sometimes when I'm going into excessive detail about my job (web development), Amy will say something like, "Yeah, I'm just hearing clicks and whistles now." At any rate, with "Bury the Lead" having that line about words being more than whistles, and with music usually being obtained through "clicks" nowadays...and for lots of other reasons, I thought it'd be a good title.

As for the "bonus" CD, well, that's going to be "Double-Clicks and Whistles." I hope that's not too corny, but only a handful of you guys will get that, so I think I can be forgiven. I am feeling very adamant about finishing the recording of just one more song before mixing and compiling it. "The Shape of Ohio" has chord changes similar to a couple other things I've written in the last few years, but the vocal line is solid, and after letting them sit around for a few months, I recently realized that, no, those lyrics aren't weird, they're actually pretty good. And so I want them DOWN for you, you bonus-CD people.

So that's all I have to say about Product resulting from this here Club. Going into 2013, the CD is going to be the calling card for Zapruder Point, and it'll be nice to have just the One Thing to promote for a while. With that in mind, I'm not sure if I'm going to have an official (and technically delayed) CD release party early next year. But I DO know that the digital versions of the records are going to be dropped from the Bandcamp site, since the songs are all the same as on the CD, and I don't want to confuse people. And I will do whatever small, weird push I can do for the CD, and it's going to have an official release date some time in January or February. And I'll just spend the whole year acting like it's brand-new. Whatever records are left, I will sell at shows, where such items usually sell more briskly than CDs, believe it or not.

Speaking of shows, well. Over the course of this year, I've been playing more "full band" shows with John Aselin, Larry Brown and Steve Frisbie, and it's been very satisfying. I'd like THAT to be my primary musical activity, for at least a year or more. It's been fun doing the record club, and I don't want to look my prolific tendencies in the mouth. But honestly, playing in front of people, ESPECIALLY as the "front man" for a properly-rocking outfit...THAT is the area in which I'm most shaky, and that's kind of why I want to head straight for it, full steam ahead. That "guy in a basement who can't seem to stop writing songs" thing is all well and good, but even in this modern age, with all my electronic networks in place, I found it damn near impossible to get anyone to write about these songs just on their own merit. I'm starting to think the only way to bring (more) people on board (I mean aside from not having spent several years not even trying AT ALL, which was pretty much me 2004 - 2009) is to do this IN FRONT OF THEM. HOW to do so, with dignity, inclusiveness, and without feeling like some kinda geezer-fool, well... THAT is going to be the challenge. I think I'm up for it, and I know John, Larry and Steve are.

Finally, I am overhauling the Zapruder Point website to make it more immediate and less wordy. Which, after an update like this, might be just what the doctor ordered. But seriously. The initial idea with the blog-like site was that, hey, I have an English degree, I could generate at lest THAT kind of content. With enough coffee, I can yammer at will, and thereby keep the date at the top at least fairly recent. But lately I've come to realize that, strictly for the purposes of bringing people on board with Zapuder Point, that's just not the right way to go. Long story short, I'd like to Tweet more, and if and when I have a proper essay to write, I'll do so and share it via Twitter and Facebook. So the new site will have a blog component, but it will be way less central than it is at present.

So I'm not sure if this will be the LAST record club update, but in case it is, I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for making this year as special as it has been. I might have never lumbered off my duff and gotten this stuff out there -- much less in so many different formats -- if it wasn't for your support. Please keep supporting small-time artists like myself...

And going forward, if you're not already there, you can best keep up with Zapruder Point on Twitter @zapruderpoint, or look up "Zapruder Point" on Facebook. Have a great holiday season!


p.s. I know I have to record one last cover song / Kickstarter reward. That's coming soon, too, don't fret!

Bonus Cover: Nirvana's "Dumb"

I'm psyched to be a part of Murder Inc.'s first tribute compilation, Volume 1: Nirvana. It's a FULLY FREE download on Bandcamp, folks, so what do you have to lose? It features my buddy and sometimes-bandmate John Aselin doing "About a Girl" in roller-rink 3/4 time! And my version of what has to be in my top 3 Nirvana songs, "Dumb." Recording this version -- a fairly naked two-string one -- kicked off a weeks-long recording binge that pretty much finished off the bulk of my work for the year, so I owe Holly and Adam a big thanks!

That link again:

Just my song:

Double Artwork Preview + 1000 Words

First, I wanted to share a preview of the artwork for the 3rd record in the Club, which is going to be called Longevity Blues.  I already got the test pressing in the mail, so this one should arrive in plenty of time for August delivery. I'm a big fan of contrasting shades of brown, and of the cover star (Andrew McCarthy, in case he's a bit too obscured).

And although I'm just now finishing the 3 songs that will comprise the 4th and final record of the Club, I've enlisted the help of Ian Merritt, photographer and graphic designer extraordinaire (not to mention a backer of this project already -- talk about above and beyond!), for the CD artwork.  About a year and a half ago, Ian made a poster for a January residency of mine, and the look was so bold and iconic that I thought it'd be the perfect kind of image for wrapping up this whole shebang.  Plus, since I plan on taking a loooooong break from writing and recording after this year, this thing is going to be my calling card for quite a while, so it better be good.  And it is.  Though by no means a completed version, you can see it in all its red glory below.  (Yep, it's going to be called Clicks & Whistles.  Thanks to my wife for introducing me to that phrase.)

I've also been lucky enough to be a subject for budding/talented photographer/friend Piper Kruse.  (Also a backer.  Sheesh, these people are TOO NICE.)  It's been hard to get people to write about these records, and I'm hoping that maybe including a content-filling photo will help persuade some of the more finicky bloggers out there.  Who knows?  Anyway, Piper came out to Cicero last Sunday and we tooled around to various locations, but so far the best shot was just a straight-ahead one from my own living room.  Life's funny that way...

So thanks to Ian and Piper and...Andrew, I guess...for all the visual forethought.  It's not a strong suit of mine, and certainly appreciate the leg up. 

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