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Hot sauces that not only scorch your taste buds, but actually taste good! Made with the best hand selected ingredients.
Hot sauces that not only scorch your taste buds, but actually taste good! Made with the best hand selected ingredients.
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Make, Taste, Tweak

Update time! So this is where I am: I finished making and bottling Bane, Grief, Anguish, and Sorrow. The only two remaining are Distress and Torment, which are both the most complicated to make. When I got to making Anguish, I realized that the original recipes made for a weak raspberry flavor so I had to tweak it accordingly (MORE RASPBERRIES!). Same goes for Sorrow, more ingredients had to be had. All this is not important to you, the thing you do have to know is that I cleaned out my supplier twice already and I did it again. I guess that happens at about 120 lbs (54 kgs) of peppers per sauce. So I'm just waiting for the next shipment of peppers to come in to finish those last two flavors. By the way, after tweaking the recipes for larger batches, I feel that I vastly improved the flavors of the sauces. Anguish is soooo good for about 5 seconds, then the heat comes in the way those rodeo bulls come into the arena. Yeehaw!

The shirts! I got the shirts! (blank shirts, just to make it clear) I had to get the shirts from a separate place than where the printing is being done because if not, it would have been very very expensive. So I got 11 big boxes of shirts in the mail and I dropped them off at the printer at the beginning of the week. I should be getting them back sometime next week. I'll post pictures and what not. 

The labels are killing me. I tried to figure out how to print the massive amount of labels while making it easy to cut. It's not working out. I'm kinda printing them 10 pages at a time so the printer doesn't mess them up but cutting them is such a pain in the ass. I even had to resort to buying one of those guillotine style slicers but it's still a slow process. Makes me angry just thinking about it.

A website is being made at the moment. I was using flash to make it but after hearing the news that Adobe is dropping flash compatibility for Android phones I had to scratch that. (WTF Adobe!) I am almost done with it but I don't get much time to fiddle around with coding lately.

So I am close to finishing the sauces but overall, I feel like I'm halfway done until I can get the sauces in your hands. I update more regularly on facebook, like the page at


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    1. Josh Flint on

      Sorry, wrong update.

    2. Josh Flint on

      I'm thinking about running a Dungeon World game at a con in September, but I'm happy to rely on a PDF if it comes to that.

    3. Klaus Schneider

      I can't wait for those hot sauces :)

    4. Missing avatar


      Hey, updates are great but am I going to get my sauces soon? They're a present and the birthday is around the corner!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tuco Valenzuela on

      you should just have your labels done by an online sticker company. it's worth your time. i used for years with great results.

    6. Missing avatar

      mvi on

      Thank you so much for the update, Moon. You rock!