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Hot sauces that not only scorch your taste buds, but actually taste good! Made with the best hand selected ingredients.
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Before I Get All Your Info

Posted by Youngmahn Moon (Creator)

Just so you guys know, Amazon holds your money for 14 days (Jun 15 probably) before I get access to it. This means I won't be able to get a lot of the stuff until then. I'm sending out the surveys to get all your info now but keep in mind I'll be sending the sauces in about 2-3 weeks. 

I remember getting messages from a number of you about special requests regarding shipping and/or the sauces. It's hard for me to keep track of the 1000+ of you so please remind me in the "questions/comments" section of the survey.

I have a pizza place in Manhattan (33rd St and Madison). If you can/want to pick up your sauces there, I'd be greatly thankful to you and I'd love to meet you! Again, in 2-3 weeks. Still need your shipping address, just in case. 

The shirts are men's sizes so keep that in mind. They're a bit stretchy so you can order a size down if you want to show that body off. And boobs. Boobs are nice.

Thanks again, everyone! And please fill out the surveys asap. As far as the picture of the cat giving a thumbs up, I'll just have to upload it here when I get a chance. lol.


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    1. Lisa G. on

      Hmm... I ordered a medium... maybe I should have gone for the small.

    2. Missing avatar


      The very best present I could think of for my son's birthday. He's a great cook and is addicted to heat. His birthday is July 23rd, but he won't get it till October when he's home from touring the US, Canada and Europe with his band, Revocation.
      Next time I'm in your neighborhood, I'll stop in for a slice.

    3. Koukatsu on


    4. Dan and Elisse Clark on

      Very happy and excited for you! We backed you at the last moment & then promoted and tweeted/facebooked the dickens out of you! Can't wait to taste your sauces & share them w/my chef hubs and our guests here in WV! Hope we can get more if we love them as much as we think we will! If I could, I'd happily pick them up & have a slice of pizza, but I cant! :-)
      Signed: a native NYC Gal (Upper West Side, Queens, Chelsea, Upper East Side) now living in the mountains of southern WV!

    5. Youngmahn Moon Creator on

      Also, those of you who said you'd forgo the shirt to save me money on shipping, I'm sending you the shirts anyway. If you are gonna pick up the sauces at my pizza place, please write your shipping info on the survey anyway and also write that you wanna pick it up on the comment/question portion.