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Made from lightweight Aerospace Aluminum, Al13 offers protection without altering the look of your iPhone 4 or 5.
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1,426 backers pledged $86,250 to help bring this project to life.

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Random Update #19 AL13 v2 is FINALLY here!!!!


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Random update #18 (Dont Try This at Home)


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Random Update #17


Hey Everyone,

Can you believe it’s almost 12 months since we launched the AL13? I’m sure you’re wondering what the hell we have been doing all this time. Good question! We’ve been busy working on AL13 Version 2… 

And it’s going to be epic! We are testing what we believe will be the final prototype. With your comments and advice we have redesigned and improved the AL13 and all major issues have been addressed.

We have also finished developing an improved screen protection for the AL13 Version 2 project, it’s called mPact Glass and it’s also epic!!! There is so much I want to share about the new project and I will as soon as we have everything confirmed.

Stay tuned!

Les M.

Update #16


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Random Shipping Update

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have started to receive your AL13’s and we are super excited!! The positive comments we have received so far have truly made the process worth it. We’ve had the best backers in the world! Thank you for sticking with us and always encouraging us along the way.

Now, for some housekeeping:-

Installation - AL13 installation is easy, but just in case we’ve attached an installation guide to this update to lend you a hand if you need it.

Signal Loss - If you are on a good network, the minimal signal loss from AL13 should not make a difference. In our tests, the signal loss was 5-10% compared with other metal bumpers that can cause up to 20%+ signal loss. If you are on a poor network and are already experiencing difficulty then you may notice a problem. Not sure about your network? Conduct your own field test.

Tracking - You can track your package using the tracking number provided at You will be able to follow your package as soon as it ships and get updates on its progress and estimated arrival date. Please be mindful that USPS updates their system in the evening once per day, so please allow time for the updates. Note:- If you track before the system is updated chances are you will see old tracking data If this number doesn’t update within 48hr contact us.

Lost Shipments – For domestic backers, if you do not receive your AL13 within 15 days Contact us. For International Backers, please contact your local post office after 30 days if that doesn’t work contact us.

Don't forget we've launched the official designed by m website at and AL13 will be available for anyone who didn't get a chance on Kickstarter. Please join us on Facebook, Instagram and follow us on Twitter.

We’re coming to end of the ride and all I can say is that it has been an amazing journey from start to finish. Thank you for allowing us to create this product we so believed in. Thanks for the feedback and for being a part of our team. We’re extremely grateful for your awesome support. Until the next project!!

J + Les M.

PS If you need anything just shoot me an email at

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