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The SB380 combines our AccuVoice dialogue boosting technology with room-filling home theater sound - with no external subwoofer.
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Questions about why we didn't include Bluetooth...with some options.

Posted by Tom Hannaher (Creator)

Several people have asked us why we didn't include Bluetooth in the SB380 sound bar. Here's why:

The Bluetooth module we use in many ZVOX systems is quite expensive -- because it delivers better sound and uses aptX technology for a higher bit-rate.  But we found that most of our customers don't use the Bluetooth option -- because our systems are almost always connected to TVs, and TVs have high-quality sound options built in. Many TVs have Spotify, Pandora or Google Play Music apps built right in. And if they don't there's often a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Chromecast device connected to the TV that DOES have these music services. Sound quality is typically better than what you get with Bluetooth streaming.  That's what we (ZVOX employees) do. That's what we recommend you do -- use hard-wired music sources connected to your TV.

If you really want to stream music from your phone or tablet, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter for $20 and plug it into the SB380's second input. Or better yet you can buy a Chromecast Audio receiver (our favorite) and get far better sound quality than Bluetooth.  The Chromecast Audio device sells for only $30.

Hope this helps.

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      Matthew J. Krankka on

      I don't care about Bluetooth. I just want a speaker system that delivers great sound from the TV shows and movies that I watch. I've had ZVOV before and I know they are fantastic.