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Hot sauces that not only scorch your taste buds, but actually taste good! Made with the best hand selected ingredients.
Hot sauces that not only scorch your taste buds, but actually taste good! Made with the best hand selected ingredients.
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The money finally made it through the fiery hoops of Amazon and the bank. It didn't get to properly settle and get cozy in my bank account because today, as soon as I saw it clear, I ordered ALL the bottles, ALL the shirts, and another 100lbs of habaneros. How's that for getting the ball rolling? I already made and bottled Bane while I waited for the money, finished making Anguish and the next 100 lbs of peppers will be another of the Elixirs. I'm making them as fast as possible while not skimping on quality, I am sticking to the original recipes but making them in such big quantities takes finessing. I already got it in my eyes a couple of times and the skin on my hands has been taking a beating, I won't even mention the pain in my mouth and lips. 

I figured I would keep you guys updated with what has been going on with the elixirs and now that I finally have the money, I will be kicking this into high gear (puns very much intended). I am not one to constantly nag (maybe sometimes), but some of you still haven't filled out the surveys. If you don't, how am I supposed to send you the elixirs? One last thing, I won't update here unless it's something important (like finally getting the money to do this!) so if you want to be up to date on the progress of the Elixirs, check out the facebook page I made:

tl;dr Got the money, making lots of hot sauce. Like the FB page.


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    1. Cy Williams on

      Just don't forget to budget. We're all counting on you. BTW, are you planning on continuing this as a business, or will this be a one-time-only thing?

    2. Chris Thiergartner on

      still laughing from Andrews comment. Shudder.......

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on

      It could be worse: you could have scratched your balls.

    4. Burnnerman on

      Maybe a good pair of food safe gloves would be a good idea for the hands :p

    5. Corey Shaughnessy on

      Your pain is our pleasure!

    6. Dan Pierce on

      This, sounds a bit weird to say, but considering the circumstances it works.

      I look forward to sharing in your pain ^_^

    7. Dan and Elisse Clark on

      YAY! Drooling wth anticipation! Take your time- we want them GOOD not fast! :-)

    8. Cash Conway on

      I'm so excited!! Are you waiting until you make all elixirs to send out bane, etc? And by the way you should totally make a Twitter and post updates there. A lot less cluttered and annoying than checking facebook. lol but i guess that's just one man's opinion. Anyways, I can't wait for my hot sauce! I'm sure it's gonna be great!

    9. Lin Qiu on

      Sir thank you for the wonderful and timely updates. Class above the rest of kickstarter!

    10. Anna Ziesak on

      Yay! So exciting! Good luck with the delivery of the bottles!