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We are building a new home for sketch comedy, storytelling, and spoken word in NE Minneapolis.
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Wowza. 24 hours down, and what a bunch of hours they were!

Posted by Strike Theater (Creator)
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by Allison Broeren 

True Story: Mike, Joe and I hit the 'go live' button on Kickstarter before a meeting at work since they had sent us the email saying we were approved (we all work at our day jobs in the same company). The meeting turned out to be a silent disco rave (don't overthink it, it's what was happening), where we put headphones on and danced in a room with bubbles and hula hoops and projected videos on the wall. After awhile I picked up my phone and was shocked that we raised almost $1000 in 45 minutes. We danced as it rolled over. We kept dancing as we passed $1500 and then $2000. It's like the universe threw us a party and told us it's going to be ok. 

Mike and I cried in our cars on the way home in gratitude, because we're both like that. Joe is our voice of reason, but let me tell you, he danced really hard yesterday celebrating. 

I stayed up last night saying, "I think we might reach 10% before I go to bed!" We did. Then this morning there was even more outpouring. And it hasn't slowed down.

The three of us believe in the mission of Strike in such a deep way, but we have been bowled over by your generosity so far, and you showing that you care about our mission too. We made 20% of our goal in less than 24 hours. And this is a big goal. We have a ways to go, but have come so far already. 

There are no words besides THANK YOU right now. 

And a bonus video of Mike dancing at a silent disco rave.

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