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Wrist watches for free motion through lifetime with unique case design inspired by the Café Racer motorbike culture.
Wrist watches for free motion through lifetime with unique case design inspired by the Café Racer motorbike culture.
Wrist watches for free motion through lifetime with unique case design inspired by the Café Racer motorbike culture.
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    1. Millan Fung on

      Just got my watch
      First of all, wow cool! Made in Hong Kong!
      Than, the watch is really great and I love it!
      I think you got a fan for your brand!
      Can you share any product you will work on next?

    2. Denise Hou

      Got mine in HK! Thank you for the watch, it looks great :)

    3. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Sam Lowry! It sounds great! Thanks a lot)

    4. Sam Lowry

      I got my watch in California and have to say that I'm even happier than expected! Looks great, feels great, and looks way more expensive that it was. Great work!

    5. Millan Fung on

      It has been quite some time, any update?

    6. gerrit on

      Ant shipping news?

    7. Missing avatar

      pouyet on


      Is it possible to have an update ?
      Thx, have à nice day

    8. Roberto Morales on

      Hello guys,

      I dont know if you already start shipping the watches. If you haven’t, how can I change my delivery address?

      Thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      pouyet on

      As we are on January, the sending would jave been done, and currently starting... or ont if any trouble...
      Anyway, could you give us a quick update ?

      Thanks, and happy new year

    10. gerrit on

      thanks for the update!
      a little delay is fine with me as long as you keep the quality up.

    11. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Kevin Liu,
      thank you for supporting our project!

      We started production according to the plan and it has been going according to the schedule. So we plan to finish the production near December 25 and start sending out the watches so that everything can be sent off before the New Year. In this case, you can get the watch before the New Year, but perhaps they will be delivered early January. If suddenly we have delays in production or delivery, we will immediately inform all bakers about it.

      And now, as you probably have seen, we have launched the company on Indiegogo, as there were some people who wanted to support the project, but they did not have time to do it on Kick. Especially for you and those who supported our project on Kickstarter we made it possible to order additional straps at a special price and with free delivery. So, you have the opportunity to add extra strap to your order on Indiegogo and get it at once with the watch.

      We will be glad to answer any your questions.
      Best wishes. RIDER1991 team

    12. Kevin Liu

      Hi, Rider1991 team

      Would you please give us a heads up update for your production schedule? Will it be on time delivery or not? We don’t want to hear the surprise at last moment.

      Kevin T.H Liu

    13. Missing avatar

      Albert on

      Congrats! I'm glad that you have made a watch that is both affordable and looks different than many other fashion watches out there.

    14. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Rasmus Lohse,
      thanks a lot for your support and question. It would be better to refuse your previous pledge and buy new one with an extra strap.
      Thank you.
      Best wishes,
      RIDER1991 team

    15. Rasmus L

      Hello. If I already bagged for the 98$ reward, can I then also choose from the new NATO straps or would I have to change my bledge?

    16. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Gerrit,
      thank you so much for your pledging and support! It makes us really happy! Trying to do everything that can in social media. And also we hold videoconferences quite often on Tuesdays and Thursdays to tell personally the story of the RIDER1991 creation and introduce the team to everybody.
      We are really very grateful for your help. Let's continue to make noise)

      Be in touch,

    17. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Markus,
      thanks for your support and your comment. We are happy that you like the design of our watches. It inspires! As for the mechanism, thanks for excellent idea but now sorry we can not use another mechanism in this version of design and in this collection. This is not possible technically, primarily because of the size of the mechanism. This will change completely the construction and will affect significantly the design. We promise to think over developing a model with an automatic mechanism and a clear case back in our next collection.

      Thanks a lot,
      RIDER1991 team

    18. gerrit on

      Nice watch. I go for 2 of them. Really hope you reach your goal!!
      Make some noise on Facebook and Instagram so you reach more people!

    19. Markus Jöbstl

      Dear Creator, I do like the design a lot yet I am not so lucky about the movement. Do you see a possible way to offer an automatic model with a Miyota 9015 movement and a clear case-back? All the best - Markus

    20. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      ZO, Thank you very much!

    21. ZO on

      Cool product! wish you guys a success!

    22. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Yaochu,
      thanks a lot for your supporting and your love to the minimalistic yet detailed design of the watch. We have just answered on your massage about extra strap second pledge. Once againe here. Generally to pledge something special you could let us know and we will create the special for you pledge. But as you have already pledged your first one so we would like to offer another special decision for you. We have just wrote you about it in the massage. So please have a look and let us know about your choice.
      Thanks a lot,
      RIDER1991 team

    23. yaochu

      @Creator, nvm, I just read it on the FAQ section.

    24. yaochu

      @Creator, I really love the minimalistic yet detailed design of the watch, really hope it can be fund on time!! finger crossed!
      A quick question, may I add $25 to my pledge to get an extra leather strap?

    25. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Millan Fang,
      thank you very much for your support and comment. We are happy that our design has made such things with your heart)) And we are sure that live watches will conquer you even more) About the glass. We used a fat mineral glass with a sapphire coating for our RIDER1991. This option does not make the watches expensive and at the same time it is scratch-resistant as well as allows to withstand minor impacts, for example, falling from a table.

    26. Millan Fung on

      I am not a rider but the design got my heart XD
      What I want to ask is about the glass, will it tough enough to deal with those scratch?

    27. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello, Kyle,
      thank you for your question. The crown of our watch is built into the case. So it does not press her wrist while driving on a motorcycle. When the arm is bent in the wrist and lies on the handle of the handlebar, any slight pressure on the hand may not be comfortable and even cause damage (press, scratch, etc). You will not have such problems with our watch, even if It will be a long journey on your motorcycle. In addition, our crown will not cling your clothes, it will not tear your shirt or it will not hurt itself by clinging of the leather jacket. And then, it seems very beautiful for us) Yes, I'm sorry, it's not about the functionality) But it's nice, we think. Thanks a lot for your interest.

    28. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Hello Ket,
      thanks for your question. RIDER1991 watches are not shockproof. But everything depends on the angle of incidence and the hardness of the surface which the watch will fall on. If the watch falls off the table on a soft floor (lenulium, carpet, etc.), then nothing will happen to it. The watch may not be damaged even if it drop accidentally from hand to asphalt (especially if it will not fall with glass down). The watch can even not suffer while a fast riding on the cafe-racer motorbike it fly off to the side of the road into the grass)) But if the watch fall from the table on the tile or any other hard surface it can be broken as well as its glass can. But in general, our watch is reliable and it will not let you down! Thank you for your interest.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Explain about the crown and what does this decision solve for riders? What is its practical benefit?

    30. Ket on

      Are your watches shockproof? What happens if they fall off the table?

    31. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Silver, thanks a lot for your wishes, interest and support!

    32. RIDER1991 team Creator on

      Gennady, thanks a lot! And thank you for you support!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Brown on

      Thanks and good luck. Looking forward to a successful completion of the project!
      Ещё пожелание: All the best for you and your project!

    34. Gennady on

      Good luck team!!!