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Hot sauces that not only scorch your taste buds, but actually taste good! Made with the best hand selected ingredients.
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    1. JKL Games on

      With labeling, (If you have a printer at home), purchase some permanent address labels from Office Max or any office supply store.

      Microsoft Word should have a template for the label. Once you load the template, just start entering the names and addresses. Print multiple sheets of your own address so all you have to do is label them on the boxes you ship out.

      Cheapest and easiest way to ship out the sauces would be to do flat rate boxes from USPS. From the look of the bottles, they don't seem to be very big and should fit nicely in the $7.95 medium flat rate box with some bubble wrap.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Andrew Heidgerken on

      Don't worry about those chumps. If you want immediate you buy in a store. If you participate in a kick starter you are helping someone out who is trying to do something a little beyond their normal reach. And delays are to be expected.

      Besides, we all have been told a million times, quality takes time. :)

    3. Anna Ziesak on

      Take all the time you need, I glad you take quality so seriously.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Taylor on

      Don't worry take your time, quality is better than fast....

    5. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      To Canada, USPS mail is preferred over the courier services, which often charge brokerage fees. No worries on the shipping time. I would rather have it right than rushed.

    6. Robert Faulkner on

      LOL, I generally assume all delivery estimates are wrong once projects hit 50 times their goals, heh. Take your time, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

    7. tom abeles on

      check with UPS. Some locations actually do fulfillment. Also, Amazon has such a service.

    8. Scary Lady Sarah on

      Thanks for the update! No worries! Whenever it arrives, I'll be a happy hot sauce fan! :)

    9. Andrew Shotland on

      Don't stress Youngmahn. Take your time. Any chilhead willing to back a hot sauce on Kickstarter should have plenty of supplies on-hand to keep the heat up while awaiting the Elixirs.

    10. diana on

      Or maybe just using regular Priority or Flat Rate, both supply boxes. The savings on the boxes alone would be huge.

      You can print all the labels and have everything picked up, you wouldn't have to load everything in your vehicle, USPS will pick it up.

      I don't know what the cost is using Stitch that Kevin mentioned but it's something to consider also.

    11. diana on

      It's worth the wait, take your time!

      I think USPS is the way to go and depending on how large the bottles are and how heavy the shipments are:

      You may want to consider USPS flat rate shipping because they supply all the boxes or envelopes even for International shipping. Shipping starts at $5.15; I don't know if you qualify for a business discount, that starts at $4.90.

      If you want to go parcel post, I have purchased shipping supplies through Uline, they're reasonably priced. The pricing will vary depending on size, weight and destination.

      You may want to consider a combination of both to keep shipping prices down. Parcel Post might be the way to ship for addresses closer to you and Priority for those farther away you'll have to check the pricing to see if there's a savings.

    12. Jonathan Steele on

      Can't wait to try them out! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Wesley Simmons on

      I don't mind the wait at all. People who complain should realize this isn't like ordering Joe's Crummy Hot Sauce on Amazon with two-day delivery.

      The point of KickStarter is to help someone get their project going. Help someone.Patience is a virtue.


    14. Pam Stout Rieser on

      Thank you for the update! Waiting is fine with me! I know they will be amazing!

    15. Kevin Marks on

      You could talk to Stitch Labs about inventory management and shipping: - they're working on tools to manage this as you scale up.

    16. Pogopuschel on

      I really appreciate your hard work. I prefer to wait, as long as the sauces are good. Every time I read your updates I feel kind of bad because of all the chores you are going through. So thanks again for your effort.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I will admit, I was wondering about the sauces but I knew that you had a lot to make plus you were making sure they were all up to par! cant wait to try them! =D

    18. David McCullough on

      Let them suffer and enjoy the slow anticipatory burn of sweet waiting! Deny the joy sucking
      Naysayers. Take the time you need to do the job you desire. Thank you for doing business this way!


    19. ichem on

      Thanks for making sure everything turns out perfect. We appreciate it. Can't wait.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jens Boss on

      No antsy here. I'll happily trade some time for improved quality.
      Keep up the good QA!

    21. Isaac Jedlicka on

      Awesome! Thanks for not skimping on quality!