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Measure 11 in the State of Oregon-mandatory sentencing destroyed my family. This is our story. My daughters and I were victims too.

My husband was arrested ten years after a crime was committed. After two years of negotiations he was sentenced to 14 years, with no work time or good time options for early release. He didn't physically harm anyone, but he was present at a crime scene. In the state of Oregon, that's Felony Murder, and the mandatory sentence is 25 to life if convicted by a jury.

I have since filed for divorce, but continue to bring our daughters for visits--he really was a wonderful father and husband. When we go to the prison, we are constantly treated like criminals ourselves. It's hard to watch my ten year old get patted down for drugs or weapons if she makes the metal detector go off. We lost our home, I lost my job, and we have spent the last several years rebuilding a life from what was left behind. 

Since 2008, I have been writing my story--the bizarre happenings in the interrogation rooms, the creepy experiences with men preying on a prison widow, the strength that can come from a broken family.

The video above is what I used to prove my husband's character to the judge, hoping to sway the final decision on sentencing. It didn't work--in the end I wasn't allowed to show it. I'm hoping you will see this and hear part of our story, and help me fund a new computer so I can finish this book. My laptop is 8 years old and is on its last legs. I've had a few scares of losing hours worth of writing, and being so close to finishing the book, I need a reliable computer.

After thorough research, I need a mac. I'm looking for a used one, but even then it's $1000 for one with the programs I need.

Thanks for helping!


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