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Choreographer Jermaine Browne and technologist Edgardo Burgos team up to bring dancers together in one global dance movement.

Dear Friends, Dancers, and Supporters:

With every shift in thought, nod of the head, and tap of the foot, we are able to express what words cannot. Dance switches something on in everyone. Each step moves you into a higher consciousness, making you aware of your body, mind, and environment. Dance can empower you as an individual by building up your confidence and teaching you how to express yourself. It can also help you understand that all dancers belong to a community – that your style and creativity is part of a larger dance movement.   

Our goal is to reach more dancers. 

With your help we will create visuals and tutorials that will train dancers to plan, edit and shoot their own dance videos. These guides will be available in different languages. We would also like to hire an outreach organizer to help us engage dancers to participate online and promote new and different styles of dance to viewers.

Every supporter that joins our movement with a contribution will have their name and photo added to our Respect My Step supporter wall and receive a Respect My Step wristband that let's the world know they are ready for the next level in dance. They will also receive a invitation to a flash mob located in New York City. 

All supporters will receive:

Their name and photo added to our Respect My Step supporter wall
Their name and photo added to our Respect My Step supporter wall
Respect My Step Wrist Band
Respect My Step Wrist Band
Respect My Step Flash Mob Invite
Respect My Step Flash Mob Invite

With your $100 donation you will receive:

All the above + Respect My Step T-Shirt
All the above + Respect My Step T-Shirt

With your $500 donation you will receive:

All the above + an exclusive 2hr group class in New York
All the above + an exclusive 2hr group class in New York

Respect My Step is an online dance platform ( where dancers and non-dancers alike can come together to share their talents, satisfy their passions for dance, and inspire younger generations of dancers and fans to take their first steps through the support of a community. Respect My Step gives dancers a new purpose – allowing them to record their artwork freely on their own, and then presenting it to an international community of peers and dance enthusiasts who will give dancers positive feedback by offering votes of respect. Unlike other video platforms, we focus on giving support instead of criticism, because we want dancers to build on what they are doing well, and not discourage them from taking risks.

This encouragement, says platform cofounder Jermaine, will inspire dancers to experiment with more styles and reach more people. “I wanted to give dance a bigger voice, get it to a larger audience and put a name on the nameless faces who share a passion for dance,” he said. Respect My Step combines the latest developments in web technologies and connects dancers who might have otherwise been performing on their own to a wider range of viewers. Their videos not only show how dance moves people, but also makes viewers aware of how cities, towns, and everyday places—roadsides, waterfronts, and warehouses—can become more dynamic through movement. Respect My Step encourages both dancers and viewers to see the world as an ever-changing place, and this perspective motivates them to overcome personal fears and social barriers that often prevent them from dancing. 

“The website will give dancers a voice, and help them realize that your movement is who you are and it should be respected,” says Jermaine. “Dancers can be influenced by other people, but if they don’t allow themselves to move their minds and bodies freely, if they do not allow themselves to share who they are and grow upon that, they are stifling what they are capable of doing.”   

Respect My Step creates a sophisticated environment where viewers can appreciate different styles of dance—including Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Flamenco, and Bollywood, among others—and connect them with people from a growing number of countries, like Poland, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. The histories and cultures of these places come together on our online platform to promote a keen sense of solidarity amongst dancers and viewers, which captures the spirit of our international community.

Platform cofounder Edgardo reflects on how technology and dance can bring diverse people and cultures together. “Because dancers are always in motion,” he explains, “as the creators and curators of the website, we are constantly listening to them and innovating upon their feedback. Respect My Step also teaches users and viewers how to connect with each other through dance – it makes them aware of their dependence on each other, and it will be exciting to see how they will influence each other online and in person.” Respect My Step is like a “live dance production house” where videos from all over the world are filmed, then quickly processed and presented up front for everyone to see. Unlike YouTube, where dance videos are lost among a larger variety of clips being uploaded every day, Respect My Step is the first site to focus exclusively on dance.

Every day the Respect My Step movement continues to grow, check out our recent spotlight on Viddler! 

“You will find something that you like within the first three rows of our site,” says Edgardo. “Our virtual dance gallery also encourages you to give a vote of respect to individuals, duets, and groups who you admire. And based on your preferences, you will also find other styles of dance that you might have not discovered. The platform is designed to encourage dancers to take risks, and to learn from other cultures and countries.”

Respect My Step’s goal is to reach out to dancers from all over the world and make the process of planning, recording, and uploading dance videos easier. Your support is vital to help us create video tutorials that will train more dancers to produce and upload videos from their mobile phones and computers; reach out to different dance networks, including dance schools and dance organizations, to build up our community; and hire an outreach organizer to engage dancers to participate online and promote new and different styles of dance to viewers. 

Respect My Step is a vital platform that not only aims to reach dancers, fans, dance agents, and choreographers, among other professionals and enthusiasts, but it also promotes the idea that dancers are who they are because of the diverse community that supports them. This “interconnectedness” or “oneness,” which is founded on our web community’s respect for each other, is already appreciated professionally and personally by our users.

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Convincing dancers to take the time and produce their own video is perhaps the greatest challenge. Dancers often find themselves without a stage, and technology has often been too complicated or expensive for them to record their own videos. That is why Respect My Step aims to create a new dance culture that allows dancers to express themselves comfortably and economically through technology. Together, we have the necessary experience to attract dance talent -- co-founder Jermaine has over 14 years of experience as a choreographer and dance teacher, having worked with Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Mick Jagger, and other high profile dancers and musicians -- and the technological background to build an international dance platform -- Edgardo has over 12 years experience in developing online platforms that have helped businesses grow.


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