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Interactive virtual content in the physical world: play mini-golf, visit Mars, or paint in 3D. Then create and share your own content.
Interactive virtual content in the physical world: play mini-golf, visit Mars, or paint in 3D. Then create and share your own content.
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Something cardboard this way comes

Posted by Zappar (Creator)

Greetings ZapBoxers.

At present we're 189% funded, over 1,200 backers, and have 9 days left of the campaign. You could say that things are going well.

As we edge ever closer to our $60k unlock we feel it's time to share something that we've been cooking up in the ZapBox HQ kitchen - something so good that it deserves to be experienced together. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the $70k stretch goal:


What makes this so cool?

If we hit this goal we'll add app support and backend servers to make it much easier for developers to build shared and collaborative experiences for ZapBox. Users will be able to invite others to join them in an experience, and the backend servers will provide facilities for experiences to share and synchronize data with all the participants.

It'll look a little something like this

Two heads under some cardboard are better than one head under some cardboard.
Two heads under some cardboard are better than one head under some cardboard.

We'll use ZapBrush as a test case for this functionality, you'll be able to paint with friends in a shared world; whether you’re in the same physical space or located on opposite sides of the planet! It's like Google Docs but for Mixed Reality painting.

There’s lots of detail for us to work out here, and this functionality is likely to be delivered in a software update after the main ZapBox launch, but, if we meet this stretch goal we’ll commit to making it a development priority once the core functionality is delivered.

Told you it was cool :-)

Team Zappar

Controller triggers unlocked!

Posted by Zappar (Creator)

Well there goes another one.

We're super happy to announce that all controllers will now come with triggers that you can use as an additional analog input in all experiences! Trigonomical!


"Once in a while something amazing comes along... and here I am." -Trigger
"Once in a while something amazing comes along... and here I am." -Trigger



We're absolutely blown away by all of the excitement and support we're receiving from everyone and couldn't be happier that this goal has been unlocked. The version you can see in the gif above is very much a prototype but the finished controllers will include something very similar.

The next goal is at $60k and if unlocked will mean a far easier method for viewing 3D models in MR which is something everyone can enjoy

Beyond this, we have have something tremendously exciting that we're looking into for a new stretch goal. You'll have to wait until Monday for the announcement however as we're presently too giddy with excitement to think straight. (Well, that and the fact we need a bit more time to figure out exactly what we’ll be promising!)

Right, time to play with ZapBox some more... wouldn't it be great if you could join us? ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, ZapBoxers. 

Team Zappar

ZapBrush text support unlocked!

Posted by Zappar (Creator)


You guys are currently unlocking stretch goals faster than the speed at which we can create the graphics. Now that's pretty awesome.

Here's what you're getting:

Thanks to you ZapBrush will now be getting some extra TLC during its development and will come with fully integrated text support :-)

Next up is controller triggers and these will be a game changer. It's something that we've been prototyping with the help of our manufacturing partner Mr Cardboard and it's all very exciting. If we hit $50k then we'll all be able to make use of those marvellous opposable thumbs we have... in MR!


 We better get started on that next graphic, then ;)

Team Zappar

Talking stretch goals

Posted by Zappar (Creator)

Hey ZapBoxers,

Having recovered from an excellent weekend where we hit our funding goal we're now back in the office and eagerly discussing the future of ZapBox.

And so, allow us to introduce to you the stretch goals we have planned for ZapBox. These comprise little ideas or improvements that we've thought up while in the process of designing ZapBox and realising it as a product. Some extra bells and whistles.

With your help (and the help of those yet to join!) we can make ZapBox the best that it can be!

Let's dig a little deeper into what these goals mean.

$40k - ZapBrush Text Support

ZapBrush is one of our favourite pieces of content, and if this goal gets unlocked we’re going to make it more awesome. We’ll integrate an in-experience keyboard interface so you can seamlessly add 2D and 3D text to your creations. Wordtacular!

$50k - Controller Triggers

We’ll improve interaction with experiences by adding a ‘trigger’ or ‘slider’ mechanism to the controllers, providing an analogue input in addition to position and orientation tracking. More ways of interacting with ZapBox content!

$60k - Easy 3D Model Visualization

A simple way for everyone to visualize and share their 3D models in MR without having to use or learn the full ZapWorks Studio tool. Just drag and drop your models into a web interface and they’ll be instantly available for viewing in ZapBox, complete with animation support. Prepare to meet your models!

We're super excited to see how far we get with these. As always, please do keep asking great questions, making great suggestions and generally spreading the greatness of ZapBox :-)

Team Zappar

Funding goal reached!

Posted by Zappar (Creator)



We only went and did it, didn't we? It's past 1am here in London so we'll keep this one short (and get back to celebrating!)

Thirty thousand dollars pledged to making ZapBox a reality by awesome people like all of you. Thank you all so much.

We'll have a bigger update coming on Monday where we can start talking about exciting things like stretch goals - we've got some really cool stuff planned so be excited. By the time we get finished ZapBox is going to be all kinds of awesome :-)

Thanks again. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

Team Zappar