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A thrilling night of heart-stopping horror featuring three blood-soaked short plays and a spine-tingling dance revue!
32 backers pledged $1,000 to help bring this project to life.

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Meet the playwrights!

We are pleased to introduce to you the twisted minds behind the plays! Here are the writers who have delved into the deepest depths of depravity for your delight!

Jaimelyn Gray is an actor and playwright based in Chicago, Illinois.  Currently she is in production with TUTA Theatre Chicago, where she is a company member (  In addition to actor and writer, she is a mother, cook, baker, wife, lover, fighter, and Green Bay Packer fan  -- not necessarily in that order.  You can follow her on twitter at OThatCrazyJGray.  She's naughty.

Jessica Lewis enjoys writing about fruit, treachery, parrots, cigar-smoking skeletons and castration.  In fact, these are too often elements in her plays and she often needs to be restrained by sewing her fingers together or being lured away from her computer by promises of chocolate, peanut butter and candied brains.  She’s had the pleasure of working with many of the Halloween Horror Cabaret artists and would like to introduce herself to those who don’t know her and tell them they should watch out because…oh, well you’ll find out.

Helen Jaksch (Playwright/Director) claims El Paso, TX and New Orleans, LA as home. A scantily-clad woman of the night who gets killed in the end, she considers herself an all-around theatre maker. Even though an evil doctor gouged out her eyes, she wrote, directed, designed, and starred in Fighting With Two Hands at the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival. With bloody entrails in hand, she is currently serving as dramaturge for Southern Rep’s Red and The St. Francisville Transitory Theatre’s La Concierge Solitaire premiering at the NOLA Fringe Festival. She vomited her way through directing projects like: A Voice in the Distance (NYU) and Everyone’s Narcissistic, But I’m Also Judgmental (Kitchen/Living Room Theatre, Brooklyn, NY) and Crazy(For Feeling) (NYU). She has written several plays with blood instead of ink using feathers picked from the hats of dead men in Texas, New York, and New Orleans. She acts sometimes too, but only when she gets to swim in a pool of blood and other bodily excrement to the tune of Mack the Knife. Helen received her MA in Performance Studies at NYU after sacrificing several small virgin goats to the C-Line Subway monster. She is excited to direct the play of her talented best friend, Jessica Lewis, who may be the only person in the world more strange and gross than she is.

They're heeeeeeere!

Backers who pledge $5 or more can choose one of four posters to receive as a reward!

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Concept Art for our Limited Edition Posters!

We are very excited to be able to share with you the concept art for our Grand Guignol inspired commemorative posters! Backers who donate $5 or more will be able to choose one of these five posters to receive as a reward. 

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