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12 inch EP consisting of 4 songs. Two version of Killin the Vibe... one feat. Panda Bear.. the other Spectrals. Plus 2 brand new songs.

I am attempting to self release a 12 inch EP including 4 songs featuring art by Lauren Pakradooni.

"Killin the Vibe" is a song I wrote in Lisbon, Portugal while on tour. It didn't come into full fruition until I arrived back home in the states. Panda Bear sings vocals on the track and it will be released as a bonus track on my new LP Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics (Woodsist). However, I would like to release the track on vinyl as well as a version of the song performed live in the UK with the band Spectrals. Alongside two versions of Killin the Vibe, we will see the release of 2 other songs that I have been performing live on recent tours "Sit Around With Ya" and "Couch Surfer".

I have never released my own record, I unfortunately need money to do so. I am planning on pressing 500- 1,000 copies the record locally in Brooklyn at EKS. Art will be professionally printed at Imprint. Ideally this would be out by March, April. I really need your help and it has always been a dream of mine to release my own record.

Thanks, Matt Mondanile


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    30 min cassette of unreleased songs

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    a copy of Ducktails - Killin the Vibe 12 inch with a handwritten note on a postcard by me, the duck himself.

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    a copy of Ducktails - Killin the Vibe 12 inch, a handwritten note on a postcard and a rare cassette tape of new unreleased Ducktails songs.

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    A copy of Ducktails "Killin the Vibe" 12 inch EP w/ a cassette of unreleased songs and a small printed zine of my photographs.

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    I will play a show in the north east, bring lot's of records and good spirit. We will have a good time.

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    This is for people in Europe or other parts of the world that would like to me to play a show in there living room. airfare included. let's talk !

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