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Help finance Touchy/Feely by reserving your copy in advance. A new collection of songs by Frank Bango & Richy Vesecky. Read more

New York, NY Music
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This project was successfully funded on September 3, 2011.

Help finance Touchy/Feely by reserving your copy in advance. A new collection of songs by Frank Bango & Richy Vesecky.

New York, NY Music
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Along with his songwriting partner Richy Vesecky, Frank Bango has  always strived to keep the album art form alive  by providing a complete listening experience from first to last song.  Frank Bango offers  a boutique brand of songwriting In the Brill Building tradition, Where quality and craftsmanship come first. The purest form of melodic pop, with a dark edge and poetry. Touchy/Feely will  create a sonic landscape where the Shangri Las meet Tom Waits. Adding to the rich history of successful long playing albums, in a package collectors will LOVE!!



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    MP3 of advance single, "Defenseless" from the upcoming album.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    46 backers

    Digital download of Touchy Feely upon completion

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    Pledge $25 or more

    99 backers Limited (501 left of 600)

    signed Touchy/Feely CD or LP, Touchy/Feely commemorative T-shirt and copy of The Sweet Songs of Decay CD.

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    FUGITIVE GIRLS T-SHIRT/CD with a signed copy of Touchy/Feely.
    Frank's 1999 debut CD along with a reprint of the original t-shirt from the era. Also a signed copy of Touchy/Feely.
    two great albums and a t-shirt!!

    Estimated delivery:
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    30 backers Limited (170 left of 200)

    Due to overwhelming level of enthusiasm (and generosity) we feel obligated to add another pledge incentive.
    The Frank Bango discography tote bag:
    1 copy of "Fugitive Girls" CD,
    1 copy of "The Unstudied Sea" CD,
    1 Copy of "The Sweet Songs of Decay" CD,
    1Copy (LP or CD) of "Touchy/Feely",
    1Touchy/Feely commemorative T-shirt,
    all delivered in a stylish canvas Sincere Recording Company Tote bag.

    If you've already pledged, don't fret. If you've already donated over $100, we'll get in touch and ask you what reward you'd like. If you'd like to add to a previous pledge no worries, we'll work it all out. Thanks

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    Some of you may have witnessed Frank Bango & The Magic Fingers "Knock 'em Dead" at a live performance over the years. Well Now I'd like to have a different set of Magic Fingers help bring you back to life with THE TOUCHY/FEELY ALL PURPOSE PAMPER PACKAGE!!!
    When I'm feeling less than stupendulous I turn to my favorite Licensed Massage Therapist,
    Siobhan Towey L.M.T.

    For a limited time Siobhan has offered to collaborate with Frank Bango & Richy Vesecky in hopes of creating a tranquil space to bring you and your frazzled nerves back into balance. You'll begin your oddessey with a a beautiful Sincere Recording Company mantra hand delivered in a sealed envelope from Frank Bango. During your session you'll be encouraged to focus on the lovely healing power of the sound as you invite the powerful syllables into your mind. Meanwhile, you'll be treated to soothing background music and Touchy/Feely instrumentals compiled/composed by Frank Bango (yours to keep after the session so you can remember your trip). After your 60 minute session (a combination of Swedish/Deep Tissue &Shiatsu) you'll be welcomed back into this dimension with a Frank Bango signature Juice. Combining Frank's favorite blend of natural elixirs (with a tablespoon or two of my favorite Spirulina to give it some BANG!! POW!!!!). This package is only available in NYC.

    Check Out Siobhan on Yelp

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    Have Soup with Richy And Frank At The B&H Dairy of 2nd Ave NYC.
    Let Richy and Frank recount some of their most colorful adventures culled from years of being outsiders on the inside more recently transformed into insiders on the outside. These two rascally scallywags arent't afraid to name names (and that goes double for twins). You'll not only come away with a full belly but a richer understanding of how they do that voodoo that they do so well.
    note: if you've been banned from the B&H Dairy, like so many others, adjustments can be made.

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