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An evoking multimedia dance performance created to inspire audiences to take action on behalf of those enslaved by the global sex trade

June 2-5, 2011. "Without Words...moving against the sex trade" premiering at the Cleveland Public Theatre.

Every minute 2 children are trafficked for sexual exploitation. What's underneath this shocking statistic?

What we don't see are the silent cries of hopelessness, the greed, shame, insatiable lust, absolute loss of purpose. "Without Words" seeks to uncover these unseen realities in the hearts of those effected by this horrific tragedy.

Toward this end, we are collaborating with other artists to produce an evening-length multimedia work infusing dance with music, video and visual art.

This can only be accomplished with the awesome group of artists delving into this work with us. We desire to pay all of the collaborative artists what they deserve for the amount of skill and artistry they contribute:

Dancers: We have 7 dancers taking 10 hours a week (outside of their other multiple jobs) to pour their physical, emotional, and creative energy into embodying (literally) the message of the work.

Composer: Jeremy Allen, Cleveland's finest dance composer, is spending hours in his basement composing every minute of sound that will be used in this 60-90 minute piece (that's enough sound for an entire movie score!)

Lighting Designer: World traveler, Trad Burns, transforms the atmosphere of the theater. Lighting can make or break a theatrical work--we know Trad will deliver!

Videographers/photographer: We are using video projection during the show to complete the world created by the performers and to enable the audience to more fully experience this world.

Costuming/visual art/props: Our work is 3-D! Every visual component exists to complete the statement of the work.

Your support is vital for the realization of this vision! Your gift allows us to develop and perform this work at a level of professionalism that this cause deserves.  Meaningful art is not cheap, but when done with excellence and humility, it can give a voice to those that have none.  Please give today to Without Words.

And once the vision is complete, come see the show! Tickets are available for purchase now at Please specify that you desire to see "Without Words".


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    Thanks! You've just paid for 45 min of rehearsal time for one dancer. We'd love to put your name in the program plus give you access to our online bloopers reel!

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    You have fully clothed one of our performers! We really appreciate you clothing us! You will receive all of above PLUS an invitation to an open rehearsal where you get to see the creative process of the work. You will also receive a DVD copy of our bloopers reel.

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    Did you know it costs $100 for a minute of original score or music? And you just bought a minute of original score for our show. Thanks! This gets you all of the above prizes PLUS one complementary ticket to the performance.

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    Thanks to you, our weekend performance will be under control by being able to pay for a stage manager! (We can't very well perform and call light and sound cues, can we?) You receive all of the $250-level prizes, PLUS dinner with the directors. Or brunch. We really like breakfast. Lucky's anyone?!

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    You ROCK! You've just covered a huge chunk of the editing work of two videographers. Now we can use video in the performance to better convey our message to the audience. You will receive your name in the program, up to FOUR complimentary tickets to the performance, dinner with the directors, PLUS a piece of original artwork used in the show.

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